Meet NFT Staking Pool V2.0 Soon! | Grand Update & Mighty Rewards Boost!

Dear Biswappers,
The Biswap NFT Direction gains speed and becomes more popular in the industry. However, there are no limits for improvements and growth. We want to move further and flourish your experience on Biswap, we want to introduce you with new updates in the NFT Staking pool!

View the coming Grand Updates:

🚀 Implementing of NFT Staking Pool V2.0 on Feb 10
🚀 2X USDT Boost in the Rewards Daily Distribution on Feb 4
🚀 5 000 000 BFG Refill in the Rewards Pool on Feb 9
🚀 2X BFG Boost in the Rewards Daily Distribution on Feb 10
🚀 50 000 BFG will be Distributed Daily Soon

There are some substantial advantages of the NFT Staking Pool V2.0 that are not visible at first glance. These perks will mighty influence the Biswap progress and earning possibilities it provides. We will take a closer look at them further in the article.

💥Meet 2X USDT Boost on February 4 | Doubled Daily Rewards Distribution!

Biswap users are our top priority, so in order to brighten expectations of improvements in the long term, we will increase your earnings today! Because Biswap aims to create gainful opportunities for its users every day.

Daily Rewards Distribution of the immense USDT token is doubled! This limited offer will double your earnings!

⏰Duration: 10 days

💰Daily Distribution: 4 000 USDT daily

Experience 2X USDT increase:

You can get twice as many USDT as a reward via experience Biswap NFT Staking, but further is more lucrative news!

💥5 000 000 BFG Refill in the NFT Staking Pool V2.0! | Meet Precious Update on February 9

Another lucrative offer from Biswap will come in the near future. This offer will supplement your Multi-crypto income from staking NFTs:

  • 5 000 000 BFG will be added to Rewards Pool

That means that an exceptional feature that allows you to earn 4 tokens via owning and staking your NFTs keeps gaining momentum. Choose the best NFT Staking on BSC and enjoy multi-rewards!

💥Meet 2X BFG Boost on February 10! | Earn Twice as Many BFG Tokens!

In addition to previous grand refill the BFG distribution will experience a mighty 2X boost:

⏰Duration: 7 days
💰Daily Distribution: 111 110 BFG daily

So you will get an opportunity to earn twice as many USDT and BFG tokens. It is half of the total amount of tokens that are distributed in the NFT Staking Pool.

You will not only earn 4 tokens, but you will also earn 4 tokens 2 of which is boosted 2X! It’s an exceptional case, you should catch it!

💥50 000 BSW in the Daily Distribution! | BSW Rewards Increase is Coming Soon!

When the amount of Robi Boosts will reach 5 000 000, the Daily Distribution of BSW rewards will increase to 50 000 BSW per day. What a wonderful opportunity to get a mighty BSW token alongside others!

  • 50 000 BSW will be distributed daily

Let’s stake more NFT with RB and heighten BSW!
Moreover, NFT Staking Pool V2 will have the same vivid benefits that can give you a great opportunities to earn via your NFTs more:

  • Earning of 4 potent tokens: BSW, BFG, BNB, USDT
  • Great source of passive income
  • Strengthening of BSW
  • Big APY

Stake NFTs to get up to 500% APY:

Don’t delay to stake your NFTs and get twice as many crypto!

💥New V2.0 NFT Staking Pool Release on February 10th

On February 10th, we will present to you a new version of NFT staking — NFT Staking Pool V2.0. This update will bring changes to the NFT Earn system and will further positively affect the Biswap global project in the long term. The development and growth of Biswap, in turn, will allow you to take your crypto income to a new level. Because the higher Biswap is, the higher are your earnings!

Benefits of Implementing NFT Staking Pool V2.0:

🔥More rewards for active users via increasing APY
Due to the growing APY tendency in the NFT Staking Pool V2.0, the rewards will be distributed among users who trade and boost NFTs more actively.

🔥BSW growth & strengthening
BSW token will become more robust via increasing trading volume and heightening the commission amount used to buy out BSW for burning. The more trades there are the more BSW burns.

🔥Users’ trading activity growth
By higher trading activity and boosting NFT, you will be able to increase APY and your percentage of the multi-crypto income.

🔥Greater Trading Volumes
The greater volume will strengthen lucrative Biswap features and your profit from them within.

🔥Positive impact on Biswap position in the industry
Empowering Biswap in the industry will lead to growing your BSW assets and increasing your earnings on Biswap.

If you are a fan of crypto, make trading volume, and experience Biswap products, especially NFT, you will get robust profit and its growing tendency!

🚀Essence of the NFT Staking Pool V2.0 | Logic of Working Mechanics & Numbers

As we can see, the further changes in the NFT Staking will lead Biswap and its users to highly positive results in the nearest future and the long term perspective.

The main difference will be the following feature:
❗️Robi Boosts in NFTs will be decreasing since 31st day after launch the NFT Staking Pool V2.0.

📍For the first 30 days (from February 10th till March 6th) since Staking V2.0 launch there will be no Robi Boosts reduction.

📍For the 31st day (from March 7th) and further days, daily reduction will be 0.3% from Robi Boosts amount.

📍The decrease won’t impact staked 1st LVL NFTs.

Pay attention: The Daily RB Reduction is tied to the NFT Staking Pool V2.0 launch date.

For example:
If you do Stake / Harvest / Unstake action from February 10th till March 6th, no RB will be charged.

If you do Stake / Harvest / Unstake action beginning from March 7th, there will be Daily RB Reduction at the rate of 0.3% from RB amount in NFT.

How will RB Reduction be Counted & Displayed?

