🎄Holiday Letter From Robi: Gratitude to the Biswap Community & Reflecting on the Progress and the Plans for the Coming Year!

The present year is coming to an end soon making place for a new year. 2021 was quite a year for all of us. It’s a great privilege to thank all of you for being a strong source of strength. Hence, I want to take this opportunity to send a sincere “thank you”.

2021 has been filled with incredible growth and evolution, and I have never been so excited about the future. We will continue to push forward with new ideas, improvements and dedication to providing the products and customer experience of the highest caliber of quality.

As New Year is approaching, I want to take this as an opportunity to extend my heartfelt greeting for the season and appreciate you all for all the accomplishments we have achieved together. It has been a very productive and challenging year as far as achieving our goals are concerned.

Although I know that many are eagerly waiting for a new year and a fresh start, I find myself thinking of the last several months and feeling proud and humbled by the incredible things we made happen together.

Every year is an opportunity for us to serve our users in a better way. We thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you and we promise to make your experience satisfying and enriching one in the coming months and years. We’re happy to have such supportive users.

Thank you for spreading the word in 2021 about Biswap to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. We have had an outstanding year of community growth and we know that your referrals make a real difference.

By approaching 2021 and all of its challenges from a position of strength and with a mindset of how we could better be of service, Biswap gave its beloved users what they needed most: a trusted partner that cared deeply. Your support has been the key ingredient to our success and has always helped us grow.Years will come and go but we will always remain committed to providing you with the best.

We are blessed with a community of people like you.

I thank one and all for your dedication and for the extra hours that you worked to achieve the goals and complete all the tasks. I’m truly humbled by and beyond appreciative of your relentless commitment to delighting our customers, dedication to your work, and genuine caring for each other.

I know your spirit. For you, the new year is a chance to equip yourself with new skills and pounce on new opportunities to perform and grow. Let’s aim for success altogether as a team. Thank you for being someone the whole Biswap family can count on.

This organization is nothing without you all and hence we send these New Year wishes to our employees, cherishing the moments gone by and the year that’s all set to come. May your seeds of hard work bloom into an amazing fruit of success that’s as sweet as your favorite dessert. I wish you all the success and prosperity in the coming new year. Happy New Year.

We have many ideas lined up next year and I am sure with your support and enthusiasm we will be able to convert them into awesome product features. My best wishes to you and your families for a safe, Happy Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

As we embark on another year, I am very pleased to extend my very best wishes to you and your family for health and prosperity in 2022. Just a few days left to pass this year and to start the New Year. So on behalf of our entire team, I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.

It’s time to pop the champagne, put on our party hats, and celebrate all that we have accomplished in the last year. May this time of the year be truly blissful and enjoyable to all of us! Stay blessed!

See you in 2022!


Robi and the Biswap team

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Feel free to ask any questions and share your ideas!

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