Catch 5 Safety Tips From Robi!

Hey, crypto friends!

🤖It is Robi! I am here to safeguard you and give useful advice on how to stay safe in the crypto world.

Security is a number one priority when it comes to active participation in the sphere of DeFi. Let’s see what protective tips I have gathered for you.

🔑Private information

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of the DeFi industry. Thus, it is crucial to reduce possible risks.

Foremost, do not share your confidential information or private keys with any project or anyone! It is extremely dangerous to betray your personal information via Google forms, phone numbers, emails, and so on. The DeFi sphere aims for complete anonymity, especially when it comes to private information.

The Biswap platform will never ask for private information and will never DM you first.

🔑 Digital copy of personal crypto details

Never make a copy of personal crypto possessions! This is the most common mistake among both first-time and experienced crypto users.
The best way to safely copy and store your crypto information is by writing it down on paper.

It is NOT safe to:

❌Take a screenshot by using your laptop or desktop.
❌Make a photo by using your smartphone.
❌Copy and paste the code into saved messages, emails, notepad, or elsewhere on your device.

Biswap will never ask for your seed phrase and wallet’s password.

🔑Use a strong password

It is important to have a complex password and change it regularly for your safety.

There are several aspects on how to create a really strong password:

✔️Make a password long and complex.
✔️Use diverse characters and avoid common phrases of words.
✔️Do not use your old passwords.
✔️Never use personal information, like a year of birth, family name, passport ID, etc.

It is not the best idea to choose an easy way and use a short and easy memorable password. Much securable option is to create a complex password and jot it down on a piece of paper that would be safely stored.

If you are using a variety of platforms it is better to have a different password for each of them. Multiple passwords can prevent possible data breaches and leaks of information of the essence.

🥊Avoid fake accounts

Many fakes impersonate themselves as official pages. Report them forthwith!

Once you detect a fake account, block it immediately and inform the official platform about the existing fakes on their name.
In addition, you can let the participants of the group know about the suspicious activity and help them to recognize it too.

Check official Biswap social media pages and see how to fight fakes with Biswap.

Remember, you have an impact!

🥊Avoid fake crypto events

Beware of fakes that use the identity of a real project to promote forged giveaways, airdrops, contests, and competitions.
Besides, the scammers frequently flood the comment sections with messages supporting the scam offer and confirming its “reliability”.

Official Biswap events are only held on the official website and social media pages!

Biswap cares about your safety and wants to protect you and your funds!

Join the OFFICIAL Biswap social media pages:

📢Telegram Channel:
💬Telegram Chat:

Support 24/7:

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️
Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!



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