Fruitful 11 Months of Biswap | Review April Report!

11 min readApr 24, 2022


Biswap keeps moving forward with new accomplishments. We have had a genuinely prolific month, full of remarkable events and crucial improvements. However, we have more goals to achieve in the near future.

Let’s investigate the monthly report but first, a Thank You from our team.

A Lot of Thanks to Biswap Dynamic Community!

Our team can’t stop appreciating its mighty community!Your support helps us to make improvements and reach our goals, as quickly as possible. We can reinforce Biswap together and become №1 in the DeFi space!

Outstanding Biswap Achievements!

Biswap continues to develop and moves in the right direction to its prosperity. We want you to view all the stunning possibilities Biswap opened for users in April.

BSW Season on Binance | $100 000 in BSW Learn & Trade!

BSW showed vivid results during the Learn & Trade Event!
View the duration and prize pool of the activities:

💵Prize Pool: $100 000 in BSW to share
📆Duration: 7 days

Start: April 1, 00:00 AM UTC
End: April 7, 11:59 PM UTC

There were 3 activities in total.
Did you take part in all of them?

Activity 1: Learn & Earn $75 000 Prize Pool in BSW
Activity 2: Share Promotional Poster to Split $15 000 in BSW
Activity 3: Trade BSW to Win $200 in BSW Each.

💰50 winners were selected based on the rules to win $200 in BSW each.

More details here:

Earn great BSW rewards on Binance!
Because BSW Season goes on!

​​BSW Season on Binance! $45 000 in BSW Giveaway!

BSW listing on Binance provided new earning opportunities!

💰Prize Pool: $45 000 in BSW to share
📆Duration: 7 days

Start: March 31, 09:30 AM UTC
End: April 7, 11:59 PM UTC

Look at the activities which were available:
Activity 1: Register on Binance to Share $40 000 in BSW
Activity 2:
Register & Trade to Win $20 in BSW

🌟250 winners were selected based on the rules to win a $20 BSW token voucher each.

More details here:

Enjoy the BSW Season on Binance!

BSW Locked Staking on Binance with up to 143.25% APY & Share of 22 500 in BSW!

Binance Earn presented a new BSW offer:

💵BSW Locked Staking with up to 143.25% APY
💵Buy & Stake BSW to Share 22 500 BSW

We hope you didn’t miss the lucrative activities:

Activity 1: BSW Locked Staking & up to 143.25% APY
Activity 2: Buy & Stake BSW to Share 22 500 BSW

Discover more information in Binance article:

Maximize BSW on Binance Earn!

Buy BSW with CARD on Binance! |Take your Card & Get BSW in just a Click!

BSW purchasing has become more and more variable and accessible. New BSW purchase offer arose on Binance: Now you can Buy BSW directly using your Credit/Debit Card.

Review the official Binance announcement:

Get BSW with major fiat currencies via using Visa or Mastercard:

Buy BSW without borders and obstacles!

Binance Added a New BSW/TRY Trading Pair!

Fantastic opportunity! There’s no time to waste!

Now is your chance to become the best BSW trader!
The official Binance announcement can be viewed here:

Be on the lookout for more great ways to make crypto with BSW!

Fixed Staking on Biswap Release !| Provide Liquidity & Earn BSW!

Let’s get started with a longing release! A new scale of possibilities for the Biswappers appeared. We are glad to announce the launch of the Fixed Staking!

Binance played a vital role in making it possible.
🔥 🔥

Leading tokens are available for staking:

  • WBNB
  • ADA
  • DOT

Enjoy earning TOP tokens with advantages:

  • Fixed APR
  • Stake & Earn TOP tokens
  • A unique feature for Biswap users
  • No impermanent loss
  • Lucrative rewards daily

📍Stake BSW in the Holder Pool to join.
📍For an early withdrawal, there’s a certain fee to be paid.

More information:

We thank Binance for the support of this initiative! Experience Stake & Earn with Fixed Staking on Biswap DEX!

Immense 4 168 196 BSW (~ $4 793 425) Burned!

