BSW Holder Pool | Passive Income & Key to Lucrative Biswap Features

What is BSW Holder Pool?

What is BSW Holder Pool about?

  • New Unique Offer for BSW Holders
  • Get additional passive income in BSW token
  • Gain all the unique Biswap benefits first
  • Experience stability and safety in carrying out operations

What essential access BSW Holder Pool is giving?

  • Higher Rewards: 12%-20% from Swap Referral Program
  • IDO Launchpad
  • NFT Launchpad
  • Biswap Multi-crypto Offering
  • Biswap Multi-reward Pool
  • And other coming features

How does BSW Holder Pool work?

Why is the BSW Holder Pool needed for Biswap?

  • Demonstrating user-oriented position
  • Avoiding bots’ speculations
  • Empowering BSW token utility, demand and growth
  • Providing BSW Holders with new offers
  • Enhancing all the Biswap features

Closing Thoughts

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