How to Earn with ETERNAL Token on Biswap DEX? Short Guide!

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By establishing strategic collaborations, projects together create fabulous features and provide yield-earning options to the users. Each partnership has lots of benefits that simplify the usage of innovative options and multiply the user’s assets.

Biswap and CryptoMines upgraded the long-lasting collaboration to a new, immense level! Now we are strategic partners and have established the Biggest Collaboration on the Binance Smart Chain network:

Together we will provide lucrative opportunities to the users of both platforms! Our partnership will positively impact the price of BSW and ETERNAL and expand the horizons of users’ yields!


ETERNAL — is a native token of CryptoMines. Players use it to mint characters and spaceships, extend the lives of workers by hiring them, and use it on the CryptoMines Marketplace. In a short period of time, ETERNAL established a giant leap in the DeFi, gaining huge popularity and volume. It means that the users trust the project and support its initiatives and partnerships in every way possible!

Biswap Perks for Crypto Users

Talking of Biswap DEX utilities, which can be profitable for every crypto user, we provide a ton of lucrative features and options to earn crypto via simple steps!

Check out some of the Biswap DEX benefits:

  • Swap with the lowest fee of 0.1%
  • Progressive BSW token in the DeFi space
  • Up to 5% from friends’ earnings via 3-type Referral System
  • Earn other tokens for free with high APRs on Biswap Launchpools
  • Start passive crypto income via Biswap Farms
  • Get 50% Reward as a Liquidity Provider

Interested in how to make a profit, using the ETERNAL token on Biswap? Don’t just hold the tokens — launch a mighty passive income! Experience the potent manifestation of the strategic alliance — and feel the upcoming boost of your crypto.

How to earn with ETERNAL on Biswap?

Stake ETERNAL in the Launchpool

As a part of the strategic collaboration, we established a Launchpool with unbelievable rewards! ETERNAL + BSW Launchpool is a true BSC star, featuring $7 500 000+ Rewards pool in 2 esteemed tokens! This pool is exclusive as you stake ETERNAL and gain two mighty tokens in return: BSW and ETERNAL and such lucrative pool can be found only on

Launchpool is an extra easy way to increase your assets simply by staking tokens. Very easy and very profitable. Biswap and CryptoMines provide high APR and a GIANT Rewards Pool!

EXCLUSIVE Biswap Launchpool with the ETERNAL Token:

  • CryptoMines sponsored $7 500 000+ in ETERNAL to the pool
  • Biswap added extra $100 000 in BSW to flourish your profits
  • Stake $ETERNAL — Earn $ETERNAL and $BSW
  • Sky-high APR
  • Unlimited Max Stake

To start this staggering Launchpool follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the Biswap DEX, and choose the Launchpools section:

2. In the drop-down menu select the Stake tokens option:

3. Click the Approve ETERNAL button

4. Sign the Signature Request notification from your crypto wallet

5. Click on the Plus (+) button.

6. Enter the amount of ETERNAL you would like to stake and Confirm your transaction.

🥳Congrats! You’ve staked your ETERNAL! You can regulate the staking amount by Plus (+) or Minus (-) buttons.

As you see, ETERNAL Launchpool on Biswap boasts immense profits in two tokens! It is a unique feature on BSC!

There are also other versatile options for you to make a profit using ETERNAL tokens! Interested? Let’s go!

Gain via ETERNAL-WBNB Farming Pair on Biswap

As the liquidity provider of ETERNAL-WBNB Farming Pair, you earn:

  • Distinctive BSW tokens
  • 50% rewards of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap made on the platform

Check out a lucrative ETERNAL-WBNB Farming Pair on Biswap:

Biswap Farms will gladden you with high APR and a vast variety of pairs!

Discover Biswap Education Hub

If you hold other crypto tokens, the mighty Biswap ecosystem can easily increase your assets in multiple ways and in a short time!

Read the benefits of staking crypto on Biswap:

Perks of Farming Pairs on Biswap:

Closing Thoughts

Biswap and CryptoMines Collaboration aim to provide new and innovative products for users from all over the globe so everyone could gain immense yields via two distinctive tokens BSW and ETERNAL! The ETERNAL token on the marvelous Biswap DEX is an easy way to increase your crypto assets.

Experience the Biswap benefits and discover great opportunities!

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