Grand Fourth Month of Biswap! | Vast DEX Broadening!

Many Thanks to the International Biswappers Family!

Biswap Mind-Blowing Achievements!

✅ Striking Biswap Collaborations & Globalization

✅New Biswap DEX Utilities | Margin, Vaults, Math Wallet, Biswap Lottery are Activated

🌟Rabbit Margin with Biswap Liquidity

🌟Auto-Compounding Biswap Vaults on TEN

🌟Biswap Lottery is Activated! — Lucky Ticket for $1 in BSW Only!

✅ Noteworthy Accomplishments — Moments, We Are Extremely Proud Of!

🌟Massive 50 000+ Users Hold BSW!

🌟BSC Popularity Medal Goes to Biswap!

🌟The Biswap DEX is Officially Listed on CoinMarketCap!

✅Biswap Info Updates | Zendesk, Global Incentive Page, BSW Page, Main Page Redesign, Team Page, Biswap Education Hub

🌟​​Global Incentive Page — $10 000 000 Fund for BSC Projects!

🌟Biswap Main Page Redesign — Easy Access to New Info!

🌟Biswap Info Portal on Zendesk — Find any Details in One Moment!

🌟‘About BSW’ Page is Launched on Biswap!

🌟Meet Professional Biswap Creators — Team Page is Released!

🌟Education Hub is Launched — Discover Platform via the Detailed Guides!

✅ New 12 Launchpools on Biswap! | Stake First-rate Tokens!

Stake BSW Launchpools Enlargement — 24 Brilliant Staking Options!

Stake Tokens Launchpools Extension — 5 New Tremendous Opportunities for Biswappers!

Fascinating Biswap Events — Art & Avatar Contests, 1st BSC Anniversary Celebration!

🎭Avatar Challenge

🎨 Art Contest

🎉1st BSC Anniversary Celebration

✅ Token Emission Reduction — Firming Up the BSW Tokenomics!

✅ Sixteen BSW Token Burns for 6 292 523 BSW — Striking Numbers!

✅ 5 Biswap Sharing Seasons are Completed — Scoreboard!

Biswap Trading Competitions — 5 Tournaments for Beneficial BSW Prizes!

​​Welcome Bangladesh, French, & Portuguese TG Local Chats!

✅ Biswap Bountiful Month — $28 000 in BSW were Shared!

✅ Expansion of Biswap Community — Impressing Numbers!

⏱ 24/7 The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:



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