New Utilities for Biswap LP tokens: Bonstaking & Farming on Unus DAO!

Biswap regularly enhances collaborations with leading projects in order to deliver new utilities for both BSW and the partner’s token. Our consociate Unus DAO presents 2 new features — Bonstaking and Farming!

What is Unus DAO?

Unus DAO is a new Defi 2.0 + GameFi platform with real asset backing.

  • Staking & Bonding
  • Farming
  • Upcoming NFT GameFi

Key Features of UDO-BUSD Bonstaking & Farming

Bonstaking is one of the new features on Unus DAO. It’s a combination of Bonding and Staking.

Bonstaking is a process when the user buys the bond on Unus DAO with UDO-BUSD LP tokens from Biswap DEX. In return, the user receives sUDO & Unus DAO NFT from the bond during the Vesting Term — approximately 5 days.

The user’s sUDO is automatically staked in the Auto-Compound Staking Pool. The pending rewards are automatically staked and counted in each rebase.

After the Vesting Term is over, the user can also stake the sUDO and the NFT in the newly launched Unus DAO Farming. It will bring crypto rewards in the form of BSW tokens. sUDO can be easily unstaked from the Farm and converted into UDO in one-click action.

Limited offer: Unus DAO offers a great opportunity — the UDO-BUSD LP bonding will have no minimum entry threshold for the next week!

Check it out:

In general, Bonstaking gives an opportunity to purchase bonds with UDO-BUSD LP tokens from Biswap and to receive the next rewards: BSW from the Farming, and sUDO from the Auto-Compounding Staking Pool.

Interested in more details? Here’s a more descriptive review of the UDO-BUSD Bonstaking and Farming.

1) The user provides liquidity to the UDO-BUSD pair on Biswap DEX and gets UDO-BUSD LP tokens:

2) The user heads to Unus DAO Bonstake 4.4:

3) UDO-BUSD(BSW) bonds are purchased with UDO-BUSD LP tokens from Biswap.

The LP tokens are redeemed from the user by the Unus DAO Protocol. (The Protocol stakes the UDO-BUSD LP tokens on Biswap Farms and redirects the earned BSW rewards to the users of the Farming on Unus DAO)

4) By purchasing the bond the user gets sUDO (sUDO is staked UDO) and an Unus DAO NFT during the Vesting Term.

Vesting Term measures the period a bond takes to fully redeem. This number is in BSC blocks. 144,000 blocks are approximately 5 days or 15 epochs.

sUDO is instantly & automatically staked in the Unus DAO Auto-Compound Staking Pool.

5) After the user gets the full number of sUDO and an Unus DAO NFT, he can stake the sUDO and the NFT in the Unus DAO Farming. The Farming provides the user with BSW rewards.

The Rewards Pool of the Farming is filled by the Unus DAO Protocol.

As you remember, this Protocol purchases Biswap UDO-BUSD LP tokens from the users and stakes them in Biswap Farms. The Protocol redirects the earned rewards from Biswap Farms to the users of the Unus DAO Farming)

What are the User’s Profits from Bonstaking and Farming on Unus DAO?

  • sUDO Rewards from the Auto-Compound sUDO Staking
  • BSW Rewards from the Unus DAO Farm
  • Easy one-click opportunity to unstake Auto-Compounded sUDO and instantly convert it into UDO

Unus DAO delivers a new utility for the Biswap LP tokens (UDO-BUSD LP), BSW, and sUDO tokens. Bonstaking on Unus DAO is a new feature, that combines the benefits of Bonding & Staking.

The users can make BSW & sUDO profit, get an Unus DAO NFT, and exchange sUDO to UDO in a simple one-click action.

📍This is not investment advice and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to offer or recommendation of any investment product. It is for general purposes only and does not take into account your individual needs, investment objectives, and specific financial circumstances. Investment involves risk.

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