Fruitful 11 Months of Biswap | Review April Report!

A Lot of Thanks to Biswap Dynamic Community!

Outstanding Biswap Achievements!

BSW Season on Binance | $100 000 in BSW Learn & Trade!

​​BSW Season on Binance! $45 000 in BSW Giveaway!

BSW Locked Staking on Binance with up to 143.25% APY & Share of 22 500 in BSW!

Buy BSW with CARD on Binance! |Take your Card & Get BSW in just a Click!

Binance Added a New BSW/TRY Trading Pair!

Fixed Staking on Biswap Release !| Provide Liquidity & Earn BSW!

  • WBNB
  • ADA
  • DOT
  • Fixed APR
  • Stake & Earn TOP tokens
  • A unique feature for Biswap users
  • No impermanent loss
  • Lucrative rewards daily

Immense 4 168 196 BSW (~ $4 793 425) Burned!

Biswap Ecosystem Update | Beneficial Collaborations Happened Again!

​​Biswap x OpenLeverage Collaboration! |New Possibilities are Waiting for You!

Biswap x FaraStarter Collaboration! |New Blockchain Games with Biswap Liquidity!

Biswap x Oddiyana Ventures Collab! New Possibilities for Platform Growth!

​​Biswap x BSCStation Collab! | New Strategic Alliance is Created!

​​Biswap x PinkSale Collaboration | Biswap Router is Integrated!

Space Agents Program Relaunch!| New Topics for Monthly Spacewalk!

New Mission for a Space Agent! $500 in BFG for Hot Topic!

Meet March Winners Report! | Monthly Spacewalk Program!

Distinctive Collaborative Events with Biswap Partners

BSW & BFG Events is Over | $140 000+ Won by Lucky Champions!

BFG in SNW V1.0 & V2.0 Report | 20 000 000 BFG Shared by Gamers!

$10 000 BSW Jackpot in Lucky Wheel on BetFury!

$150 000 BFG Airdrop | Deposit BSW & Win BFG on BetFury!

$500 in BSW & BFG Twitter Giveaway!

Biswap x Huobi Learn2Earn! |$1 200 in BSW for Lucky Champions

Biswap Comic Tourney is Over! $7 500 in BSW & Robbies NFTs for Talents!

New Local Biswap Community | Welcome Turkish TG Chat!

Biswap is in TOP Charts | Remarkable Growth of the Global Project!

Biswap is on BSC News! New Records Are Highlighted!

$1.9B+ Biswap Trading Volume | In the last 7 Days on the Analytics Page!

BSW is TOP 1 on BNB Chain | Most Traded Highlight Projects!

Biswap Marketplace is TOP 3!| By Active Users in the Last 7 Days!

​​​​Great Biswap Records! | View the Biswap & BSW Power!

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