NFT Marketplace V2.0 Released | Buy, Sell, Boost & Earn with Convenience!

3 min readMay 31, 2022


Biswap is excited to introduce NFT Marketplace V2.0! Since the DeFi industry is dynamic and competitive, Biswap products don’t stay put; they continuously develop and improve. Dive into the world of NFT via an improved Biswap Marketplace!


What’s new in the Biswap NFT Marketplace V2.0?

🚀 Updated UI/UX Marketplace Page

Find new filters provided for your convenience:

  • Collections
  • Status
  • Price

Now you can navigate through Biswap NFT Marketplace more quickly!

🚀 Separate Page for Each NFT Collection

On the left side, there are filters to help you use the Marketplace more effectively.
Search for NFTs according to:

  • Status
  • Price
  • Level
  • Robi Boost

Browse through your favorite NFT Collections with no difficulty!

🚀 Separate Analytics Page for TOP Collections

Analyze the NFT Marketplace statistics for each Collection separately in all-time, 24h, 7d and 30d time periods.

Explore these numbers:

  • Trading Volume
  • Number of Users
  • Amount of NFTs, etc.

🚀 New Page with TOP Sales

On this page, you can discover the TOP transactions on the Marketplace for a specific period:

  • All-time
  • 24 Hours
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days

🚀 Filters for Collections

Renewed and improved filters to make your experience more user-friendly.
Choose the Collection you would like to explore and use filters:

  • Status
  • Price
  • Level (for Biswap NFTs)
  • Robi Boost (for Biswap NFTs)

🚀 Updated Main Page

New features on the Main Page:

  • TOP Collections
  • Marketplace Statistics

Moreover, find buttons that lead to Discover and Ranking Pages

🚀 Filter for Auctions

The Auction Page was moved to filters.

Closing Thoughts

Biswap NFT Marketplace’s functioning has been improved to help its progress and provide users with a better and more comfortable NFT environment. Biswap values its community and strives to make beneficial improvements to the products and make them more accessible and easy-to-use.

Don’t take our word for it, but discover the updates and improvements for yourself!

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