New Easy Way to Share Biswap Experience — $2 530 Weekly For Biswappers!

Biswap Sharing Season Upgrade!

From now on, you can spread the Biswap energy on Twitter via new pop-ups on the Biswap website even quicker and take part in Weekly Sharing Season in a wink!

Are you ready to meet the upgrade?

Let’s recall all the participation rules together and get to know about a new simple way of joining the Sharing on Twitter!

The Biswap Sharing Season is a great opportunity to tell about your profitable Biswap experience using special hashtags on Twitter & Telegram Chat and win skyrocketing BSW rewards!

Weekly Prize Pool of $2 530 in BSW is divided among 253 random fortunates in the following way:

💎 $1 100 in BSW for Twitter share — #biswap_exchange for 101 winners (the 1st one — $100 & 100 others $10 each)

💎 $1 100 in BSW for Twitter share — #biswap_earn for 101 crypto birds (the 1st one — $100 & 100 others $10 each)

💎 $330 in BSW for Telegram share — #biswap_sharing for 51 Biswappers (the 1st one — $30 & 50 others $6 each)

Twitter Share for $2 200 in BSW Prize Pool!

Tell about Biswap to the whole crypto world and share mighty $2 200 in BSW rewards!

Try your luck by making tweets with unique and powerful hashtags:

#biswap_exchange — use to share your Swaps on Biswap Exchange

#biswap_earn — use to share other lucrative Biswap experience:

🌟 Liquidity — become a Liquidity Provider by adding Liquidity
🌟 FarmsStake LP-tokens & Harvest BSW income on Farms
🌟 Launchpools (Stake BSW Launchpools & Stake Tokens Launchpools) — Stake tokens, Make Compound or Harvest your earnings.

How to Send Tweets via Biswap Pop-ups on Website?

Sharing Pop-ups — the newest way to share your tweets automatically in one-click action from Biswap website!

  1. Make an action on Biswap which fits the hashtags #biswap_exchange or #biswap_earn

2. Click on the Twitter button which will be shown in the Pop-up after confirming the transaction.

3. Share the automatically created tweet on your Twitter profile to take part in Weekly Sharing Season from Biswap.

Biswap Pop-ups it’s your lucrative chance to be in double-profit:

💎 Become one of lucky crypto birds who will share $2 200 in BSW challenging their fortune in Weekly Sharing Season from Biswap

💎 Get 5% from your friends’ earnings in Launchpools and 5% on Farms who joined Biswap via your referral link, attached to the automatically created tweet.

❗️Pay attention that you may also share your vivid Biswap experience & your referral link via pop-ups with your Telegram Friends but it doesn’t count as a participation in Biswap Sharing Season❗️

Rush to send your lucky tweet and gain mighty BSW!

Telegram Share — $330 in BSW Rewards for Biswappers!

Share your actions in detail on Biswap Telegram Chat using the #biswap_sharing hashtag to exchange experiences with the international community of Biswap.

Write a message in the OFFICIAL Biswap Telegram Chat and include:

💠 The #biswap_sharing hashtag

💠 Share your experience with Biswap — screenshot of your actions on Biswap:

💠 Your BEP-20 wallet and a short comment about Biswap

Check the examples:

1. Making Swaps on Biswap

2. Staking BSW in Launchpools on Biswap

3. Staking in Stake Tokens Launchpools

4. Staking LP tokens on Biswap Farms

❗️Increase your chances to win by sending one message per day!

📅 The winners of Biswap Sharing Season will be chosen randomly once a week and announced via Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter & Telegram networks with the link to the winners’ table.

Join and earn powerful BSW rewards weekly!

Follow Biswap Networks & Catch Lucrative opportunities the first:

📢 Telegram Channel:

💬 Telegram Chat:

🌐 Indonesian Speaking TG Chat:

🌐 Russian Speaking TG Chat:

🕊 Twitter:

💻 YouTube:

📃 Medium:

⏰ Support 24/7:

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️

Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!




The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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