Grand Fourth Month of Biswap! | Vast DEX Broadening!

The new month of impressive accomplishments and stunning results! Nothing better than to end a high-resulting month with an abundant review of the platform’s rapid progress!

Many Thanks to the International Biswappers Family!

The whole Biswap team wants to express huge gratitude to Biswappers for constantly showing valuable support and active participation in each step of the platform’s improvement!

Each of you helps Biswap to achieve new remarkable successes in the DeFi world quicker and more eagerly! We respect both, our devoted first supporters and curious newcomers for your deep interest in the project and experiencing the Biswap benefits!

More surprising opportunities are waiting for you ahead, keep in touch with Biswap!

Biswap Mind-Blowing Achievements!

Let’s recap the fourth month of bright events, significant milestones, and unforgettable events!

Dive into a world of the Biswap memories together with the huge crypto family!

✅ Striking Biswap Collaborations & Globalization

The Biswap DEX builds up in DeFi with each step and brings new possibilities for its users!🦾

Meet three firing partnerships that enhanced opportunities for Biswappers in the DeFi world!

⭐️ Faraland — the captivating multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets the user engage in the combat arena and profit from battles.​​

⭐️ My DeFi Pet— a lifestyle-based pet game combining NFT collectibles and DeFi.

⭐️ TEN Finance — a yield optimizer that simplifies staking and yield farming with Binance Smart Chain Liquidity Pools.

✅New Biswap DEX Utilities | Margin, Vaults, Math Wallet, Biswap Lottery are Activated

Biswap platform always expands its functionality, here are some novelties of the 4th month!

🌟Rabbit Margin with Biswap Liquidity

Use the liquidity of the Biswap platform to buy long & sell short on Rabbit Margin with the following trading pairs: BNB-USDT, ETH-USDT, and BTCB-USDT.

🌟Auto-Compounding Biswap Vaults on TEN

Try out 17 New Vaults with Biswap DEX Liquidity on TEN! TEN Finance Vaults allow users to stake their LP tokens and auto-compound them while earning TENFI.

Choose your favorite Vaults & heighten your profit:

🌟Biswap Lottery is Activated! — Lucky Ticket for $1 in BSW Only!

Meet the fascinating Biswap Lottery, that was thoroughly developed by the Biswap team to make the process dynamic and profitable!

📃Find all the details on Biswap Zendesk:

🍀 Join the prosperous Biswap Lottery:

Choose your luckiest numbers and catch mighty BSW winnings!

✅ Noteworthy Accomplishments — Moments, We Are Extremely Proud Of!

🌟Massive 50 000+ Users Hold BSW!

Biswap engagingly attracts more and more new users!

Check this mighty amount of addresses on BscScan:

🌟BSC Popularity Medal Goes to Biswap!

Biswap was honored with the Popularity Medal during the starry 1 Year of BSC celebration conference!

Find Biswap among the BSC winners:

Check out the conference on BSC Twitter:

🌟The Biswap DEX is Officially Listed on CoinMarketCap!

It is a stunning moment of listing!

The Biswap platform shines vividly on the global price-tracking website for crypto assets — CoinMarketCap!

Find both the Biswap DEX and native BSW token on CMC!

Intensify the Biswap rating on CoinMarketCap — just add the Biswap DEX to your watchlist by clicking the star button!

✅Biswap Info Updates | Zendesk, Global Incentive Page, BSW Page, Main Page Redesign, Team Page, Biswap Education Hub

🌟​​Global Incentive Page — $10 000 000 Fund for BSC Projects!

If you want to boost your BSC project to the moon, definitely use a striking opportunity!

The $10 000 000 Fund from Biswap and countless unique benefits open a new range of opportunities and strong partnerships!

Find the info on how to apply for the program and all the benefits that will be revealed for you on Biswap here:


🌟Biswap Main Page Redesign — Easy Access to New Info!

As the new month is ahead, the Biswap team decided to refresh the main page and make it more user-friendly, informative, and comfortable for navigation and the platforms’ statistics monitoring!

Enjoy new design and more info on the main page of Biswap Dex:

🌟Biswap Info Portal on Zendesk — Find any Details in One Moment!

Discover the most recent Biswap news and find answers to feasible questions on Zendesk!

All the articles are divided into categories for user-friendly navigation: Announcements, Project Overview, Collaborations, Events, Education Hub, and FAQ.

🌟‘About BSW’ Page is Launched on Biswap!

Discover the BSW token thoroughly along with some awesome crypto utilities on the newly released BSW Token page!

🌟Meet Professional Biswap Creators — Team Page is Released!

It is time to get acquainted with the magnificent Biswap team!

We work 24/7 and put all the effort, dynamic energy, and creativity to implement every high-quality release!

🤩Are you thrilled to meet us? Let’s do it:

🌟Education Hub is Launched — Discover Platform via the Detailed Guides!

The precise manuals about the Biswap system will lead you to a thrilling DeFi world and show all Biswap beneficial features.

📚Explore the Education Hub on Biswap:

✅ New 12 Launchpools on Biswap! | Stake First-rate Tokens!

Stake BSW Launchpools Enlargement — 24 Brilliant Staking Options!

