Delectable Biswap x LaCucina Collaboration!

Are you excited about new crypto-earning opportunities? Biswap team always strives to improve our products and enhance our partnerships with other DeFi projects. One of our most recent collaborations is with LaCucina!

Biswap and LaCucina have joined forces, which means even more benefits for our devoted users. We are excited to be collaborating with LaCucina, in a partnership that will result in users of both platforms reaping the rewards and enjoying the benefits.

Why LaCucina?

LaCucina is a DeFi project that offers DeFi users the chance to earn additional benefits on top of their Swap fees and Farm earnings, without any additional staking or having to move their original staking positions.

Discover unique features:

🍕External Farming
🍕Ovens & Cooking Plans
🍕NFTs with purpose
🍕Secret Ingredients
🍕Reward Boosting Dishes

Explore the project here:

Flavourful LAC is Officially Listed on Biswap DEX!

LAC vigorous token is officially on Biswap DEX! Use this unique opportunity to exchange LAC with the lowest fee of 0.1% on BSC!


Hurry to use this opportunity to exchange mighty tokens on Biswap!

LaCucina Ovens | Earn Rewards via Biswap Liquidity!

LaCucina is all about rewarding Liquidity Providers. By providing liquidity to any Liquidity Pool promoted by LaCucina, you will be eligible for LAC token rewards.

Use Biswap LPs to gain LAC rewards via LaCucina Ovens!
You need to hold your LPs, not Stake, to claim rewards!

🛸No need to Stake
🛸Biswap Liquidity Increase
🛸Gain prominent LAC tokens
🛸Higher APRs on Biswap Farms

Get your LPs on Biswap:

Earn rewards with Biswap LPs here:

All you will need to do is find a Liquidity Pool that you want to provide liquidity for on a third-party platform. Then, you need to decide how much liquidity you would like to provide and confirm.

Once done, you will be eligible for LAC token rewards inside LaCucina. Simply lookout for the “Munch” button to claim your rewards.

So, for example, when a user provides liquidity to a pool on Biswap (1), the user will not only earn from the swap fees and the farming earnings at Biswap, but they will also be eligible (2) for additional rewards at LaCucina Oven (3).

Important to note: There is no staking at LaCucina! So, once you have provided liquidity to a Liquidity Pool, simply head back to LaCucina and start munching! Simple!

Hurry up to use your LPs acquired on Biswap and gain flavoury LAC!

Closing Word

We hope you are excited as we are about this partnership. A truly brilliant collaboration will allow both Biswap and LaCucina users to effortlessly receive additional benefits without any extra steps or changes to their pre-existing staking positions.

Stay tuned for more collaborations with promising projects on Biswap!

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