Celebrate 9 months of Biswap | February Report!

Prolific Biswap Accomplishments!

Swap Referral Program is ON | Earn up to 20% from Friends’ Swaps!

  • Earn up to 20% from invited friend’s swaps commission
  • A new way of gaining crypto via trading
  • Getting exclusive experience on BSC

Biswap Referral Program Upgrade | Invite Your Friends and Claim Rewards!

Biswap Community Voting | New Possibilities for the Biswap Platform!

Voting for Biswap New Network!

Voting for NFT Staking Pool V2.0!

Voting for Squid NFT World V2.0!

Renewed Biswap Checklist! Outstanding Achievements & Motivating Goals!

21 061 296 BSW Total Burned | Massive Burn on Biswap!

💥 $14 111 068 (21 061 296 BSW) Total Burned

50 000 BSW in NFT Staking Pool | Earn More BSW Rewards Daily!

  • 50 000 BSW per day
  • 2 000 USDT per day
  • 4 WBNB per day
  • 55 555 BFG per day

Squid NFT World Updates | Enjoy New Features!

  • Stake BSW in Holder Pool to Join
  • Increase of Entry to 900 Squid Energy

New Sections in Farms | Stake & Harvest Comfortably!

  • Main — farming pairs with TOP tokens on the market
  • Innovation — farming pairs with prospective tokens
  • GameFi — farming pairs with tokens of GameFi projects
  • Stake your LP to enable Farm
  • Earn prosperous BSW tokens
  • Get 50% of the trading fee

Biswap is Confidently Growing | Prospective Collaborations!

Biswap x Dreamboat Capital Collaboration

Strategic Biswap x SafePal Collaboration

Biswap x Token Pocket Partnership

Coinbase Wallet is on Biswap

Biswap x Hot Cross Collaboration

Biswap x CryptoBattles Collaboration

Biswap x ULAND Collaboration

Biswap x TopGoal Collaboration

Biswap x LaCucina Collaboration

Biswap x ACryptoS Collaboration Expands

New NFT Collections on Biswap Marketplace!

Biswap x BornBadBoys Collaboration

UnusDAO NFTs on Biswap Marketplace

Striking Biswap Growth | Impressive Biswap Stats!

  • $31 900 000 000+ Total Trading Volume
  • $16 961 183 Total earned by Liquidity Providers
  • $11 226 996 Earned by Squid NFT World gamers
  • 5 000 000+ Robi Boosts staked in Biswap NFT Staking Pool
  • 419 000+ Users follow Official Biswap Networks
  • 100 800+ BSW Holders
  • 346 000+ Unique Traders
  • 15 000 000+ Transfers

Biswap Products are Taking Over TOP positions | Let’s Grow Stronger!

Squid NFT World is TOP 1 by Volume in the Last 7 Days

Squid NFT World is TOP 2 Blockchain Game by Users on BNB in 7 Days

Biswap is TOP 2 by Active Users in the Last 7 Days

Biswap GameFi is TOP 5 Blockchain Game by Social Signal

Lunar New Year Festival | $5 000 in NFTs from Biswap & Its Partners!

$7 500 in BSW for the Biswap Comic Tourney | Make Art and Earn Rewards!

Squid NFT World Youtube Contest | $10 000 Shared by Winners!

4 Biswap Sharing Seasons were Held this Month!

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