Community Voting | BSW Emission Decrease

4 min readNov 23, 2023

Welcome to the crucial community voting. We present you with the opportunity to significantly contribute to the development process of Biswap by sharing your vote on reducing the BSW token emission per block. Currently, we are releasing 15 tokens per block, and this parameter holds the utmost significance for the overall tokenomics of the project and determines the rewards for our farmers. This voting aimed to influence the upcoming lock mechanism for native Biswap token strengthening — BSW Investment Pool. Following the release of the pool, as promised, 3 tokens per block will be allocated to the BSW Investment Pool and Classic Pools ecosystems.

Here are the options for your consideration and voting:

  • Reduce emission to 13 tokens per block
  • Reduce emission to 11 tokens per block
  • Maintain emission at 15 tokens per block (no changes)

Analyze the impact of each of these options on our Biswap ecosystem with a more formal approach.

Let’s take an example from the USDT — BNB V3 Farm. At the moment, this farm has a 15.37% APR. After the release of the BSW Investment Pool, the APR will change to one of the voting options:

  • 18.829787% (with 15 tokens per block)
  • 15.49296% (with 13 tokens per block)
  • 12.154596% (with 11 tokens per block)

Let’s review each voting outcome in more detail and see how they will impact both the BSW emission and farming rewards.

Reduction to 13 tokens per block

  • This option will have little impact on the APR rewards for Biswap farmers and will maintain them at almost the same level;
  • The 13 BSW per block will extend the period until the end of emission by approximately 12.9% compared to 15 tokens per block.

Reduction to 11 tokens per block

  • This option will have a more significant impact on farming APRs. The 11 BSW per block will decrease the rewards for Biswap farmers by 20.9%, which, in turn, will extend the emission period by approximately 26.6% compared to the 15 tokens per block currently set;
  • Such emission will also influence the overall BSW emission and create additional opportunities for the project’s stable operation.

Maintaining emission at 15 tokens per block (unchanged)

The choice of non-change may lead to negative consequences for further Biswap development and expansion.

  • High inflation: a substantial emission of 15 tokens per block can lead to a high level of inflation. This means that more new tokens will be available on the market, which may result in their value decreasing. Inflation can negatively impact token value retention and the project’s attractiveness for new users, partners and investors;
  • Weaker incentive for investors: decreased token value due to a large emission may reduce the appeal of Biswap to potential investors. Potential investors may be less inclined to invest in a project where their contributions could lose value due to the large number of new BSW tokens in the DeFi market;
  • Duration of emission: the greater the number of tokens emitted per block, the shorter the emission period will be. Conversely, a lengthier emission period can benefit a project by enabling a more stable token distribution and ensuring the steady functioning of the ecosystem.

Closing Words

Now that all the voting options have been clarified, feel free to cast your vote for the one you believe could best contribute to the future growth of Biswap and the fortification of BSW. We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the collective development of Biswap.

We urge you to actively participate in this community voting and choose the option that best aligns with the interests of Biswap, its overall objectives, current state, future strategic plans, and its community. Your decision will define the further path of Biswap’s elaboration and a booming token economy.

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