The 26th Token Burn of 4 168 196 BSW tokens (~ $4 793 425) included:

💥 2 824 658 BSW from Trading Fees
💥 254 632 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers
💥 29 866 BSW from Auto compound performance fee
💥 501 222 BSW from Holder Pool fee
💥 51 952 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets
💥 34 732 BSW from NFT Marketplace fees
💥 11 873 BSW from BRE NFT Royalty fees
💥 2 620 BSW from Bus NFT Royalty fee
💥 12 666 BSW from Player NFT Royalty fee
💥 473 975 BSW from game contract, player & bus mint revenue

All the burned BSW tokens are 100% transparent and recorded as transactions on the BNB Chain:

🏴‍☠️Sending BSW tokens to the “dead address”

Looking for details?
Head to Biswap Docs:

Feel this warm atmosphere on Biswap!

Biswap Ecosystem Update | Beneficial Collaborations Happened Again!

The Biswap Business Development team has established many outstanding collaborations, partnerships and integrations. Check them out below!

💫 wallet
💫 Oddiyana Ventures
💫 Farastarter
💫 PinkSale
💫 BSCStation
💫 Beefy
💫 Open Leverage

Read about our new partners on CEX in our updated article about Biswap Globalization:

Biswap expands its horizons with new and new opportunities. We focus on establishing powerful partnerships!

​​Biswap x OpenLeverage Collaboration! |New Possibilities are Waiting for You!

Exciting news for our community!
Biswap presents you with its new partner — OpenLeverage!

OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending margin trading protocol that enables traders or other applications to be long or short on any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely.

Review more details here:

Bswap expanding is so outstanding!

Biswap x FaraStarter Collaboration! |New Blockchain Games with Biswap Liquidity!

Cooperation is a crucial part of the progress! Biswap entered into a strategic partnership with FaraStarter!

FaraStarter is a launchpad created by gamers for gamers to support all Blockchain Game Projects.

More details here:

Biswap x Oddiyana Ventures Collab! New Possibilities for Platform Growth!

Once again, exceptional collaboration with a venture company! No doubt that this cooperation has significant potential and utility.

Oddiyana Ventures is an investment firm exploring & investing in early-stage blockchain projects. It considers funding projects in DeFi, NFTs, web3 applications, metaverse, and other relevant new developments in the space.

More info:

​​Biswap x BSCStation Collab! | New Strategic Alliance is Created!

Biswap is glad to present to you our new strategic partner — BSCStation.

BSCStation has various products, including a launchpad where promising projects can hold an IDO or INO.

View more details here:

​​Biswap x PinkSale Collaboration | Biswap Router is Integrated!

PinkSale is a protocol aiming to allow users to launch their token and create their initial token sale.

Details here:

As you can see, each Biswap partnership expands users’ opportunities and responds to their interests!

Space Agents Program Relaunch!| New Topics for Monthly Spacewalk!

Biswap relaunched the Monthly Spacewalk Program.
Choose an appropriate topic to spread unique content about Biswap! It will bring lots of benefits for you, be sure.

⏱ Start: April 1 (02:00 PM UTC)
⏱ End: May 1 (02:00 PM UTC)

Find new topics & create unique and educational content to promote Biswap.
Discover details and requirements:

💰$10 000 in BSW Spacewalk Program:

💰Up to $3 000 in BSW Space Mission:

The biggest power nowadays is information. Become a source of this precious resource!

New Mission for a Space Agent! $500 in BFG for Hot Topic!

Biswap & BetFury collaboration is about mighty events and special offers for users! Such good services have to be popularized.

Biswap Marketing team is looking for influential Affiliates who will tell the audience about Biswap & BetFury cooperation!

🪐Topic: All aspects of Biswap & BetFury collab
💰Prize Pool: $500 in BFG

Submit your content HERE:

Join Biswap Space Agents Program:

Find out more details:

Let World know about Biswap!

Meet March Winners Report! | Monthly Spacewalk Program!

Biswap admires your fantastic videos! We were delighted to see all of them!
We thank all bloggers for participation!

Now is the moment for congratulations!

