Comprehensive Guide to Biswap DEX Voting 2.0 & Proposal Creation

6 min readMar 12, 2024


Welcome to Biswap DEX, where community engagement is actively encouraged. This step-by-step guide is designed to demystify the Voting 2.0 process, empowering you to not only cast your vote on Core Votings but also to contribute by creating your own. The Biswap team reviews each successful Community Voting and may select the best ideas with strong community support for future product releases and/or Core Voting. As we embark on this journey together, let’s take a look at the community decision-making process on Biswap.

Ready to make a difference? Let’s dive in!

How to Vote?

The voting process is quite similar to the previous voting system on Biswap. But now, instead of BSW tokens, you must have vBSW points, which are given by staking your BSW tokens to the BSW Investment Pool or BSW Classic Pool.

  • Voting is possible while the proposal is in the “Vote Now” state.

Pay attention: the Biswap team reserves the right to change the required minimal amount of vBSW to correspond to the market conditions or projects strategic needs.

How to Create a Proposal?

First of all, to create a voting proposal you must have the required amount of vBSW.

  • 70 000 vBSW — the required minimal vBSW to create proposals.

Then you should carefully consider, and competently describe your offer and place it following a few simple steps described below.

Step 1. Go to the Voting Page and check if you have enough vBSW to create a voting proposal.

Step 2. If you have 70 000 or more vBSW, click ‘Make a proposal’ and you will be redirected to the creation page.

Step 3. There you will see 4 fields that must be filled in: Title, Content, Choices and Time.

Step 4. Then, you have to fill all the fields step by step.

Note that in the “Content” section, you can outline your proposal using different text formatting options such as: ‘Headings’, ‘Bold’, ‘Italics’, ‘Bullet List’, ’‘Hyperlink’, ‘Add an Image’, etc.

Also see how your proposal will look like on the site in the “Preview” box.

Step 5. Once you have titled and outlined your proposal, you need to specify the options for Choices.

The team recommends using the following voting options for convenience:

  • Yes — in favor of this proposal;
  • No — against this proposal;
  • Abstain — neither in favor nor against.

Step 6. Last but not least, you need to specify the duration of your voting.

❗️Remember that it cannot be longer than 7 days, otherwise the proposal will be deleted without warning.

Once you have filled in the start and end dates, the “Publish” button will become active. Click it and congratulations, you’re done! All that’s left is to wait for the results.


In order for a vote to be considered successful, it must reach a quorum of 1 500 000 vBSW who have voted for any given proposal. The purpose of a quorum is to ensure that only those proposals deemed successful have adequate voter participation.


A Community Voting can be considered successful if a quorum is reached and more than 50% of the votes are cast for one of the options. A completed Community Voting is a temperature check, so its content is not binding. Community Votings are used to propose ideas and show the community’s point of view. The Biswap team reviews each successfully completed Community Voting and may select the best ideas for future product releases and/or Core Voting. The ideas must align with Biswap’s vision and mission, and have a positive and sustainable impact on the development of the project in the industry.

Proposal Limit

Biswap Voting 2.0 has a limit on the number of proposals created on a daily and monthly basis:

  • Daily proposal limit 20
  • Monthly proposal limit 100

Community Voting Rules & Guidelines

To ensure a respectful, secure, and legally compliant environment within our Community Votings, we have established the following rules that all members are expected to adhere to. Violation of these rules may result in consequences, including but not limited to removal proposals.

  1. All voting and communication must be in English. The use of languages other than English is strictly prohibited. All votes written in other than English will be deleted. All users’ answers and comments written in other than English will be deleted.
  2. When you create a vote, you must comply with the following requirements:
    - The question should refer exclusively to the activities of Biswap.
    - The question should be formulated, without the use of offensive and slang words.
    - The question cannot offend anyone, including Biswap, its employees, and its managers.
    - The question cannot relate to the topics of politics, religion, racial topics, and national minorities.
  3. When discussing, commenting or writing questions, it is prohibited to:
    - Making statements that may incite community members to manipulate the price of any asset;
    - Spread of havoc, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), or any unfounded/offensive statements about the platform and its administrators;
    - Racism, bullying, and harassment in any form;
    - Sharing advertisements, dangerous links, or engaging in spam activities;
    - Posting illegal content, including but not limited to begging, obscene language, offensive remarks against the Biswap team or project, pornography, drugs, weapons, and violence;
    - Topics related to religion or politics;
    - Disseminate false information or engage in the spread of fake news and misinformation;
    - Take other actions that may violate the rights of other community members.
  4. Prohibited to seeking sellers or buyers for any cryptocurrency or NFTs is not allowed within the community.
  5. Posting malicious links is STRICTLY prohibited.
  6. The duration of your voting proposal should be up to 7 days, if you create a voting for a longer period, we will be forced to delete it.
  7. You confirm your understanding that violation of these Terms is grounds for removal of your votes, comments, or submissions and grounds for suspension of your account.
  8. These Terms are mandatory for all Biswap Voting users.
  9. Biswap reserves the right to change at any time. Biswap reserves the right to change these Terms without any notice. By using the Biswap Survey, you automatically agree to these Terms and undertake to comply with them.
  10. The Biswap Voting is regulated by these Terms and General Biswap`s Terms and Conditions.

Please note that failure to follow the voting rules will result in your voting proposal being deleted without warning.

We appreciate the cooperation of all community members in abiding by these rules, which promote a positive and constructive atmosphere within the Biswap Community Votings. Remember that adherence to these rules is essential to the well-being and success of our Community Votings.


We sincerely hope that this guide has proven to be insightful and valuable to you. We extend a warm invitation to each and every one of you to actively engage and contribute to this exciting new chapter, where together, we collaboratively mold the trajectory of Biswap’s future. Your participation is not only valued but crucial in steering our collective journey forward. As we embark on this transformative phase, let the voting commence!




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