Extensive BSW Utilities | Lucrative Offers for BSW Holders!

BSW token is widely known among the forward-looking crypto community. It’s not unreasonable to assume it is a strong token with grand ambitions. BSW already has a variety of utilities that bring a significant profit for its holders. It rose from the very beginning to 100 000+ holders who get ongoing benefit from it!

Currently, BSW is taking #318 place among all cryptocurrencies due to CoinMarketCap.com It is a prominent position that it would have without your support! Biswap team would like to thank you for your trust and activity. We appreciate our users and aim to make their user experience the best!

Biswap aims to empower BSW token further and it has a great perspective! Let’s provide an overview of various BSW utilities. All of these options are implemented for users to raise their crypto yields! BSW is profitmaking, popular and, trustable.

Let’s get to know more about its lucrative possibilities!

Grow your Crypto Yields via BSW Farming!


Everyone wonders sometimes how to earn passively. Such beneficial earnings can be available on Biswap! Just stake your crypto in Biswap Farms. It is an effective way to increase your crypto assets. You can stake your LP tokens and earn BSW tokens in return.

To begin with, Farming is a passive income opportunity that allows you to multiply crypto with high APRs by providing liquidity to a chosen pair of tokens. Once you have provided the liquidity on Biswap, you get LP tokens which you can later stake to Enable Farm and bring you BSW rewards.

Stake BSW in Launchpools | Earn BSW & Mighty Tokens in Return!


Another lucrative way to generate passive income using the BSW token is Launchpool. Biswap Launchpool is a less resource-intensive alternative to mining. It lets you use your tokens to earn more tokens. Simply put, you lock your Biswap tokens to receive rewards. Users can stake BSW tokens in exchange for more BSW or other tokens in rewards.

There are two mighty utilities for BSW that have pleased Biswap users with significant earnings from the very beginning. But since the Biswap ecosystem expanded, more options to experience BSW advantages have been appearing regularly!

Gain BSW via Exclusive Squid NFT World GameFi


GameFi is an upcoming grand BSW utility. It will open a whole new world for BSW holders where they wil be able to play and earn at the same time! It will also positively affect the token price, heighten the trading volume, and amplify the token utilities. Also, all actions in the Squid NFT Game (Mint of the Buses, Players, activation of the Player Contract) will be conducted, using the esteemed BSW.

To start experience the vivid benefits of the Squid NFT World, the user will need to have a minimum amount of BSW staked in Biswap Launchpool (Stake BSW — Earn BSW). As a result, it will strengthen the demand for BSW on the market and increase the amount of tokens locked in the BSW Launchpool. Moreover, all of the pricing in Squid NFT World will be pegged to a fixed dollar price in BSW equivalent.

Lucrative BSW Role on the Biswap NFT Marketplace


A while back, Biswap launched its grand NFT Direction which includes NFT Marketplace. BSW plays one of the main roles there. Our token gives an opportunity to enjoy all Marketplace features.

On the Marketplace users can purchase their NFT from Biswap and other collections with BSW. Besides, there are different profitable ways of purchasing except the direct purchase. Offer to buy and Auction are developed specially for Biswap users! You can sell, buy, make a bid with BSW and experience the best NFT integration on the BSC!

Progressive Token IDO on Biswap Launchpad


The brand-new but mighty utility for BSW is its role in the IDO on Biswap Launchpad.
Since the Biswap Ecosystem is constantly growing and offering the best utilities on BSW, the IDO process on Biswap Launchpad is utterly effective and fruitful. It’s an amazing opportunity for BSW holders to get tokens that first appear on BSC!

Do you want to give your token a mighty push while starting on the BSC network? Introduce your token to 425 000+ active users and the most active community on BSC:


Biswap Lottery | Use BSW for Surprising Winnings!


Biswap constantly strives to provide users with more and more exciting offers. So the next BSW utility was implemented to please Biswappers by surprising crypto winnings! It means that with BSW you get an exclusive possibility to take part in joyful activity. Only on Biswap you can buy a Lottery ticket just for $1 in BSW! Don’t miss a chance to use your Biswap worthy tokens for gaining appealing rewards!

Profitable BSW Trading on Biswap & CEXes

BSW is a robust token, so you can trade it profitably on Biswap with the lowest commission fee 0.1% among DEXes!

Moreover, due to its notable positions BSW is listed on CEXes. It shows clearly that BSW is much in demand. So you can benefit from BSW by trading on centralized exchanges such as LaunchZona, LBank, XT.COM, AOFEX, and others.

