Check the Updated Biswap Checklist! Reached Aims & Further Plans!

It’s a pleasure to see more green ticks in Biswap Roadmap, the platform develops daily implementing its ideas step-by-step!

Time for the Biswap Checklist upgrade to summarise the results and share with Biswappers our challenging but vivid plans!

Check the Biswap progressive accomplishments!

🟢 CertiK Audit verifying

🟢 Weekly BSW token burning

🟢 Strategic Partnerships

🟢 Listing BSW token on CMC & CoinGecko

🟢 Auto-compounding: BSW Launchpool

🟢 Local communities

🟢 Voting

🟢 New Launchpools: Stake BSW — Earn Tokens for Free!

See what Biswap is working on to improve the platform!

🌀 Listing on the Main Cryptoexchanges!

The Biswap platform grows further and continues its DeFi expansion! Great listings are getting closer and will provide Biswappers with more resources for the Biswap stats tracking!


The Biswap Lottery is coming with unique features and more lucrative ways of getting BSW rewards! Prepare to win in Biswap Lottery, where the participants will be able to share the main BSW Lottery Prize Pool, get additional BSW rewards by purchasing more tickets, experience more BSW via an active Referral System in the Lottery, and more!

Also, a part of each purchased ticket will be allocated for weekly BSW burn!

🌀NFT Integration

NFT field is in a full swing! Get ready for NFT Integration from Biswap! More bright utilities that will expand the Biswap platform and bring more opportunities for BSW-owners.

🌀Biswap Main Page Redesign

Time for fresh and brights updates of the Biswap main page! Get ready to meet the enhanced design with new blocks of information for Biswappers!

Stay tuned to experience the upgraded comfortable usage of the Biswap platform first!

🌀New strategic partnerships

Biswap is open to new and progressive partnerships! If you want to boost your project that is officially secured and has shown high-rate results and statistics in the DeFi space, you are always welcome to apply for Business Partnership with the Biswap platform!

More details for Biswap Business Partnership here:

Bring your project to the moon with Biswap!

🌀 Biswap Info (data overview, charts, statistics)

The Biswap team wants to provide you with the most convenient and useful service! Thanks to the Biswap Info, users will be able to check the most important Biswap data 24/7 as statistics, Trading Volume, Liquidity growth, Top Tokens, Transactions, Pools, and so on. Moreover, it will help to make the platform analysis and monitor the growing numbers.

🌀 Listing as the exchange on CMC & CoinGecko

The CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko analytics platform listed the BSW token. Listing allows users to see the price of the token and monitor it.

After listing Biswap on CMC & CoinGecko as an exchange, users will be able to see the precise numbers of Biswap stats. The statistics about Biswap that is shown on CMC & CoinGecko now is taken from other platforms.

Biswap develops non-stop! Ready to see the new goals?

Biswap has a strong potential and huge strategic plans for future growth!
The Biswap team is full of fresh, innovative, and creative long-term ideas:

🔲 Daily tasks for users
🔲 Marketing expansion (media & bloggers)
🔲 Personal user’s dashboard
🔲 Live support on the site
🔲 Trading & Referral ratings
🔲 Swap Referral Program activation
🔲 Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap

Let’s bring the Biswap project to the new cosmic level together!

Join and Elevate with Biswap!

📢Telegram Channel:

💬Telegram Chat:

🌐 Vietnamese Speaking TG Chat:

🌐 Indonesian Speaking TG Chat:

🌐 Russian Speaking TG Chat:




⏱ Support 24/7:

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️

Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!



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