Start staking BSW to gain astounding token rewards. A total of 14 Stake BSW Launchpools including 8 newly-arrived tokens — BTCB, DOT, WBNB, TWT, ETH, BFG, DPET, TENFI are ready to bring you a booming extra profit.

And top-up glad tidings — Performance Fee is Lowered to 1.99% in Auto-Compounding BSW Launchpool! This is an enviable chance to boost BSW automatically and with a lower fee!

Stake Tokens Launchpools Extension — 5 New Tremendous Opportunities for Biswappers!

Utterly profitable ascent on Biswap!

We presented our users a bunch of new income prospects by adding some newfangled tokens — DOT, BFG, LINK, XRP, DPET. Stake your tokens in 10 Stake Tokens Launchpools and earn powerful BSW rewards with the high APRs and rangy pools. This new utility allows you to mount up your BSW assets for free just by storing tokens on Biswap.

Fascinating Biswap Events — Art & Avatar Contests, 1st BSC Anniversary Celebration!

🎭Avatar Challenge

Check out awesome Avatars of Robi and pick yours! Change your Avatar in Twitter and/or Telegram and win glorious BSW tokens!

Check out all the details on Biswap Zendesk:

🎨 Art Contest

Creative Biswappers had a remarkable opportunity to gain crypto by depicting Biswap and the BSC ecosystem!

We are very grateful to our talented community for the mind-blowing, unique artworks about Biswap and Binance Smart Chain🙏

Find the triumphant arts here:

🎉1st BSC Anniversary Celebration

The $10 000 Prize Pool was shared among 100 winners! Each lucky Biswapper earned $100 in BSW! More than 20 000 users filled out the form.

Stay keen on new events and use your lucky chance to earn BSW!

✅ Token Emission Reduction — Firming Up the BSW Tokenomics!

On September the 1st BSW tokens’ emission was cut down from 30 to 28 BSW per block.

Such BSW emission reduction entails tokenomics consolidation, a higher value of BSW, and a worthwhile effect on the BSW price in a long-term perspective. From September the 1st, BSW tokens are distributed more slowly to the crypto market, leading BSW to superior levels

🔎Check out the details in the Biswap docs:

✅ Sixteen BSW Token Burns for 6 292 523 BSW — Striking Numbers!

Sixteen red-hot BSW Burns —6 292 523 BSW were combusted.

Check all the flaming burns statistics on the BSW page:

Let’s illuminate the DeFi world with inflamed BSW!🔥

✅ 5 Biswap Sharing Seasons are Completed — Scoreboard!

More than 29 608 Biswappers shared their Biswap experience via Twitter & Telegram with everybody using #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange hashtags. Significant 28 717 tweets & texts were sent during the 4th month of the platform!

📨 14 240 tweets — #biswap_earn
📨 11 189 tweets — #biswap_exchange
📨 3 288 texts — #biswap_sharing

👥 29 608 participants

Read about Biswap Sharing Season update and use your chance to enlarge your profits weekly:


Biswap Trading Competitions — 5 Tournaments for Beneficial BSW Prizes!

The fourth month was known for sensational and splendid Trading Tournaments!

💪More than 4200 users took part in 5 Trading Competitions and traded $109 998 632 volume on Biswap.

​​Welcome Bangladesh, French, & Portuguese TG Local Chats!

The Biswap community keeps growing rapidly worldwide! Interact with Biswappers in Bangladesh, French or Portuguese!

Meet the OFFICIAL Local Telegram Chats of Biswap!

🇧🇩Bangladesh Speaking TG Chat:
🇫🇷French Speaking TG Chat:
🇵🇹Portuguese Speaking TG Chat:

The list of the OFFICIAL Admins of these Local Chats:

👤@Sayem_Biswap — Bengali-Speaking Telegram Chat
👤@Louis_Biswap — French-Speaking Telegram Chat
👤@Leo_Biswap | @Ricardo_Biswap — Portuguese-Speaking Telegram Chat

💭Feel free to ask questions and share your ideas and viewpoints!

The amount of Local Chats is consistently enlarging, stay in touch with Biswap!

🥰 Also you are welcome to take a look at Biswap’s new and adorable sticker pack in Telegram:

✅ Biswap Bountiful Month — $28 000 in BSW were Shared!

Counting them all, $25 470 in BSW were shared to the devoted Biswappers during the 4th month:

✔️ $12 650 was shared during 5 Biswap Sharing Seasons
✔️ $15 100 was shared during 5 Trading Competitions on Biswap
✔️ $250 was shared during TENFI AMA session

✅ Expansion of Biswap Community — Impressing Numbers!

It’s fantastic, more than 175 000+ users follow Biswap OFFICIAL networks:

📢 22K++ in Telegram Channel
💬 39.1K+ in Telegram Chat
🌐 830+ in Indonesian-Speaking Telegram Chat
🌐 3.8K+ in Vietnamese Speaking Telegram Chat
🌐 2.9K+ in Russian-Speaking Telegram Chat
🌐 960+ in Bengali-Speaking Telegram Chat
🌐 430+ in French-Speaking Telegram Chat
🌐 410+ in Portuguese-Speaking Telegram Chat
🕊 99.6K+ on Twitter
📃 3.3K+ on Medium
💻 1.3K+ on YouTube

Always welcome to answer your additional questions!

⏱ 24/7 The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:


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