How to Play the Squid NFT World? | Quick Start Guide to Biswap GameFi!

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Biswap DEX has launched the wondrous Squid NFT World! It is the 1st NFT Game on BSC with Multi-Crypto Rewards! Our team strived to develop the best Play-to-Earn project on BSC! GameFi is a new, powerful part of the Biswap Ecosystem and expansion of the fabulous Biswap Metaverse!

Squid NFT World provides users with a unique on Binance Smart Chain opportunity to play captivating games and get Multi-Crypto rewards!

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Exclusive Benefits of the Squid NFT World:

  • Innovative ways for Biswappers to earn crypto
  • Unique on BSC Multi-Crypto Pool: get prizes in BSW, BNB, and soon other tokens
  • Referral Program: a referrer is eligible for a lifetime 3% reward from every win of a referral
  • Main games feature incredibly high Success Rates
  • Staff game: get a chance to play various missions with low entry barriers and up to 10 000% APR
  • Jackpot starting from $100 000
  • Users can easily and profitably trade Squid NFTs on the Biswap Marketplace

A perfect blend of different games with varying requirements, Biswap GameFi provides users with high yields and an amazing NFT gaming experience. There are two major types of games: Main and Staff games. Each type has its great benefits and features unique hallmarks.

⚡️Staff game will be released shortly after the Squid NFT World official release!

The gameplay is pretty simple and requires some easy actions. To take part in any of the Squid NFT World games, you need to fulfill these five conditions:

  1. Mint NFT Bus
  2. Mint NFT Player
  3. Mint NFT Player
  4. Activate a Contract for the Player
  5. Have BSW staked in the BSW Launchpools on Biswap
  6. Start playing the games

📍Note: To take part in the Squid NFT World, the user needs to have BSW tokens:

  • Users mint Buses, Players and purchase Contracts with BSW
  • Each of the Main games requires a certain amount of BSW staked in the Stake BSW — Earn BSW Launchpool
  • Winners get multi-token rewards: BSW, BNB & other valuable tokens
  • BSW will be used in the upcoming Staff Games, which will please you with the cosmic level of APR — up to 10 000%
  • BSW tokens are used on the robust Biswap Marketplace, where you can trade your Buses and Players beneficially & easily

As you see, the BSW token is essential for all users to have — it is needed to participate in profitable games and positively affects the entire Biswap Metaverse. You can get esteemed BSW tokens on Biswap DEX with the lowest on BSC 0.1% Fee:


📍Note: from the very beginning of your experience in Squid NFT World, you will have certain expenses on NFT Bus, NFT Players, and Game Contacts for players. These expenses might be more significant than your first earn, as you are getting ready for the prospect and continuous earning process in the GameFi. After you have purchased all the needed elements, you will only need to renew the Game Contract for your NFT Players once in a while and earn multi-crypto rewards by playing games.

Take a look at the example to clarify your earning experience in the Squid NFT World!

For example, you purchased 1 NFT Bus for $30 and 1 NFT Player for $30 with 900+ SE. To activate your 1 NFT Player, you bought 1 Game Contract for $51. After that, you sent your players to 30 games and spent approximately $15 on network fees. As a result, you spent $126 in total. Note that the average reward in a 1st-level game is $7, so if you have won in all games, you get $210.

But take into account that each game indicates your chance of a win in it too. According to the opportunity of a win in the 1st-level game, you will earn ~$186 in an average of two months. Thus, your average income for two months, including all the network fees, will be $60.

During the 3rd month, you will spend only $81.6 for Game Contract and $15 for network fees.

So your expenses = $96,6

Your reward = $186

Your net income = $89.4

Make sure you have BSW tokens, and let’s move on to the Buses & Players minting.

How to Mint Squid NFT Bus?

You can mint only up to 2 Buses per 1 wallet from the very beginning. Once every seven days, you will be allowed to mint an additional Bus. The maximum number of Buses minted per one wallet is 5.

Buses can be of 5 different levels, each having its capacity. It is impossible to predict the level of your minted Bus as it is generated on a random basis.

1) Head to the Buses section:

2) Click on the Approve button & approve your contract:

3) Click on the Mint Bus button:

4) Vroom — vroom! Here is your newly minted powerful NFT Bus! On each NFT Card of your Bus, you can always find important information and use valuable buttons:

  • Detailed information about the NFT
  • “Send the NFT to another wallet” button
  • “Trade the NFT on the Biswap Marketplace” button

How to Mint Squid NFT Player?

To mint a Player, you need to mint a Bus first. If this condition is not met, the “Mint a Player” button will not be active.

Players are of 5 different levels, each having its design elements and power — Squid Energy. The higher is the Player level, the more powerful it is. All Players are generated on a random basis.