🌟10 champions shared $10 000 in BSW:

💎Main Gains: $7 500
💎Extra Gains: $2 500

Top content about Biswap was selected:

Take a look at the list of winners:

Biswap appreciates all your efforts and creativity!

Distinctive Collaborative Events with Biswap Partners

BSW & BFG Events is Over | $140 000+ Won by Lucky Champions!

View the results here:

BFG in SNW V1.0 & V2.0 Report | 20 000 000 BFG Shared by Gamers!

See more info:

$10 000 BSW Jackpot in Lucky Wheel on BetFury!

👉 Check the stats here:

$150 000 BFG Airdrop | Deposit BSW & Win BFG on BetFury!

First 1000 users shared 150 000 BFG!
BSW & BFG Spring Entertainments were fabulous on:

$500 in BSW & BFG Twitter Giveaway!

👑5 lucky winners shared $500 ($250 in BFG & $250 in BSW)
Our followers deserve the best awards and privileges!

Biswap x Huobi Learn2Earn! |$1 200 in BSW for Lucky Champions

Learn more about it here:

Biswap Comic Tourney is Over! $7 500 in BSW & Robbies NFTs for Talents!

Biswap Comic Tourney has come to an end.

💰 Prize Pool: $7 500 in BSW
👑 Extra Rewards: 10 Robbies NFTs
🧑‍🎨 Total champions: 39

📍Winners will be announced by May 1
Biswap received so many creative comics.
We might have another Stan Lee among our users!

Our team is grateful for your activity.
It was a delight to see your masterpieces!

New Local Biswap Community | Welcome Turkish TG Chat!

The Biswap community keeps growing worldwide!
We are happy to introduce a new Biswap chat!

🇹🇷Turkish-Speaking TG Chat:


🌐The Biswap team selected the best admins based on the received applications!

Meet Official Admins of Turkish Speaking TG Chat:

🧑‍💻@Tony_Biswap — Main Admin
🧑‍💻@Shaggy_Biswap — Admin
🧑‍💻@Ozan_Biswap — Admin

Biswap is in TOP Charts | Remarkable Growth of the Global Project!

Biswap is on BSC News! New Records Are Highlighted!

Biswap is in the spotlight! And it is worth it.
BSC News noted that Biswap had reached new records.

Review the fascinating numbers:

⚡️ $2B+ Volume on CMC in the last 24h
⚡️ $900M+ Volume on Binance in the last 24h
⚡️ $44B+ Total Trading Volume
⚡️ $800M+ Total Value Locked
⚡️ 17M+ BSW Transactions on BNB Chain
⚡️ 125K+ BSW Holders

$1.9B+ Biswap Trading Volume | In the last 7 Days on the Analytics Page!

BSW is TOP 1 on BNB Chain | Most Traded Highlight Projects!

Biswap Marketplace is TOP 3!| By Active Users in the Last 7 Days!

​​​​Great Biswap Records! | View the Biswap & BSW Power!

Biswap Marketplace is Thriving! $1 200 000+ TTV in the Last 7 Days!

Biswap Marketplace is one of the TOP markets on the BNB Chain!

Check the stellar numbers:

☀️ $1 208 541 Total Trading volume
☀️ 3 078 Total Users
☀️ 2 705 Active Users
☀️ 29 383 Total Transactions
☀️ 800 Auctions Held
☀️ 14 813 Offers to Buy made
☀️ 1 526 — Biswap NFTs
☀️ 215 — Partner’s NFTs

Explore the distinctive Biswap Marketplace:

Stay tuned for more achievements! Let’s take Biswap forward together!

Biswap offers many events that allow users to obtain epic rewards. A new weekly event was launched to boost users’ activity on Telegram Chat.

Closing thoughts

To sum it up, we are so delighted with the results of the journey that Biswap has been making for 11 months. Because of your constant care and feedback we have come to this point. As you may see, we got stronger and famous in the DeFi world. Biswap’s dedicated team strives to make our products better, create powerful collaborations, and provide new opportunities for your benefits.

We are so grateful to you for being a part of our magnificent journey in the crypto world!

We’re gonna roll out more. Stay tuned on Biswap!

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Join Local Biswap Communities:
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