BSW Holder Pool | Passive Income & Key to Lucrative Biswap Features

3 min readFeb 3, 2022


Biswap is the global Metaverse that appreciates its users’ experience most of all. Therefore the BSW Holder Pool was created on Biswap DEX to open new ways of crypto income for users and provide Biswappers with an allowance to experience exclusive offers on the platform first.

What is BSW Holder Pool?

BSW Holder Pool is a new Launchpool on created to prioritise Biswap users in Biswap offers and for a new way of passive income via long term investment.

Stake BSW and gain more of it HERE:

What is BSW Holder Pool about?

BSW Holder Pool is a new way of getting passive income in worthy BSW tokens and gaining the benefits that Biswap offers first.

That is to say, BSW Holder Pool is like a precautionary measure of bots, and other speculating activities, to enable Biswappers to experience Biswap proposals to the fullest extent!

Lucrative Advantages of staking in BSW Holder Pool:

  • New Unique Offer for BSW Holders
  • Get additional passive income in BSW token
  • Gain all the unique Biswap benefits first
  • Experience stability and safety in carrying out operations

What essential access BSW Holder Pool is giving?

Due to the BSW Holder Pool launching, Biswap users will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to benefit the maximum from all the profit-making Biswap features.

Staking in BSW Holder Pool will get access to the following features in the future:

  • Higher Rewards: 12%-20% from Swap Referral Program
  • IDO Launchpad
  • NFT Launchpad
  • Biswap Multi-crypto Offering
  • Biswap Multi-reward Pool
  • And other coming features

How does BSW Holder Pool work?

BSW Holder Pool is working the same way as Auto-Compound BSW Launchpool, where you stake BSW — earn BSW for the long term perspective. It will be the only key to using the potential of Biswap proposals in the future.

Commission for early withdrawal: There is a commission of 25% from your withdrawal sum active for 90 days for withdrawal from the Pool after any Stake action. On the 91st day, the commission is 0% for withdrawal from the Pool.

Besides, there is a commission burn to expand the empowering of BSW token via burning.

Commission burn:

🔥 Commission of 25% from each early withdrawal will go to the BSW burn.🔥 Performance Fee of 1.99% from each harvest will go to the BSW burn.

Why is the BSW Holder Pool needed for Biswap?

After all of these mentioned perks for users, there are significant benefits for Biswap DEX.

Additional advantages for Biswap global project:

  • Demonstrating user-oriented position
  • Avoiding bots’ speculations
  • Empowering BSW token utility, demand and growth
  • Providing BSW Holders with new offers
  • Enhancing all the Biswap features

Closing Thoughts

Biswap users are Biswap top priority and guideline. All implementations are made for improving your experience on the platform. By creating BSW Holder Pool, Biswap wants to streamline the process of participation in its extra advantageous offers. Now you can not be afraid of bot-trading and other suspicious activities and enjoy all the benefits offered by Biswap on your own!

BSW Holder Pool will grow your yields and save the place in the lucrative events for you!

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