Fee Return on Biswap DEX | Up to 50% in BSW for Biswappers!

Biswap is known as the first DEX on the BNB Chain with the lowest trading fee of 0.2%. Users get lots of benefits by using Biswap Exchange. It guarantees not only superior speed and much lower network transaction costs but also a Fee Return to reward and thank the Biswap community.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is and how it works on Biswap.

The process of using transaction fees to reward the community is called Transaction Fee Mining. It is frequently called “trans-fee mining”.

When traders trade on the exchange platform, this platform charges a fee for the transaction. These fees make up most of the profits the exchange earns. In contrast, on the exchanges that operate on the trans-fee mining model, users get their trade fees repaid in the platform’s native token.

Now we’ll talk about how Trans-fee Mining occurs on Biswap DEX.

Biswap is user-friendly and always rewards its users with different perks. One of them is using transaction fees as a reward. Biswap returns the transaction fees to the users in the form of its native token — BSW.

It is a native token of Biswap and a popular utility token with a vast user base that supports the Biswap ecosystem. Apart from being able to trade BSW tokens, you can also use a wide variety of additional benefits that come with it.

Read more about BSW token extensive utilities:

When you swap on Biswap and pay a trading fee of 0.2%, up to 50% of the trading fee will be immediately returned in BSW tokens to your “Fee Return” balance.

💡Example. Let’s say you decided to exchange 1 BNB for BUSD, and the fee return for that pair is 50%. During this exchange, a transaction fee of 0.2% will be charged. Once the transaction is complete, the system will immediately return the fee you paid in the form of BSW tokens.

The number of BSW tokens sent to your “Fee Return” balance will be equivalent to the amount of the transaction fee paid in BNB (on the condition that the percentage of fee return for that pair is 50%).

The Biswap team allocated 30 million tokens for the trans-fee mining, but those tokens are generated uniquely. To be more specific, tokens for trans-fee mining are produced only when a user makes a withdrawal from the “Fee Return” balance. Once the number of tokens allocated for trans-fee mining reaches 30 million, this mechanism will be automatically disabled.

📍Biswap team reserves the right to disable transaction-fee mining in the future manually. The decision to turn off this function will be based on the future development of our platform.

🔥 Earned by making a swap
🔥 Paid in platform’s native token BSW
🔥 Allocated from the tokenomics

Biswappers have an opportunity to experience the easiest and most lucrative way of exchanging tokens on Biswap! Our platform is pleased to give users excellent BSW bonuses in the form of Fee Return.

Hurry to make a swap! Earn up to 50% Fee Return from Biswap!

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