Exuberant Biswap x Autofarm Collaboration!


Biswap is growing rapidly and we are creating more and more powerful collaborations. Potent partnerships create new opportunities for Biswappers to multiply crypto. One of our new, vigorous partners with unique features is Autofarm.

Autofarm is a one-stop DeFi suite comprising of 6 main products (Autofarm — yield optimizer/vaults, AutoSwap DEX Aggregator, AutoPortfolio, AutoTrade, AutoAnalytics & farmfolio — intelligent portfolio dashboard). Autofarm ecosystem is currently available on BSC and many other networks.

Check out the powerful features of Autofarm:

  • Yield optimizer implements the most optimal strategies at the lowest cost to maximize users’ yields.

AUTO Token is Officially Listed on Biswap!

A native token of Autofarm is listed on Biswap DEX! It implies that you can swap it with the lowest exchange fee of 0.1% on the BSC!

Interested to exchange a new token profitably? Head to Biswap Exchange:

Biswap provides the best exchange options!

Earn Crypto via AUTO-WBNB Pair with 2X Multiplier!


Biswap Farms are an effective way to increase your assets. Especially when the initial 2X Multiplier will boost your yields! Provide AUTO-WBNB Liquidity, get LP tokens, and stake them on Biswap Farms to launch a passive income!

Bountiful Benefits of Farms for AUTO Holders:

  • Exchange AUTO with the lowest fee of 0.1%


Time to increase crypto easily on Biswap Farms!

Biswap x Autofarm collaboration is a wave of lucrative opportunities!

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Join the progressing Autofarm Network:

📢 Telegram: https://t.me/autofarm_network

🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/autofarmnetwork

📃 Medium: https://medium.com/autofarm-network

🤖 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bJ9ZsypQzv

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