How to Earn with ETERNAL Token on Biswap DEX? Short Guide!


Biswap Perks for Crypto Users
  • Swap with the lowest fee of 0.1%
  • Progressive BSW token in the DeFi space
  • Up to 5% from friends’ earnings via 3-type Referral System
  • Earn other tokens for free with high APRs on Biswap Launchpools
  • Start passive crypto income via Biswap Farms
  • Get 50% Reward as a Liquidity Provider

How to earn with ETERNAL on Biswap?

Stake ETERNAL in the Launchpool
  • CryptoMines sponsored $7 500 000+ in ETERNAL to the pool
  • Biswap added extra $100 000 in BSW to flourish your profits
  • Stake $ETERNAL — Earn $ETERNAL and $BSW
  • Sky-high APR
  • Unlimited Max Stake
  1. Head to the Biswap DEX, and choose the Launchpools section:

Gain via ETERNAL-WBNB Farming Pair on Biswap
  • Distinctive BSW tokens
  • 50% rewards of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap made on the platform

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Closing Thoughts

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