Head to the Biswap Global Hike Challenge on Twitter | Make Pics & Share $1 500 in BSW

3 min readOct 5, 2022


Biswap DEX reaches new heights in the crypto world. Our community is getting bigger and bigger, so the Biswap team presents you with the Biswap Global Hike Challenge.

The principle is simple — share the time you spend on Biswap. Take a picture of the Biswap DEX website or branded Merch and a nice view behind. What an excellent opportunity to let people know about the great global DEX!

Join the Twitter Hike | Share the Photo, Win Exclusive Nomination & Claim Rewards!

This campaign has two parts: main and additional. So, everyone has a chance to participate and get robust BSW tokens. Let’s take a closer look at the details!

💰Total Pool: $1 500 in BSW
🏆Total winners: 50
🗓Duration: October 5–19 (09:00 AM UTC)
📍Place: Biswap Twitter

The Main Part | $1 000 in BSW for the Tweet

💸Pool: $1 000 in BSW
🥇Winners: 10 first ($40 in BSW) and 30 random ($20 in BSW)

The Additional Part | $500 in BSW for the Special Nomination

💸Pool: $500 in BSW
🥇Winners: 10

Show your creativity, make a photo with the Biswap website or Merch that will match the description and win one of the 10 unique nominations:

💫King of Creativity
Take a photo with a unique approach.

💫Ancient Landmark
Capture the historical attraction.

💫Goosebump Moment
Depict something special and breathtaking.

💫Lord of Biswap Merch
Include more than 3 items of Biswap Merch.

💫Take Biswap to the Party
Take pictures while celebrating something special.

💫Tropical Vibes
Take an image of something tropical or in a warm place.

💫Happy Moment
Show positive emotions or something that is a source of happiness.

💫Work Time
Depict the official atmosphere in the photo.

💫Crypto Dream
Include crypto elements and a blockchain vibe on the pic.

💫Biswap Merch at the TOP of the World
Take Biswap Merch to a famous place in the world and capture it.

Take these easy steps:

1️⃣Follow Biswap Twitter, TG Channel and Chat
2️⃣Tweet a photo of the Biswap website or Merch with a nice background, using the #Biswap_GloablHike hashtag & BEP-20 wallet
3️⃣Fill out the form

Get imaginative — the prize can be YOURS!

Here’re the examples👇

Important to note:

📍Winners will be announced by October 26.
📍Users will have 3 days for complaints.
📍Rewards will be shared by November 2.
📍Your photo representing Biswap must be original. If the Biswap team detects any aspect of plagiarism, the winners’ applications will be disqualified.
📍The BEP-20 Wallet in the tweet must correspond to the wallet in the Form.
📍Only those users that completed all the conditions can be evaluated as potential winners.

Closing Word:
Are you a lucky owner of the unique Biswap Merch or a big fan of the Biswap DEX? Then it’s your chance to win by taking an awesome photo!

Spread the word about the Biswap DEX all around the world. Let’s go for a global hike together and grab fruitful BSW rewards!

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