Perpetual Trading on Biswap | ApolloX & Biswap Collaboration!

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Biswap reached a new development point thanks to the powerful collaboration with ApolloX. We are happy to announce that a popular feature, Perpetual Trading, is already available on Biswap DEX! This profitable product is an integrated ApolloX service with a strong reputation and established processes. Perpetual Trading implementation is a crucial step according to the Biswap roadmap and wide field for realizing our users’ earning strategies.

Rush to the new feature and enjoy a fresh influx of profit:

Why ApolloX?

ApolloX is a decentralized crypto derivatives exchange on the BNB Smart Chain that aims to make crypto accessible to everyone. ApolloX users can trade a wide selection of perpetual futures with leverage. Moreover, ApolloX is a solution shaping Web3 trading and perpetual futures for businesses. Here you can find more information about the platform.

Biswap X ApolloX Collaboration

Biswap integrated an ApolloX Finance solution to offer its users worthy service for implementing the best trading positions and benefiting from them. The ApolloX trading infrastructure is based on off-chain order-book matching and on-chain settlement, providing important trading features and maintaining the privacy and security of a DEX at the same time.

Now Biswappers can select future contracts and different types of orders (e.g., limit order, stop limit, post only) to trade with no KYC and intermediaries to interact with smart contracts.

📍Take into consideration that ApolloX provides their support team for all the related requests and questions to Perpetual Trading on Biswap.

Perpetual Trading in Crypto World | Futures Market

A Perpetual Trade is a special type of futures contract which is an agreement to purchase a crypto or other type of commodity at a predetermined price in the future at a particular time.

The futures market doesn’t allow users to purchase or sell the commodity or digital asset directly. Instead, they are trading a contract representing the trading of actual assets that will happen in the future when the contract is exercised. It means that, in the case of the futures market, the trades are not ‘settled’ instantly. Two counterparties will trade a contract that defines the settlement at a future date.

In contrast to ordinary futures contracts, perpetual contracts are traded with no expiration date. So, you can hold a position as long as you want. Trading of perpetual contracts is based on an underlying Index Price that consists of the average price of an asset according to major spot markets and their relative trading volume.

Why do users trade futures contracts?

The main reason why futures were invented is hedging and risk management that may arise from price changes. It is enough to put up a small share of the value of the contract as a margin to be an owner of a futures contract. So traders can enter positions larger than their account balance and bet against an asset’s performance. If a trader correctly predicted the market movement, he received huge profits. So it is an excellent chance to earn from assets that don’t even belong to you, in fact.

Perpetual Trading on Biswap | Try New Feature

Now you can swap perpetual contracts directly on Biswap. It is a great chance to level up your trading and build profitable strategies without registration and KYC verification. Let’s look closer at the new opportunities.

Benefits of Perpetual Trading | Maximize your Income

Biswap invites you to experience all the perks of Perpetual Trading. We integrated a solution that already showcases its efficiency and user-friendly service.

  • Hedging and risk management

The interface has many useful tools to track and build strategies.

  • Short-term impact

Traders can bet on an asset’s profit even if they don’t own it.

  • Leverage

Traders can open positions that exceed their account balance.

How to Start Perpetual Trading on Biswap? | Short Guide

Here is a short guide to help you begin your Perpetual Trading journey. For more information, head to ApolloX docs.

📍Biswap encourages you to do your own research. Users take responsibility for all the results of their activities on the platform.

1. Connect your wallet to Biswap as a margin for Perpetual Trading.

2. Deposit your assets to Biswap Future account to start trading perpetual contracts.

3. You can regulate Leverage and switch between cross/isolated Margin Mode.

4. Set One-way or Hedge Position Mode in Preference.

5. Choose a preferable Order Type according to your trading strategy.

6. Close the Position based on your exit strategy or by setting TP/SL.

Terms of Use

Due to the implementation of Perpetual Trading being carried out with the help of ApolloX, there are several terms for which the project is responsible.

  • Before starting any actions on the Perpetual Trading page on Biswap, the user must agree to the terms of use through a special pop-up the user will see when he enters the page.
  • Support for issues related to Perpetual Trading integrated on Biswap is provided by ApolloX.
  • ApolloX is responsible for the functionality of Perpetual Trading on Biswap.

Closing Words

Futures trading is a popular method of profiting that embraces millions of blockchain users. It is a unique chance to make a fortune without owning significant amounts of crypto.

Biswap and ApolloX create favorable conditions for trading perpetual contracts. Safe and convenient usage with many opportunities for earning is at your disposal. You are welcome to explore and earn from Biswap Perpetual Trading.

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