Crypto Slang by Robi | Boost Your Coolness with Biswap!

  • Mooning — means a coin’s price is experiencing a spike and outstanding growth.
  • BULL — a trader that holds positive sentiment about the market and expects it to rise.
  • LAMBO — when someone asks “When Lambo?” it is used to specify when a particular coin’s price will increase, and they will profit enough to buy a Lamborghini.
  • We Are Going To Make It (A little too long, so better to say WAGMI) — used by traders/investors who are confident in the future of the entire crypto. It’s commonly used when there is a downturn in the markets and investors are trying to stay positive.
    Biswap always stays positive and wants you to believe in crypto as we do!
  • ATH — an acronym for “all-time high”; means the highest documented price of an asset.
  • ADDY — a slang term for “address”, as in a crypto wallet’s address.
  • MEMPOOL — the digital waiting room where transactions are sent before they are included in a block by a miner.
  • CRYPTOLAND — a term that refers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including all blockchain technologies.
  • CRYPTOLOOT — this refers to the common name used to describe all cryptocurrencies.
  • Satoshi (SAT) — means the smallest unit of Bitcoin (BTC), and it is named after the creator of Bitcoin — Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • SAFU — a slang originated from a tweet of Binance’s CEO, which said “funds are safe” and became a meme. Nevertheless, Binance set up the Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), which insures users’ assets.
  • NOCOINER — a person that has no bitcoin or crypto. It can sometimes be used as a derogatory term for people outside the crypto community.
  • Whales — people that own a large amount of cryptocurrency with large quantities of it. Whales influence the crypto market. A whale may be able to affect a crypto’s price by quickly buying or selling its coins.
  • Bitcoin Maximalists — they believe Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency needed and that all other cryptos are inferior.
    Sure, you have met those people. Well, show them BSW, and they will change their mind immediately!
  • Moonboy — is a person who is bullish and preaches how they can accurately predict prices will change.
    Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?
  • BUIDL — calling for those who have a long-term mindset and continue to build the crypto industry despite market fluctuations. It comes from the word “build” in a warping manner.
  • Shilling — when someone is shilling, it means that person promotes a crypto project or cryptocurrency for their profit.
  • Rekt means Wrecked — describes the process of losing a lot of money. That often occurs with traders who don’t have any trading strategy and do not try to manage the risk.
  • BTD (Buy The Dip) — that’s about those tricky traders who encourage you to buy crypto while it’s dipped so they can profit from it later when the prices rise again. So always do your own research before trading/investing. Visit CoinMarketCap to analyze the market.
  • HODL — originated as a drunken misspelling of the word “hold”. It refers to retaining crypto assets that you own for an extended period and refusing to sell, remaining unaffected by swings in price.
  • DYOR (Do Your Own Research) — this slang prompts investors to do their research in the crypto world before making any investment decision relating to cryptocurrencies.
  • SZN — Season
    There are only two seasons in the crypto world: Bear and Bull.
    A bear market is when the prices fall, and a bull market is when the prices rise. There are also times when cryptocurrencies cycle between Bitcoin and altcoins. For example, if the market is bearish, you might say that “it’s not Bitcoin SZN right now”. But if altcoins are rising, you might say that “it is altcoin SZN”.
    For us, it’s always Biswap SZN.



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