Prestigious Biswap x Ripae Finance Collaboration!

Every day Biswap is looking for new ways to create more and more spaces for crypto opportunities through forward-thinking partnerships! After all, by combining our efforts, we can give our users much more crypto profit. Today, it is our pleasure to introduce our ambitious partner — Ripae Finance!

Why Ripae Finance?

Ripae Finance is a cross-chain algorithmic stable coin pegged to each native chain the project is deployed on.

Ripae Finance characteristics:

  • Fair: Honest launch for everyone.
  • Safe: Renounced ownership, time locks, multi-sig and strong partnerships.
  • Unique: Cross-chain focused with PAE at the core.

Explore the project:

Discover the specifics of our strong collaboration!

Novel PAE & pBNB Tokens are Officially Listed on Biswap | Trade with Just 0.1% Fee!

PAE & pBNB tokens are listed on Biswap DEX! Don’t hesitate to use this chance to trade PAE & pBNB with the lowest fee of 0.1% on the BNB Chain:


Exchange with confidence and the lowest commission fee!

Stake Biswap LPs & Earn PAE on Ripae Finance!

Experience the PAE-WBNB & pBNB-WBNB Farms with Biswap LPs:

Follow simple steps & earn big:

1️⃣Get PAE-WBNB-LP & pBNB-WBNB on Biswap
2️⃣Deposit your LPs on Ripae Finance to earn PAE

By owning $PAE, you not only own a piece of Ripae Finance, but you also get a part in its success by minting fresh Native Chain Pegged Tokens ($pFTM & $pAVAX) whenever 1 $pFTM or 1 $pAVAX > 1 Native Chain Token (TWAP > 1.01).

Get the Most Out of Biswap DEX via PAE Launchpool!

Meet a new robust Launchpool as a part of fruitful Biswap x Ripae Finance Collaboration!

Earn crypto via PAE Launchpool to make all your time profitable:

  • Stake prosperous BSW
  • Earn innovative PAE

Discover what the possibilities are opening for you:

  • Unlimited max stake
  • High APRs
  • Gainful offer for BSW Holders
  • Earn precious tokens in return

📍PAE Launchpool will be active for 30 days.

Rush to start your passive PAE income now:

Make an astronomical profit by staking in Biswap Launchpools!

Rush to experience all crypto benefits from Biswap x Ripae Finance tandem!
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