Community Voting for Squid NFT World V2.0 | Optimisation of the Biswap GameFi Economy

A few things to consider

Benefits for Community in Squid NFT World V2.0

  • Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE
  • Sustained & forecasted APR in BSW
  • Winning chance increase (99% — 93%)
  • Stable BSW rewards
  • Realization of Optimised Economy

Stable BSW Rewards, Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE & up to 200% APR

Voting Options

❗️Keep in Mind Important Aspects❗️

Option 1: 🔥🔥🔥 Implement Squid NFT World V2.0

  • Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE
    Buying a Contract, you will pay BSW specifically for 1 Squid Energy per day, regardless of the level of NFT Player. It will greatly balance the disparity between Contracts’ price for NFT Players of different levels.
  • Winning Chance Increase
    The probability of winning will range from 99% — 93% depending on the game played.
  • Stable BSW Rewards in Games
    It will make GameFi APR prognosed, and it will be especially advantageous in tandem with almost infallible winning chance.
  • Realization of Optimised Economy
    Stable BSW rewards will lead BSW and the Biswap project to an optimised economy, decrease the pressure on the GameFi reward pool and BSW token as a whole. In addition, it will cause a positive impact on Biswap ecosystem.

Option 2: ❌ No changes

📩Vote here:📩

Terms & Conditions

  1. The voting period is from 10:00 PM UTC 18 February to 12:00 PM UTC, 23 February.
  2. The voting counts BSW tokens in BSW Holder Pool, BSW Auto-compounding Launchpool, Manual BSW Launchpool, and BNB — BSW, USDT — BSW Farming Pairs.
  3. If the number of votes is 51% or more for option “Implementing of Squid NFT World V2.0”, the implementation date of all important changes in Squid NFT World, will be announced by the Biswap team after the voting completion.
  4. Once voted, you will not be able to vote again.
  5. There is no need to unstake your BSW tokens from Farms and/or Launchpools to vote. The system will automatically sum up all your tokens locked in Farms & Launchpools. Your BSW tokens will stay with you.
  6. If you are unable to vote on the Biswap Voting page, please vote on the snapshot.
  7. Any changes will take place within 30 days after voting ends.


Ending Word



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