Besides, there is a Trading Competition on Biswap that allows you to win extra prizes just for exchanging cryptocurrencies on Biswap. It runs time by time with specific tokens including BSW. Benefit the maximum from the Biswap token!

Play & Win with BSW token on BetFury

Another entertaining and profitable utility of BSW is the ability to play with it on BetFury! BetFury is an iGaming platform and our strategic partner. You try your luck via BSW slots on betfury.io

BetFury and BSW is an entertaining and lucrative match! Try your luck playing with BSW on BetFury!


Prosperous Partners Utility | Earn with BSW on Other Platforms!

You can enjoy BSW profitability on partners’ platform: such as ACryptoS, Autofarm and Tenfi. There are safe crypto vaults with Biswap liquidity which can become an one more option of getting passive income. These vaults have APY (Annual Percentage Yields). It means that vaults automatically invest your yields.

View the Latest Biswap Collaborations:

💎BetFury Strategic Collaboration continued with lush 2 000 000 BFG Launchpool

💎Magic Beasties Collab’s Continuation gave us a magic BSTS Launchpool

💎ACryptoS Collaboration Boost. ACryptoS is a yield farming optimizer designed for long-term investors. And our collaboration is enhanced! There was the skyrocketing APY Boost up to 10 times on 5 LP pairs with Biswap Liquidity!

💎RPS League is an NFT game, based on the widely-popular Rock Paper Scissors game.

The premier benefits of Biswap x RPS League Collab on platform:

💎Xpansion is Play-to-Earn decentralized 4x strategy game that will be set in the nearest future. Also it was a first-ever project that experienced gainful IDO on Biswap Launchpad. There are many XPS opportunities on Biswap that include:

💎Coinracer is is a low-poly-style blockchain multiplayer racing game. This collab created such a new lucrative opportunities on Biswap DEX:

💎Autofarm is is a cross-chain yield farming optimizer that allows users to earn by stacking tokens in Autofarm vaults. This prominent cooperation will introduce a broader range of opportunities on Biswap:

💎LaunchZone is is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that runs on BSC and has a variety of high-profile products. This collaboration became strategic and provide thriving benefits on Biswap:

  • LZ & LZP tokens are officially listed on Biswap
  • LZ-BNB Farming Pair
  • Firing LZP Launchpool | Stake BSW — Earn LZ

💎League of Ancients is a free-to-play, play-to-earn MOBA NFT-game. This prosperous partnership gave us:

  • LOA token listing
  • Thriving LOA-BUSD Farm

💎 Unus DAO is a new DeFi 2.0 + GameFi platform built upon Decentralized Reserve Currency protocol.

Experience lucrative offers via the bright collab on Biswap Dex:

  • UDO token official listing
  • Vivid UDO Launchpool | Stake BSW — Earn UDO

Enjoy the BSW lucrative power not only on Biswap!

Win BSW in Collaborative Biswap Events

$3 ​​000 BSC x Biswap Christmas Twitter Event


Biswap & BinanceSmartChain stellar tandem will shower its lucky users with exciting rewards.

🗓 Date: 25 December
⏰ Duration: 24 hours
🎁 Reward pool: $3 000 in BUSD & BSW

🤴 10 winners will get $100 in BUSD and $200 in BSW

Check the conditions and rush to take part:

$5 000​​ Biswap & LaunchZone Winter Event


Biswap x LaunchZone strategic collaboration presents a vivid opportunity to gain splendid crypto rewards!

📆 Dates: 25/12/2021–3/01/2022

🎁 Reward Pool: $5 000 ($2 500 in BSW | $2 500 in LZ)

Each of 125 lucky winners will get $40 in both tokens ($20 in BSW | $20 in LZ)

Are you thrilled for new Robi avatars?

They are an essential part of the event and condition to win!

Choose one of the avatars and change the profile image:
👉 https://bit.ly/3HarhJc

Access all the conditions and hurry up to win:
👉 https://bit.ly/3su5Dvj

Closing thoughts

As you see BSW token has a wide variety of ways to gain profit! All of these utilities can be used by you to increase your crypto yields. Moreover, that’s not all. Biswap ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding its opportunities for you! Biswap set a target to become an ecosystem that you will never want to leave!

We believe that the standard by which our relationships should be measured is the degree to which mutual benefits are created. Let’s empower BSW to benefit it the maximum!

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