How to Earn with XPS Token on Biswap DEX? Brief Guide!

The first-ever IDO on Biswap Launchpad was explosive! XPS tokens were distributed among the most active community in one minute! Biswap & Xpansion teams want to express their gratitude to our dearest communities! Thank you for your activity and support!

In anticipation of the Xpansion game launching, XPS holders can multiply their assets via Biswap earning tools! We established a variety of lucrative XPS token utilities!

Together with Xpansion, we will provide lucrative opportunities to the users of both platforms! Our partnership will expand the horizons of users’ yields!

What’s XPS?

XPS — is a native token of Xpansion. Players use it to purchase land and equipment that can be used to harvest resources, which are needed to upgrade the land with more advanced forms of settlements that can contribute to the player economy.
The Xpansion game will have a captivating storyline with a lucrative in-game economy. Players will be able to discover new planets, raid each other’s territories, and utilize different units to different effects. A prospective future is guaranteed for this GameFi!

Biswap Benefits for Crypto Users

Biswap DEX is worth the attention of every crypto user because we provide a ton of lucrative utilities to get significant crypto earnings!

Look over some of the Biswap DEX advantages:

  • Swap with the lowest fee of 0.1%
  • Progressive BSW token in the DeFi space
  • Get 50% Reward as a Liquidity Provider
  • Start passive crypto income via Biswap Farms
  • Earn other tokens for free with high APRs on Biswap Launchpools
  • Up to 5% from friends’ earnings via 3-type Referral System

Are you interested in making a profit using the XPS token on Biswap? Don’t just hold the tokens — launch a mighty passive income! Experience the perspective of the prosperous collab — and feel the upcoming boost of your assets!

How to earn with XPS on Biswap?

Earn via XPS-BUSD Farming Pair on Biswap

As the liquidity provider of XPS-BUSD Farming Pair, you earn:

  • Worthy BSW tokens
  • 50% rewards of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap made on the platform

Check out a profitable XPS-BUSD Farming Pair on Biswap:

Biswap Farms will please you with high APR and a wide variety of pairs!
There are also other profitable options for you to multiply your crypto using XPS tokens! Thrilled? Let’s go!

The XPS Launchpools

Stake XPS — Earn XPS & BSW Launchpool

As a continuation of our collaboration that has started with the IDO, we established two precious Launchpools with unbelievable rewards!

The first XPS + BSW Launchpool is exclusive as you stake XPS and gain two mighty tokens in return: BSW and XPS! Such a lucrative pool can be found only on

Stake BSW — Earn XPS Launchpool

The next XPS Launchpool is bringing you XPS as a reward by staking BSW tokens. It’s an amazing opportunity for BSW holders to gain prospective XPS tokens! Gain crypto easily!

Launchpool is a pretty simple way to raise your funds easily by staking tokens. Very easy and very profitable. Biswap and Xpansion provide high APR and a Grand Rewards Pool! Let’s look over the way of starting your mighty passive income via the XPS + BSW Launchpool.

Unique Biswap Launchpool with the XPS Token:

  • Stake $XPS — Earn $XPS and $BSW
  • Sky-rocketing APR
  • Unlimited Max Stake

To start this staggering Launchpool follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the Biswap DEX, and choose the Launchpools section:

2. In the drop-down menu, select the Stake tokens option:

3. Click the Approve XPS button

4. Sign the Signature Request notification from your crypto wallet

5. Click on the Plus (+) button.

6. Enter the amount of XPS you would like to stake and Confirm your transaction.

Congrats! You’ve staked your XPS! You can regulate the staking amount by Plus (+) or Minus (-) buttons.

Be sure, XPS Launchpool on Biswap boasts superb profits in two tokens! It is a unique feature on BSC!

Explore Biswap Education Hub

If you are another tokens holder, the potent Biswap ecosystem can easily increase your assets in multiple ways and in a short time!

Read about the profit of staking crypto on Biswap:

Perks of Farming Pairs on Biswap:

Closing Thoughts

Biswap and Xpansion Collaboration set a target to give our users new and mighty products! We want everyone to gain immense earnings via two worthy tokens: BSW and XPS! The XPS token and the fantastic Biswap DEX is an amazing tandem which will increase your crypto yields.

Conquer the DeFi world via the Biswap benefits!

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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