You can have as many Players as your Buses can fit. One wallet can mint a maximum of 25 Players if this wallet has 5 Buses of the 5th level (giving a total capacity of 25 Players). If you have more Buses on your account than allowed at the specific time, you cannot mint a Player (for example, if you bought another Bus on the Biswap NFT Marketplace). You cannot also mint a Player if you do not have at least one spare seat left in the Bus for this Player.

1) Head to the Players section:

2) Click on the Approve Button & approve your contract:

3) Click on the Mint Player button

4) Hooray! Here is your minted NFT Player!

On the NFT Card of your Player, you can find important information and use valuable buttons:

  • Detailed information about the NFT
  • “Send the NFT to another wallet” button
  • “Trade the NFT on the Biswap Marketplace” button

How to Buy Game Contract for the Player?

To send a Player to the Game, the user needs to purchase a Contract for the Player. The Contract allows the Squid NFT Player to take part in the games. Different Contract durations are available: 15, 30, 60 days. Select the one that meets your needs and preferences!

During the first week of playing, one day of the Contract will cost $1. Each new week the price of one day of the Contract will gradually increase to a price of $1.6/day eventually:

  • Week 1: Price is $1 per one day of Contract from launch to January 31
  • Week 2: Price is $1.2 per one day of Contract from February 1
  • Week 3: Price is $1.4 per one day of Contract from February 8
  • Week 4: Price is $1.6 per one day of Contract from February 15

More extended period Contracts offer some benefits regarding the prices. For example, when purchasing a Contract for:

30 days — you get a 5% discount
60 days — you get a 15% discount

1) To purchase a Contract, head to the Players or Games section:

2) Above your NFT Players you can see three options of the Contract: 15, 30, 60 days together with the current prices. Choose the option you like or need the most.

3) Approve the transaction.

4) Great! Now your Player can take part in the profitable Squid NFT World games!

How to Start one of the Main Games?

1) Head to the Games section:

2) Each game shows you:

- the required amount of your Players’ SE
- the required number of staked BSW in the BSW Launchpool
- potential win in multiple tokens
- Success Rate

If you still haven’t staked the BSW tokens — head to Biswap Launchpools and stake BSW in Stake BSW — Earn BSW Launchpool (Auto-Compound and/or Manual):


3) If you have the required amount of SE and staked BSW tokens, click the Start Game button:

4) Approve the transaction.

5) After the transaction is complete, you can see a pop-up notification that informs you about the game result!

Biswap team wishes you luck! High Success Rates will help you win lots of glorious multi-crypto rewards!

How to Withdraw the Rewards?

At this moment, there are two types of rewards in the Squid NFT World: those, that you win while playing the Main games, and the Referral ones.

Once you win the game and get rewarded with tokens, you are provided with multiple withdrawal options.

If you decide to withdraw your rewards the same day you receive them, a fee of 27% will be deducted. Every other day the withdrawal fee is decreased by 1.5%. That means that you will be able to withdraw your earnings without any fee in 18 days.

❗️Please note that if you decide to withdraw your earnings six days after you have received them, you will pay a fee of 18%, but the subsequent withdrawal will bring you back to the initial commission of 27%.

In case of an early withdrawal (if it happens earlier than 18 days since you received the winnings):

  • 10% of the fee charged will be allocated for burning
  • 90% will be sent directly to the games reward pool

1) To withdraw your rewards, that were won in the Main games, use the Harvest button:

All rewards are withdrawn in multiple tokens. The Multi-crypto reward system in the Squid NFT World is a unique feature on BSC! You can check out your rewards in various tokens by clicking the drop-down menu (near the Harvest button)

2) To withdraw your Referral rewards, head to the Referral section:

3) Click on the Withdraw button:

4) Enter the amount of referral rewards you want to withdraw.

5) Click on the Withdraw button.

How to Use the Referral System?

Every time your invited referral wins in the game, you receive 3% from his earnings. All the referral rewards get deposited into your referral balance as soon as they get deposited into your friend’s winnings balance.

1) To invite a friend and get a 3% referral bonus from every win of your referral, head to the Referral section:

2) Click on the Copy Link button and send this link to your referral:

💡Hint: You can also share a part of your referral rewards with your referral:

1) To set the desired percentage ratio, click on the Create New Link:

2) Set the percentage of your referral rewards that will be shared with your referral, and click Generate referral link:

3) Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Referral system!

Closing Thoughts

As you see, experiencing the marvelous Squid NFT World is an easy way to win multi-crypto rewards just by playing vivid games! Powerful Buses and your army of heroic Players are always ready to conquer valuable rewards only for you! This refined Play-to-Earn project vastly upgrades the Biswap Metaverse and attracts new active users like a magnet!

Experience the best GameFi on BSC and claim your multi-crypto rewards!

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