Letter from Biswap CEO — EK | Progress Review & Future Outlook

4 min readDec 30, 2023

Dear Biswap Community,

The past year has been nothing short of remarkable. We’ve witnessed the relentless growth of WEB 3 technologies, the unyielding evolution of blockchain’s potential, and the dynamic shifts within the market which all together have impacted Biswap DEX. In this letter, I would like to express my thoughts on the 2023 year, chart our course forward to 2024, and send off this dynamic year with an appeal to the key players that impact Biswap’s development.

Looking Back at the Passing Year

Reflecting on the remarkable year of 2023, I’m immensely proud of the milestones and evolution we’ve witnessed together. Our resilience as a community has been inspiring in the wake of unprecedented challenges.

Our year in 2023 was full of substantial challenges we set for ourselves, along with unexpected hurdles — a stormy wave called the red market. These challenges permeated both our company and the entire WEB 3 project industry. Despite these hardships, we remained immutable in pursuing the goals outlined in our roadmap, steadfastly navigating extreme market volatility and declines. Many projects succumb to community pressure, currency price changes, and limited developmental opportunities during such trying times. Fear grips numerous projects like our DEX, tussle with significant drops in trading volumes and liquidity due to the bear market’s persistence. However, this narrative doesn’t hold for Biswap — we’ve weathered the market’s darkest moments and continue forging ahead.

Notably, amid the red market’s turmoil, we accomplished a significant feat by launching the long-awaited AMM V3 for our users. This release lays the groundwork for Biswap’s future trajectory. Since its debut on June 29, 2023, we’ve achieved record-breaking milestones of $3 226 592 692 TVL and $334 055 659 TTV!

Achievements like these bolster our strength, thanks largely to the support from the community, partners, and, of course, the unwavering efforts of our team. This year, we’ve revamped the development direction of our BSW token, introducing a locking mechanism — the BSW Investment Pool. This milestone is unparalleled, marking the pioneering implementation within the realm of DEXs. Today, our users have staked over $30,000,000 worth of BSW, a heartening figure.

The key point I want to emphasize is that, despite the challenges the red market poses, we persist in our forward course. The world of blockchain technology hasn’t stagnated either this year. In the cryptocurrency sphere, there are no reversing gears; instead, more specialists are embracing this unique financial landscape. It’s a realm where either you adapt and evolve alongside it or risk being left behind.

Embracing Future Directions

Our path ahead won’t be smooth, but it will yield remarkable results, for that’s the essence of progress, isn’t it? Naturally, a favorable market will boost our advancements, yet regardless of market state, we won’t pause. Even if our releases don’t unfold in rapid series, our team is tirelessly at work behind the scenes.

In 2024, we’ll remain steadfast in tracking market trends, meeting user demands, and advancing our product’s mission and vision. At Biswap, we aim to empower users to optimize their capital effectively. Therefore, in 2024, our emphasis will be on community involvement through voting upgrades, broadening trading and staking opportunities, enhancing user experience on the platform, and expanding our network of partners.

Appeal to the Key Players in the Biswap Development

Each step taken, each partnership forged, and every milestone achieved has been a collaborative effort, a symphony conducted by the unity of purpose. Therefore, I would like to express gratitude to the key players of the Biswap ecosystem which build and strengthen both from the outside and inside.

To our community: your persistent support and active engagement have been instrumental in Biswap’s journey of growth. Your feedback, suggestions, and enthusiasm fuel our drive to continuously improve and innovate. In 2023, your participation has propelled us forward.

As we approach the new year, we’re committed to further enhancing user experience, offering more opportunities, and deepening our engagement with you. Together, let’s build a stronger, more vibrant Biswap community in the year ahead.

To the team: Your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have been the backbone of Biswap’s achievements. Your commitment, especially during challenging times, has been nothing short of exceptional. As a team, we’ve navigated obstacles, forged new paths, and elevated Biswap to new heights.

Our successes this year — the fruit of collective endeavor — speak volumes about our resilience and collective strength. Let’s carry forward this spirit of collaboration and innovation into the coming year, continuing to chart new territories and driving the brand’s evolution.

To the partners: your steadfast belief in our vision has been the driving force behind our journey, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude. This year alone, we’ve forged 14 robust partnerships with leading DApps on the BNB Chain and beyond. These collaborations have significantly enriched our Exchange feature, expanding its horizons with Perpetual Trading by ApolloX. Additionally, through our alliance with Binance Earn, we’ve introduced a novel staking feature — Liquid Staking — broadening the spectrum of utility on Biswap.

I could delve further into the profound value and elevated status that collaboration with other WEB 3 projects brings to our brand. Yet, at this juncture, I wish to express heartfelt appreciation to the market leaders who have steadfastly supported Biswap’s growth.

Final Words

At the end of this letter, I want to say a contradictory word to wrap up — START. Every year, month, week, and day, we begin with great enthusiasm for new accomplishments, driven by dedication to our community and a desire to create innovative services for users. And now is the time to start a new stage of achievement for our team. We know what our users expect — UNIQUE products for profitable crypto earnings, and we are ready to start this new JOURNEY with you, Biswappers!

With Warm Crypto Wishes,
Biwap CEO — EK




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