One Year of Impressive Achievements | Biswap Circled the Sun!

May 24, 2021 — the day of the great beginning! It’s been a year since Biswap officially launched. One year of enhancement, spectacular events, mind-blowing records and awesome releases! Biswap started its way in DeFi as a DEX, but in a year, we have expanded our ecosystem in new directions. Today, Biswap is in the TOP 10 DEXs among all networks on CMC, TOP 2 DEX on BNB Chain, and moves higher and higher each time. We didn’t waste a single day, and now the Biswap team is proud of the DEX reputation and impressive results we have achieved.

Biswap entered the market with popular products, progressive BSW token and the main focus to become a global DEX. Keeping in step with the times, the Biswap team maintains establishing innovations and extending benefits to users. We grew up with wider benefits, unique feathers and new mighty positioning:

Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain.
Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral Program.

With the updated Biswap positioning, we aim to show users the unique benefits that our DEX provides:

💎 0.1% the Lowest Exchange Fee
💎 50% Fee Reward for Liquidity Providers
💎 Up to 300% APY on Farms & Launchpools
💎 Up to 20% via Multi-type Referral Program
And much more!

Want to know more about the Biswap logo, colors and distinctiveness?Discover Biswap branding:

Bright Statistics of Biswap DEX!

Let’s take a short overview of the numbers that the Biswap project reached this debut year! TOP services spot our high achievements every day. Numbers prove that Biswap is one of the leading DEX, and there are no limits to progress.

As you see, Biswap made a high jump in the DeFi space and won the favor and trust of thousands!

Meet BSW | The Native Token of Biswap DEX

BSW — is a BEP-20 token launched on the BNB Chain network. The popularity and recognition of BSW are constantly growing in the DeFi space. During the year, Biswap native token rose to the top positions on analytics platforms and gained the trust of large numbers of users. ​​Demand is projected to increase as emissions are reduced to 16 per block, and 3 456 000 tokens less are produced per month.

Review the distinctive numbers of BSW:

Discover BSW:

Track BSW stats:

BSW is Listed on the Global CEXs!

Biswap strives to extend its borders via BSW listings on different and progressive CEXs!

BSW is listed on:

🌕 Binance

Biswap DEX | Exchange Tokens on Biswap

Biswap Exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to exchange two tokens on the BNB Chain network. On Biswap, you can find the most profitable conditions and over 1 450 trading pairs.

Biswap Exchange Benefits:

👉 The lowest exchange fee of 0.1%
👉 Quick & easy swaps
👉 Safe transactions (CertiK Audit, GitHub, SAFU)

Biswap Farms | Grand Crypto Harvest

Biswap Farms attract users with profitable yields and sky-high APY for over 60 Farm pairs, such as:

and many others.

Biswap Farm’s advantages:

💰Regular pairs updates
💰Get 50% of a trading fee
💰Earn BSW from high APRs

Learn how to earn on Biswap Farms:

Farm here:

Biswap Launchpools | Launch Your Passive Income

Biswap Launchpools provide its users with passive income. You can stake BSW to get TOP tokens and more BSW in profitable conditions! It is possible to use other tokens as an investment in order to earn robust BSW.

Explore Launchpools:

💰 Sky-high APRs
💰 Gleaming offer for BSW Holders
💰 TOP tokens in return
💰 Passive Income

💸Stake BSW here:

💸Stake TOP tokens here:

BSW Holder Pool — was released on January 20, 2022. It’s the perfect option for the long term perspective and passive earning with a bunch of privileges!

💸Stake in BSW Holder Pool:

Exclusive features to access via BSW Holder Pool:

Fixed Staking on Biswap Release | Stake & Earn TOP crypto with up to 20% APYs!

Fixed Staking was implemented on April 8, 2022, and supported by Binance. For the first time on the BNB Chain, users can stake with such unique benefits:

🌟 Fixed APR
🌟 Stake & Earn TOP tokens
🌟 A unique feature for Biswap users
🌟 No impermanent loss
🌟 Lucrative rewards daily

More information about Fixed Staking

Hurry to experience the limited offer!

Biswap IDO Launchpad | Buy Potent Tokens First for BSW!

Biswap IDO Launchpad is an excellent platform for debuts! Potent blockchain projects can launch their tokens through Initial DEX Offering. We already had two successful IDO cases that made a good start on Biswap!

The First-Ever Biswap IDO -XPS debut, the native fungible token of Xpansion.

Second Biswap IDO — EXOS debut, the native token of Exobots: Omens of Steel.

Learn more about Biswap IDO Launchpad:

Biswap Charity | New Biswap Direction!

Biswap promotes crypto as a part of a better future. That is why Biswap can’t stay aside from global issues. To attract social attention to crucial topics, Biswap opened the direction of Charity on March 10, 2022. The first case is dedicated to Ukraine to support residents who suffered from full-scale war.

Biswap will continue to provide a platform for donations in line with current global issues.

Donate via Biswap Charity:

Referral Program Expansion | Earn up to 20% from Friends’ Earnings!

Biswap Multi-type Referral Program — is one of the main and unique features of Biswap Dex. Referral Program has been extended according to Biswap expansion and progress!

Now users can take advantage of a multi-type referral program that includes much more products and offers higher rewards:

Explore Multi-type Referral Program:

NFT Marketplace | Expand Crypto Horizons via NFT!

