EXOS IDO is Approaching Biswap| Review All the Important Details!

Initial DEX Offering on Biswap increases the number of available beneficial features and positively impacts the platform and its partners. Our priority is to meet the needs and benefits of all users and investors. As a result, our team works hard to provide users with new features and products.

Prepare your crypto wallets to participate in the new IDO on Biswap!

Biswap Introduces the New Initial DEX Offering!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity:

🗓 Date: May 10
Duration: 1 hour
💸 Initial Price: $0.1 in BSW for one EXOS token
💰 IDO Pool: 10 000 000 EXOS

❗NOTE: All IDO tokens will be purchased for BSW only! The price is not definite and is subject to change. The final price in BSW for 1 EXOS token will be set shortly before the IDO launch.


Be the first to participate in this time-limited offer!
Discover more about the IDO Launchpad on Biswap:
👉 https://bit.ly/3kbrPoH

Meet the Exobots!

Exobots: Omens of Steel is a turn-based battle NFT game with a sustainable ‘Play to Earn’ model, featuring different game modes such as Adventure, Battle or Dungeon.

A limited run of Exobots will be offered for players to purchase and dispose of at launch to join the game. Exobots purchased in this way will be randomly generated by unique combinations of parts, core and genes, thus forming an NFT.

This online game will allow the player to earn tokens while completing certain missions. To compete, it is necessary to buy Exobots to form a complete squad composed of 3 Exobots with which you can play in any of the game modes offered or trade with them in the Marketplace.

Intrigued? Satisfy your curiosity here:
👉 https://bit.ly/3rN9t1t

Conditions and Requirements for Participation in EXOS IDO on Biswap

Note: The IDO will last 1 hour, and there will be 10 000 000 EXOS tokens available for sale. 7 500 000 EXOS will go to the Grand Pool, and 2 500 000 EXOS will go to the Basic Pool.

  • Be sure you have BSW tokens in your BEP-20 wallet before the EXOS IDO launch.
  • It is estimated that one EXOS token will cost $0.1 in BSW when it initially launches. However, the price is not final and is subject to change.
  • For users to participate in Biswap Launchpad, they must have BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool:
  • At least 50 BSW staked in the Holder Pool in order to invest in the Basic Pool.
  • At least 150 BSW staked in the Holder Pool in order to invest in the Grand Pool.

The amount of EXOS tokens gained by the user will depend on their percentage of investments in the EXOS Launchpad. In general, the more BSW you add to the pool, the more EXOS you get after the IDO. The leftover BSW tokens and EXOS will be available for withdrawal after the IDO.

Basic & Grand Pools

Two pools will be available to get both small and big investors interested.

Grand Pool:

  • Tokens offered: 7 500 000 EXOS
  • Price for 1 EXOS: $0.1 in BSW
  • Requirements: 150 BSW in Holder Pool
  • Min. deposit per user: $50 in BSW
  • Max. deposit per user: $20 000 in BSW

Basic Pool:

  • Tokens offered: 2 500 000 EXOS
  • Price for 1 EXOS: $0.1 in BSW
  • Requirements: 50 BSW in Holder Pool
  • Max. deposit per user: $200 in BSW

It’s possible to invest in both pools at the same time. Your tokens will be locked for 1 hour during the IDO. The withdrawal will become available after that.


Biswap will make 4-months linear vesting of EXOS tokens for users who bought EXOS tokens on the IDO. The vesting can be carried out in 5 stages, 20% each, with the first stage beginning right after the IDO. The remaining 80% becomes available at 20% at a time every 30 days after the end of the IDO.

The Concept of Tokens Distribution

Both in Basic Pool and Grand Pool, the number of tokens that the user will eventually receive upon completion of the IDO depends on the total amount that was invested by all users in the pool.

For example:
Grand Pool sold 500 000 BSW worth of tokens. During the IDO, users invested 5 000 000 BSW in this pool — 10 times more.

Let’s say the user has invested 10,000 BSW to purchase tokens. Since the amount collected in this pool is 10 times more, the user will receive tokens for 1000 BSW. 9000 BSW will be available for withdrawal after IDO.

What happens if the amount in the pools is not reached?

There is a possibility that the pool sells tokens for 500 000 BSW, and upon completion of the IDO, users invested only 300 000 BSW in the purchase of tokens. As a result, users will receive tokens for the amount they invested, and the remaining tokens for 200 000 BSW will be returned to the partner.

New Utilities on Biswap After the IDO | Multiply Your Assets!

Following the IDO, new possibilities will be put forward for users to make an investment and make a profit. Make your crypto dreams possible with these offers:

  • EXOS Official Listing on Biswap
  • EXOS — BUSD Farm
  • Stake BSW — Earn EXOS Launchpool
  • Stake EXOS — Earn EXOS & BSW Launchpool
  • Button on Exobots website to get EXOS via Biswap

Buy EXOS on Biswap and take full advantage of profitable utilities!

Closing Thoughts

Biswap IDO Launchpad aspires to help in the development process of promising projects on the BNB Chain and provide users with a variety of earning possibilities.

Our team is grateful to our community. Your confidence and trust in Biswap motivate us to do better and to be better. We work hard so you can earn easy!

Get ready to obtain EXOS via Biswap IDO Launchpad and join Exobots for a thrilling adventure!

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