Guide on Configuring Coin98 Wallet | Connect to Biswap Easily!

  • The wallet supports many blockchains
  • Allows you to follow the market without navigating app by app
  • A reference program with various advantages
  • No limits to create a portfolio

Installing Coin98 Wallet

  1. The first thing you need is to visit the Coin98 website and press the “Wallet” button.

Connecting Your Wallet to Biswap

  1. Open the home page of our DEX and press the “Connect wallet” button.

How to Export Your Wallet Address from Coin98 Wallet?

  1. Click “Manage on the home screen of your wallet.

How to Import Your Existing Wallet Address to Coin98 Wallet?

  1. Open Coin98 Wallet and click “Manage on the home screen.

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