NFT Marketplace was opened on November 13, 2021, and from that time presented numerous NFT collections.

Advantages of the platform:

📍Learn more about NFT Marketplace:

Visit Biswap Marketplace:

NFT Launchpad was released on December 8, 2021. It’s a platform for purchasing and launching new collections for the initial sale. The Launchpad started with Limited Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection. This collection consists of 2 811 unique NFTs that you can use for profit purposes.

Welcome to Biswap NFT Launchpad:

NFT Staking became operational on November 3 2022. This service allows you to earn BSW, WBNB, USDT and BFG by staking Robbies NFTs that you can purchase via NFT Launchpad.

An informative guide is available:

Stake NFT here:

​Squid NFT World | Dive into Biswap GameFi!

Biswap Dex covers different earning options, including GameFi direction, which allows earning via games. Play-to-Earn project Squid NFT World was launched on December 23, 2021, and till this time has been modified to V2.0.

Advantages of SNW V2.0:

🌟 Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE
🌟 Sustained & forecasted APR in BSW
🌟 Winning chance increase (99% — 93%)
🌟 Stable BSW rewards
🌟 Realization of Optimized Economy

Read about Squid NFT World V.2

Enjoy the Games V2.0 HERE:

Recently, on April 28, 2022, Biswap Launched a Staff Game. This project has a lot of advantages and opportunities.

Discover the Staff Game:

Find out more about Staff Game:

Play Staff game:

Biswap Ecosystem Expansion | New Partners & Innovations!

Each Biswap collaboration brings fresh opportunities and spectacular events! Take a look at the most spectacular alliances:

💫Binance Labs
💫Alpaca Finance
💫Dream Capital
💫Odiyana Ventures
💫MH Ventures
💫TEN Finance
💫Outer Ring

A short overview of one of the most crucial collaborations:

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubator of Binance, made a strategic investment in Biswap. An official announcement about collaboration was on October 20, 2021, and we have hosted many cool together events since that time:

Learn more about Biswap x Binance collaboration:

Global Incentive Program | Welcome to Collaborate

Global Incentive Program serves the purpose of effective collaboration and support for upcoming and/or existing projects on the Binance Chain.

Steps to collaborate:

All the projects on the BNB network are welcome to collaborate with us!

Find more details:

Space Agents Program | Promote Biswap among the audience

The Space Agent program was launched in order to promote Biswap. We invite bloggers and influencers to popularize our services and advantages for rewards.

Become Space Agent and gain BSW

Biswap Anniversary Space Party for 300 000 BSW | Grand Celebration & Rewards!

Our team worked hard to prepare an exceptional and lucrative celebration of the year!

💰 Total Prize pool is mind-blowing: 300 000 BSW

Take a look at the festive events:

🎉B-day Gifts Event with Biswap Friends for $14 000
🎉Biswap Sticker Competition for 5 000 BSW
🎉Biswap Robi Avatars
🎉Biswap Robi Stickers in TG Chat
🎉B-day Intergalactic Trading Competition for 50 000 BSW
🎉Biswap Anniversary BSW Starfall in TG Chat for 1000 BSW
🎉Biswap B-day BSW Presents for 100 000 BSW
🎉Anniversary Topic for Space Agents for 600 BSW

Explore more about the grand celebration:

Grandiose Biswap Events | $400K+ in BSW Shared Among Community

Biswap offers its users different activities regularly. Biswap already shared more than 400K in BSW for its events. You have high chances of winning fabulous prizes in BSW or NFTs for active participation. Take a glance at several events held by Biswap.

and more!

The Appreciation to the Biswap Community

Thank you for being with Biswap this year, for using our services and for feedback in chats! Special gratitude for your initiatives, thoughts and ideas. We always try to take into account relevant recommendations. Your support and activity motivate us to move forward and set new goals. Biswap appreciates the contributions that you made to its success and the progress!

Clothing words

What a year! Biswap enjoyed this unforgettable experience. Despite the significant number of achievements, the Biswap team keeps moving forward, so you can enjoy the best offers that are improving every day!

Social Media & Local Communities | 470 000+ Biswap Community

Biswap highly appreciates communication and connection with its users. The Biswap team strives to create a friendly environment on all Biswap social platforms.

We provide a wide range of communications and expand it every time! Biswap has 8 social media accounts with 450K + subscribers and 8 local communities with 23K+ members. You are always welcome to join our chats and follow us on social media or read our news portal.

Follow the Biswap Social Media:
📢48K+ Telegram Channel
📣500+ Telegram Channel in Russian
💬 79K+ Telegram Chat
🕊 299K+ Twitter
💻 18K+ YouTube
📸 1,7K+ Instagram
📃 5K+ Medium
🎮 3K+ in Squid NFT World Chat

Local TG Communities:
🇲🇨 2K+ in Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat
🇻🇳 2K+ in Vietnamese Speaking TG Chat
🇷🇺 6K+ in Russian-Speaking TG Chat
🇫🇷 800+ in French-Speaking TG Chat
🇵🇹 1K+ in Portuguese-Speaking TG Chat
🇩🇪 900+ in German-Speaking TG Chat
🇨🇳 7K+ in Chinese-Speaking TG Chat
🇹🇷 2K+ in Turkish-Speaking TG Chat:



Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.