How Biswap Events are Held? | Important to Know!

3 min readNov 21, 2022

Biswap likes to enjoy you with different exciting activities, essential events and additional ways to earn crypto. This article is made to give you detailed information about how Biswap events are held, the criteria for evaluating and selecting winners and the basic terms of social media and product events.

The Key Aspects of Each Biswap Event

First of all, it’s essential to understand that each Biswap event is unique. The primary aim is to bring our users joy, excitement and extra rewards. The Biswap team is assured that such interactions make us closer to our extensive and strong community.

Our team carefully selects winners, reviewing each case and checking them manually for compliance with all terms and conditions.

💵 Product Events Terms

A product event is an event that involves product features on the Biswap website or a partner’s website and implies financial transactions on the platforms.

Here are the main terms that the Biswap team adheres to:

📍BEP-20 wallet in the form/post in social media must correspond to the wallet the transactions were made with.

📍Only those users that completed all the conditions during the event dates can be evaluated as potential winners.
📍Biswap reserves the right to disqualify participants that display self-dealing or market manipulation attributes.

📍Biswap reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

Other terms will be prescribed according to each event and its conditions.

🎨 Social Media Events Terms

These kinds of events are held on the Biswap social media platforms, sometimes on the social media platforms of our partners. Most of the time, they involve creative tasks.

The main terms of such events are:

📍The creative idea the user implements must be originated by him only. In case Biswap detects any plagiarism, the user will be disqualified.

📍The BEP-20 wallet in the form must correspond to the wallet in user’s post.

📍The selection of winners is based on the fulfilled conditions and the Biswap team’s own opinion.

📍The user’s social media account has to be public so the Biswap team can identify him and check his actions in the event.

📍Only those users that completed all the conditions can be evaluated as potential winners.

📍The user can fill in the Form only once using the same social media account.

Important to Note

  1. There are also combined events that include product and social media campaigns. In this case, terms are prescribed for each campaign separately.
  2. The Biswap team analyzes only high-quality cases. If not enough users follow all the terms and conditions, the Total Winners Amount and Total Prize Pool can be reduced accordingly.
  3. Add only original and relevant information about your personality and your BEP-20 wallet.

Complaints Forms

We practice the system of filing and reviewing complaints so the user can submit a case for consideration. However, most of the time, participants submit complaints that are not informative and related to the event.

Please, fill out the form only if you have a constructive complaint that concerns this particular event and is supported by specific facts.

To Sum Up
Biswap appreciates your participation and always values your efforts. We hope that the event process will be clear for you from now on. More powerful and profitable events are just around the corner.

Stay tuned and stay with Biswap!

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