Meet BSW token — crypto energy of Biswap DEX!

What is the BSW token?

  • Free BSW every 30 minutes
  • 5% in BSW Referral Rewards from friends’ yields
  • Profitable BSW Farming
  • Beneficial BSW earnings in Launchpools
  • Up to 100% in BSW Fee Return for swaps

BSW pricing

Token details

BSW token burn 🔥

BSW tokens & 3-type Referral System ⚙️

Invite friends via your referral link and multiply the cryptocurrency together!
  1. Farms: get 5% from your friends’ yields on Farms. Withdraw your reward from your referral accounts when your invited friends get BSW tokens to their wallets.
  2. Launchpools: receive 5% from your friends' earnings in Launchpools. After your invited friends get BSW tokens to their wallets, you can withdraw the rewards from your referral account.
  3. Swaps: expect referral rewards from swaps shortly after the official launch of Biswap

Free BSW Pool 💸

Get free BSW tokens every 30 minutes!

Referral Program for Free BSW Pool

How to make a swap with BSW tokens

Swap for just 0.1% and get up to 100% Fee Return!

How to farm BSW tokens❓

Stake LP tokens to get more BSW & 5% back in BSW from friends’ yields

How to stake BSW tokens in Launchpools

Get more tokens and 5% in BSW from friends’ earnings in just 3 seconds!
  • Stake BSW tokens to earn more BSW tokens
  • Stake BSW tokens to earn tokens of other projects
  • Get 5% in BSW from your friends’ earnings



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