Meet BSW token — crypto energy of Biswap DEX!

5 min readMay 12, 2021

What is a BSW token? How to invest in BSW? How to get free BSW rewards? This thorough guide, created by Biswap, is here to help you find answers to these and other feasible questions.

What is the BSW token?

BSW is a BEP20 token that is about to be launched on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is a major asset of Biswap and its powerful crypto energy!

The main function of the token is to incentivize the liquidity provision to the Biswap platform. BSW token plays a huge role on the Biswap platform to saturate:

  • Free BSW every 30 minutes
  • 5% in BSW Referral Rewards from friends’ yields
  • Profitable BSW Farming
  • Beneficial BSW earnings in Launchpools
  • Up to 100% in BSW Fee Return for swaps

BSW pricing

The Biswap team set the starting price of $0.5 for 1BSW while creating the initial trading liquidity.

❗️ The price of the token may change depending on the token’s demand.

Token details

Ticker: BSW
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Max supply: 700 000 000 BSW
Pre-launch pool: 200 000 BSW
Supply starts from: 10 000 000 BSW

Out of these 10 000 000 tokens, 400 000 BSW tokens will be allocated to secure the initial liquidity. This is done to make sure our users can make exchanges and experience all the features of the platform from the very beginning

Distribution of 600 000 000 BSW:
Farms/Launchpools: 85.7% per block
Referral Program: 4.3% per block
SAFU fund: 1% per block
Biswap team: 9% per block

Starting from the official launch of the Biswap platform, 30 BSW tokens will be generated every 3 seconds per block. Separately, 100 000 000 BSW will be allocated for the Transaction Fee Mining.

BSW token burn 🔥

All the fees from accounts with no referrers will be used for buying the BSW tokens back and burning them. Biswap platform charges a trading fee of 0.1%. 50% of the trading fee will be returned to liquidity providers and the remaining 50% will be used for burning BSW tokens.

Biswap is planning to burn BSW tokens in a week after the official launch date of the platform. The burning of BSW tokens will happen once a week.

BSW tokens & 3-type Referral System ⚙️

Invite friends via your referral link and multiply the cryptocurrency together!

The Biswap 3-type Referral System allows you to receive rewards as a result of your invited friends’ earnings on the platform.

Use your unique referral link to invite friends and multiply crypto:

  1. Farms: get 5% from your friends’ yields on Farms. Withdraw your reward from your referral accounts when your invited friends get BSW tokens to their wallets.
  2. Launchpools: receive 5% from your friends' earnings in Launchpools. After your invited friends get BSW tokens to their wallets, you can withdraw the rewards from your referral account.
  3. Swaps: expect referral rewards from swaps shortly after the official launch of Biswap

Sharing is Caring: you can also share a portion of your rewards (10%, 25%, 50%) with your friends!

Free BSW Pool 💸

Get free BSW tokens every 30 minutes!

Experience BSW tokens to the fullest with this beneficial opportunity. Only 30 minutes and free BSW tokens are on your account! You just need to connect your wallet to the Biswap platform and after a short period, you will be able to withdraw accumulated tokens.

Important: it is impossible to withdraw free tokens sooner than 30 minutes from the moment the system has started rewarding you with free tokens. Wait until the free BSW bar is full and enjoy the next withdrawal. If you want to continue receiving free BSW tokens, you would have to empty your Free BSW balance first.

Referral Program for Free BSW Pool

Gain 10% in BSW from invited friends’ earnings right after they harvest their free BSW tokens.

See an example:

Let’s say your invited friend received 1 free BSW. You will receive 0.1 BSW. But this amount will be displayed on your referral account when your friend harvests his free BSW tokens.

How to make a swap with BSW tokens

Swap for just 0.1% and get up to 100% Fee Return!

Biswap has the lowest exchange fee (0.1%) in the industry. Biswap uses AMM model that enables you to exchange BEP-20 tokens in the BSC network.

Go to Swap section and choose a pair for exchange. Swap top tokens for more BSW or tokens of other projects. Use a limited offer and make a swap to get up to 100% Fee Return! The max of 100 000 000 BSW will be allocated for the Fee Return.

How to farm BSW tokens❓

Stake LP tokens to get more BSW & 5% back in BSW from friends’ yields

Biswap farming brings you a rich harvest of BSW tokens and offers a variety of farms to invest in.

Simply, go to Farms section and stake LP tokens to the pair you have provided the liquidity for. Invite friends via your referral link and get 5% from their yields on Farms.

How to stake BSW tokens in Launchpools

Get more tokens and 5% in BSW from friends’ earnings in just 3 seconds!

It is a beneficial opportunity that gets you more tokens every 3 seconds! In the Launchpools section, choose a pair you want to lock your cryptocurrency in and click Approve BSW.

You can obtain 5% in BSW back from your invited friends’ earnings in Launchpools. By staking BSW tokens you are able to earn more BSW or tokens of other projects which will be added soon by the Biswap team.

In short, you can:

  • Stake BSW tokens to earn more BSW tokens
  • Stake BSW tokens to earn tokens of other projects
  • Get 5% in BSW from your friends’ earnings

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