The decrease will be calculated every day according to the relevant percentage ratio, but reduction will take effect only after the following actions are performed:

Stake / Harvest / Unstake

That means, by staking your NFT you will receive rewards according to its current RB level until you perform one of the mentioned actions above.

After making Stake/Unstake/Harvest,, the amount of RB will be withdrawn from your NFT, which is relevant to the number of days and the percentage indicated for these days. And then you will receive rewards in accordance with the new amount of RB.

For Example:
If you staked two NFTs in the NFT Staking Pool today and stake another one NFT in 3 days later. In this case, two previously staked NFTs would have decreased in Robi Boost amount, but the decrease time has just started for your recently staked NFTs.

If you have 2nd level NFT and perform the action of Stake/Unstake/Harvest, the amount of Robi Boost will decrease, for example to 50. (50 RB is the amount of less than the minimum value of RB for this level — 66 RB). On this occasion, this 2nd level NFT with 50 RB needs to be boosted to 100RB in order to be upgraded to the next level.

An important point: If you stake NFT on the second day after the launch of NFT Staking Pool V2.0 and make first Stake / Harvest / Unstake on the 32nd day after the launch of NFT Staking Pool V2.0, then these NFT will be debited for only 2 days of staking at a daily percentage of 0.3 %. You need to make a Stake / Harvest / Unstake action up to 30 days after the start of the NFT Staking Pool V2.0 in order to RB won’t be charged due to no reduction (0%) at the first 30 days after launch.

These changes will allow you to increase APY and your percentage of the multi-crypto income in the pool! Moreover, Biswap has prepared lucrative offerings to increase your profit just now!

How to transfer your staked NFTs to NFT Staking Pool V2.0 | Transition Mechanics

Biswap will announce to users beforehand when the transitionto NFT Staking Pool V2.0 will take place. So you will be prepared to experience the updates. There are two ways of starting passive income via NFT Staking Pool V2.0.

1️⃣There is no NFT in the Staking Pool
If you don’t have any NFT staked in the NFT Staking Pool now, you will need just to stake them in the NFT Staking Pool V2.0 in the usual way. If you haven’t ever staking your NFTs, read the Biswap guide:


2️⃣There are NFTs in the Staking Pool
If you have already staked NFT in the NFT Staking Pool, you should transfer your staked NFTs to a NFT Staking Pool V2.0. It is very easy due to special Migrate Pop-Up and can be done with just a couple of clicks:

  1. Open NFT Staking tab
  2. See the non-closed Migrate Pop-Up
  3. Choose one of the following actions:

🔵Unstake All
If you choose this action, all your NFTs will be unstaked and transferred to your wallet and the NFT Staking Pool will be upgraded to Version 2 without your NFTs in it. All earned tokens rewards will be also automatically transferred to your wallet.

🟢Migrate All
If you choose this action, the NFT Staking Pool will be upgraded to Version 2 with your NFTs in it. And all your NFTs will be staked due to NFT Staking Pool V2.0 mechanics.

🎉 Congratulations! You have updated the NFT Staking Pool to V2.0 and have a brilliant opportunity to earn 4 worthy tokens via NFT Staking!

Unique Multi-crypto Rewards via NFT Staking! | Enjoy Exclusive Biswap Features!

NFT Direction keeps gaining momentum nowadays. Biswap NFT Direction is also going up, alongside with its users’ earnings possibilities. Because lucrative NFT Staking and Robbies Earn NFT Collection is an exceptional model of NFT integration in the DeFi. On Biswap, users can launch a high passive income in 4 potent tokens via NFT Staking.

Stake NFTs — get BSW, BFG, BNB, and USDT tokens with a huge APY.

The uniqueness of Biswap NFT Staking among other BSC platforms:

🌟It is easy to stake the NFTs and it is unlimited
🌟The user receives multiple tokens at the same time as a reward!
(For now, the users will get BSW, BFG, BNB, and USDT as rewards for the Biswap Robi staking. More eminent tokens as a form of income can be added.)
🌟Sky-high APY to significantly boost your assets

Limited Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection is a great way to not just experience digital ownership but also earn multi-crypto due to owning NFT. It is a unique and limited NFT Collection that brings its owners an exceptional income. But due to its high demand and unique features such as levels and burning, the total amount of precious Robbies Earn NFT is decreasing.

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to benefit the maximum from owning NFTs via Biswap Robbies Earn!

Biswap Robbies Earn are highly valued by NFT admirers. We can see the demand by difference between the numbers of sold Robbies NFTs on Biswap NFT Launchpad and by the numbers of available Robbies NFTs on the Market.

Let’s take a look at robust statistics of Biswap Robbies Earn NFTs:

  • 108 366 total NFTs sold on the Biswap NFT Launchpad
  • 35 671 NFTs are Available

🔥 Amount of NFTs in Biswap Robbies Earn Collection decreased by 67% due to the burn of low level NFTs during upgrade.

Just imagine how much multi-crypto income these Robbies have brought to its owners. But also take a look at the huge amount of burned Robbies and don’t lose a chance to earn BSW, BFG, BNB and USDT at the same time!

You will never meet Multi-rewards NFT Staking among other projects on BSC. Try it and see for yourself!

Closing Thoughts

Staking Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection is the best way to ride the wave of NFT popularity which is covering the modern world. If you are an NFT admirer and have a lot of NFT courage, you will experience the positive impact of a grand update on your own in the future.

Note: Biswap reserves the right to make changes in the implementation of the products and features described above due to individual vision and situation on the crypto market.

These changes are implemented to improve the development of the Biswap NFT Direction in the long term perspective. The stronger Biswap is, the stronger its products and features and your earning possibilities become stronger within!

Together we can reach the highest peaks of DeFi!

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