BSW Tokens Are Locked On Biswap!

The BSW Token Lockup on Biswap is happening today!

The 8 000 000 BSW will be temporarily locked for 8 months from 10 000 000 BSW allocated for initial liquidity and marketing purposes.
📆Each month 1 000 000 BSW will be unlocked!

You can check the locked BSW tokens in the provided wallet:

The other 2 000 000 BSW are divided like that:

✔️400 000 BSW for initial liquidity.
✔️100 000 BSW for hot Free BSW wallet.

✔️1 500 000 BSW will be left unlocked for the upcoming marketing releases.
❗️All the unexploited tokens of marketing purposes will be burned.

Biswap aims to implement your requests and recommendations instantly!

⚡️You asked, we made it real!



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