New Biswap Telegram Activities: Be Active to Win Crypto

7 min readSep 19, 2023


New Biswap Telegram Activities: Be Active to Win Crypto

Isn’t it a great time to make some rewarding updates on social media? We are excited to introduce new activities we’ve created to bring Biswappers all together, and reward them for engagement, support of other users, curiosity and surely activeness. The events will take place in the Biswap Global Telegram Chat where users exchange ideas and their thoughts which we’re always eager to hear! If you’re ready to showcase your engagement and win, we welcome you to go through the activities’ details in this article.

📍Please note: the Biswap team reserves the right to modify Telegram activities and make a case of those changes for the community’s awareness.

Explore Monthly Activities in Biswap Telegram Chat

The Biswap team has activities to suit different tastes, so you can select any kind you wish or be active in the chat and become a lucky one who wins on multiple rewarding occasions at once.

1. Biswap Detective 🆕

Are you the one who is constantly searching for the mysteries to solve? This activity is just for you, then.

  • Duration: The whole month
  • Start: In October.
  • Prize Pool: $150 in BSW
  • Winners: top 3 users who successfully solve the monthly enigma.
  • Concept: throughout the month, enigmatic clues will be strategically placed across our Telegram Announcement Channel and Chat. These clues collectively form a grand puzzle that participants must decipher by month’s end. The first 3 users to solve the mystery and share the findings in the chat will be declared winners. The chat’s account manager, Siri, will announce the lucky users via the message in the chat where all of them will be tagged.

Participation Criteria:

  • solve the mystery
  • engage in discussions about your theories and findings in the Telegram Chat;
  • use the hashtag #BiswapDetective for easy tracking.

The role of detective might be tricky and cause your mind to work harder, but it is worth it! Stay tuned to become an actual Sherlock and find each piece of the puzzle.

2. Biswap Community Spotlight 🆕

The Biswap team values the supportive attitude of community members to each other. We decided to reward the help of others and bring attention to its importance.

  • Duration: community voting takes place in the last week of each month, and rewards are shared at the start of the week afterward.
  • Start: Already. There will be a vote this month.
  • Prize Pool: $50 in BSW.
  • Winners: one member chosen by community voting.
  • Concept: this event is designed to acknowledge and reward the most helpful or informative member of our community chosen by the Community Drivers in the chat.

Participation Criteria:

  • be nice and supportive to other users in chat
  • be nominated and vote for the most helpful Biswapper;

It would be easy for you to win In case helping others is your 5th element! Show your true self in the chat and become a lucky one.

3. TOP Monthly Active Users

You might have encountered this event or even taken a rewarding place while participating. The TOP Monthly Active Users is our existing activity which continues to take its place in the Telegram chat. If you haven’t had a chance to join it would be the right time to show active participation in the chat discussion and win!

  • Duration: The whole month. Results are announced in the first week of the following month
  • Start: already in progress.
  • Prize Pool: 1000 BSW
  • Winners: top 20 most active users each month.

Participation Criteria:

  • maintain active and meaningful contributions;
  • adhere to natural communication styles; no spamming of GIFs and stickers;
  • ensure messages are relevant and not duplicated;
  • Abide by all chat rules and avoid using multiple accounts.

This activity is already in full swing, so don’t hesitate to let your energy out and send news messages to the chat.

4. Biswap Walk of Fame

Who doesn’t want to shine like a star on the red carpet? You can become famous by taking a particular category, depending on the activity you perform in the chat.

  • Duration: The whole month. Results are announced on the last day of the month.
  • Start: from October.
  • Prize Pool: $120 in BSW
  • Winners: four winners, one for each category.
  • Concept: this event aims to recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions in various categories.

Participation Criteria: have at least 50 messages related to one of these categories:

  • The Meme Guru
  • The Educative
  • The Optimistic
  • The Supportive

Select the category that suits you best and spread the vibe, actions, and words that will define your perception of yourself in the chat and smoothly lead to the winning spot.

Dive into Weekly Events in Biswap Telegram Chat

Welcome to new weekly events to earn more crypto rewards and build a community of like-minded users. The first activity is the one to test your fortune. Send a certain amount of text messages in the Telegram chat and be randomly chosen. Find out more about the activity below!

1. Biswap Raffle 🆕

  • Duration: applications open from Tuesday at 01:00 PM UTC and close on Thursday at 01:00 PM UTC, results will be published, and rewards will be shared at Thursday 02:00 PM UTC.
  • Start: starting from 19th September 2023.
  • Prize Pool: $5 in BSW
  • Winners: one randomly selected active user.
  • Concept: a straightforward lottery designed to keep the community engaged.

Participation Criteria:

  • send at least 5 meaningful messages during the week;
  • use the hashtag #BiswapRaffle 1 time per week to enter the lottery.

Did you like the randomness and thrill of winning the lottery? If ‘yes’ is your answer, join the activity once it begins!

2. Biswap Prediction Master 🆕

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to predict market conditions and trends? Maybe some of you have already gotten this skill, let’s reveal whether or not by participating in the Biswap Prediction Master activity in Telegram chat.

  • Duration: Predictions are open all day Monday (UTC), and the winner is determined on Friday at 02:00 PM UTC and rewards are shared.
  • Start: starting from 25th September 2023.
  • Prize Pool: $5 in BSW
  • Winners: one user with the most accurate crypto price prediction.
  • Concept: test your forecasting skills by predicting the price of a specific crypto asset for the upcoming Friday at 02:00 PM UTC.

Participation Criteria:

  • make and discuss your prediction in the Telegram chat;
  • use the hashtag #BiswapPredictionMaster for tracking.

Try predicting the crypto market in the chat with others and get closer to winning the reward!

3. Siri Wonders

Our Siri Wonders keep going in the Telegram Chat as one of the regular activities. This one has been the heart of our most dedicated users for a while. Why don’t you become a part of it?

  • Duration: Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 07:00 AM UTC.
  • Start: Already
  • Prize Pool: 5 BSW for the most interesting answer (optionally)
  • Winners: one selected active user by Siri

Participation Criteria:

  • be active and contribute meaningfully to the community according to the related theme. By meaningful contributions, we mean text messages that contain useful information, tips, personal thoughts supported by facts, helpful guides, etc.

Someone in the community may be seeking your contribution to their question or confusion. Become a superhero for them by simply helping out and in the meantime moving ahead to the crypto win!

4. Colibri Pace Quiz

Last but not least, essential and rewarding — Colibri Pace Quiz for Biswappers in the Telegram Chat. This one is constantly on the go and has gotten the crypto community’s attention. The Biswap team is preparing a new set of interesting questions for curious ones. Be ready to face those questions and nail it with a decent reply!

  • Duration: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 01:00 PM UTC.
  • Start: Already in progress
  • Prize Pool: 10 BSW per round.
  • Winners: the first user to correctly answer the quiz question.
  • Concept: a fast-paced quiz designed to test your knowledge and reaction time.

Participation Criteria:

  • be the first to answer the quiz question correctly.

The knowledge of a DeFi world and Biswap will help you during the quiz, but pay attention that time runs rapidly. Get your focus and speed together to solve the crypto quiz like a pro!

Summing Up

Our team was excited to introduce you to these new activities on social media. We are eager to see your participation, activity, and mutual support in the Telegram community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team in the chat that’s active 24/7. Stay tuned for those events that haven’t started yet, and prepare to showcase your talents, charisma, and knowledge. See you there, Biswappers!




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