Gnosis Safe Guide | Settings & Connection to Biswap!

Biswap added one more wallet to make your user experience more convenient and diverse. Meet the Gnosis Safe! It is the most trusted platform for managing digital assets on Ethereum. It gives you full control over the funds, allowing you to create, manage, and exchange your crypto freely.

You can set the requirements to confirm transactions by multiple devices (hardware wallets, EOA-based wallets, paper wallets, or a combination of them).

Gnosis Safe Wallet supports Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Aurora. The wallet displays the fiat values of your assets.

Use any wallet
You can use your favorite wallet to sign transactions.

❗️Take into consideration:

  • To use Gnosis Safe, you need to create a signer wallet first. Therefore the Safe web interface does not hold a private key. You can choose any wallet from the banner below.
  • You have to pay a gas fee to create a Gnosis Safe profile.

How to Create a Gnosis Safe Profile?

1. Go to the Gnosis Home Page and click the ‘Open App’ button.

2. Choose the ‘Create new Safe’ option.

3. Click ‘Connect’ to select the wallet.

4. Select and connect the wallet.

5. Choose the BNB network.

6. Click ‘Continue’.

7. Create a name for the wallet and click ‘Continue’.

8. At this stage, you can add more owners and set the number of confirmations from the owners.

9. Review all the settings and click ‘Create’.

10. Confirm the gas fee payment, and do not leave the page.

11. Finally, your Safe profile is created.

12. Before using Safe DApp, read the disclaimer and complete other settings.

  1. Move to the home page of Biswap and click on ‘Connect Wallet’.

2. Choose WalletConnect protocol. (If you want to connect directly via Gnosis Safe, download Gnosis mobile App or a static desktop application for Windows, MacOS or Linux.)

3. Copy the QR to the clipboard.

4. Paste it to the Safe Gnosis Wallet Connect section.

5. Well done! You connected Safe Gnosis to Biswap DEX.

Closing Words

Biswap aims to provide you with popular wallets! Try to use Safe Gnosis and experience high security and innovative asset management.

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