Prolific 10 Months of Biswap | Review March Report!

The Biswap movement continues to make waves in the DeFi world! We had a productive month! Lots of outstanding achievements and new opportunities. Biswap still has many goals to reach, and we need your support to make it happen.

Let’s dive into the monthly report but first, a Thank You from our team.

Biswap Appreciates its Dynamic Community!

Our team wishes to express its gratitude to you! Without your trust and support, none of our remarkable achievements would have been possible. Let’s strengthen Biswap together, so we can build a powerful platform that offers top products in the world of DeFi!

Remarkable Biswap Achievements!

Biswap has completed several critical milestones on its development journey! We invite you to explore all the fantastic options Biswap offered users this month.

BSW is Listed on Binance | Powerful Accomplishment!

The news we all have been waiting for! And now the moment has come! BSW is NOW listed in Binance Innovation Zone!

Binance is #1 CEX on the BNB Chain. And Biswap has implemented another important goal:

✅ Listing on the main exchange.

Use this chance and trade BSW profitably on Binance:


Available pairs for trading:


Find the information here:

BSW is available on Binance Earn:

Squid NFT World 2.0 is Released | Enjoy the Game & Earn Rewards!

In order for Biswap products to move forward, they must constantly develop and improve. Therefore, Biswap is pleased to introduce the new updated Squid NFT World V2.0!

Discover the latest implementations:

🔥Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE
🔥Sustained & forecasted APR in BSW
🔥Winning chance increase (99% — 93%)
🔥Stable BSW rewards
🔥Realisation of Optimised Economy

Are you intrigued? Learn more here:

Set new records with improved Biswap GameFi!

26 201 432 BSW in Total Burned | 25 Mighty Burns on Biswap so Far!

This month 5 140 133 BSW tokens were burned! The 25th token burn was extensive:

💥 3 523 095 BSW from Trading Fees
💥 329 070 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers
💥 10 512 BSW from Auto compound performance fee
💥 111 121 BSW from Holder Pool fee
💥 53 494 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets
💥 25 000 BSW from BRE NFT Launchpad
💥 31 250 BSW from Partner’s NFT Launchpad
💥 148 038 BSW from NFT Marketplace fees
💥 14 680 BSW from BRE NFT Royalty fees
💥 13 103 BSW from Bus NFT Royalty fee
💥 51 158 BSW from Player NFT Royalty fee
💥 829 609 BSW from the game contract, player & bus mint revenue

Would you like to know more details?

Head to Biswap Docs:

BSW tokenomics keeps getting mightier every day!

Updated Biswap Checklist | Amazing Achievements & Inspiring Plans!

Biswap is built on constant growth and development! Providing users with the best features and profitable opportunities is our daily mission. In an effort to ensure we remain on track and reach set goals, the checklist is updated regularly.

Just take a look at the progress!

Biswap Space Agents Program | $5 000 000 in BSW for Affiliates!

The Biswap Metaverse is looking for dedicated affiliates for long term collaboration who are passionate about Biswap and ready to promote the project on social media and other online spaces. Affiliates will be rewarded with BSW tokens for supporting the Biswap project in its stages of development and general empowerment in the crypto world.

👑Total Prize Pool: $5 000 000 in BSW

The Space Agent Program offers:

💸 Share $10 000 in BSW per month for Monthly Spacewalk Program
💸 Up to $3 000 in BSW per affiliate via Space Mission

Advantages of being the Biswap Space Agent:

  • Work with professional PR and marketing Biswap team
  • Increase your audience and improve statistics with Biswap support
  • Create mutual Events with Biswap
  • Up to $3 000 in BSW tokens for productivity and high-quality work
  • Maximize your income via the unique Biswap Referral Program

The Space Agent is a person who:

  • Passionate about the Biswap project
  • Motivated and communicative person
  • Ready to educate the community about Biswap and crypto
  • YouTube / Telegram / Twitter blogger with a strong community
  • Instagram / Reddit Blog / TikTok / any thematic crypto blog / forum
  • Social media profile/group accounts with 5 000+ subscribers
  • Crypto community about of the 5 000 members
  • Texts can be displayed in any language, but the video must be in English or have built-in English subtitles (additional language will be a plus)
  • High level of responsibility and experience in the field of blogging

Find out all the essential details here:

Become a Space Agent and start your cosmic journey with Biswap!

BSC News Noted Biswap Space Agents Program!

BSC News dedicated an article to Biswap Space Agents Program! We are grateful to be recognized by one of the leading news sources in the crypto world.

Review the BSCNews article about it:

Let’s reach new crypto heights together!

Biswap Ecosystem Growth | Prominent Collaborations!

Biswap aims to provide an easy and profitable experience to its users. Therefore, our team puts a lot of effort into establishing new partnerships!

Biswap x MH Ventures Collaboration!

Together with MH Ventures, we will reach new heights! It is a remarkable collaboration with a venture company!

MH Ventures is a world-class community-backed venture capital investing in top blockchain projects of the future with over 120+ projects!

More details here:

Biswap x Huobi Collaboration

This collaboration opens new prospects! Huobi Wallet is a professional Multi-chain light wallet. It guarantees the assets security of global users from multiple dimensions and provides Digital Asset Management (DAM) services that are simple, convenient, and secure.

More information:

Biswap x Outer Ring Collaboration!

This cosmic alliance is facilitated by MH Ventures. Outer Ring is a sci-fi MMORPG, with extensive lore and a token-based economy system. Five races and three factions fight to control the galaxy and its resources.

Discover more details here:

Biswap x PancakeSwap Collaboration!

Most users voiced their opinion in the recent Pancake Voting: 🔥 99.02% voted for earning BSW on Pancake Swap.

Find more details here:


Biswap x MVL Collaboration!

Another prominent collaboration on Biswap. MVL is a blockchain mobility ecosystem with over 1.5 million users in Southeast Asia, where various services are linked into one. All the participants’ mobility data are exchanged transparently at fair value.

More info:

BSW Listings on CEXs | Biswap Skyrockets to the Moon!

Listing on CEX exchanges is one of the high priorities on Biswap. We are glad to be listed on Binance and welcome new listings:

BSW is Listed on!

BSW is listed on the TOP 10 CEX in the crypto world! Listing on CEXs is one of the high priorities for Biswap. & Biswap become mighty partners!

Discover the details:

Find out more about the airdrop that was held on with 436 809 BSW:


Discover BSW Liquidity Mining Pool on


HODL & Earn BSW on


BSW 3X Leverage on


Trading Competition & More Activities


BSW is Listed on Tokocrypto!

The BSW token is now listed on another great exchange! Biswap is excited about this significant development.

💸 BSW token is listed on Tokocrypto CEX!

Trade with available BSW pairs:



More details:

BSW is Listed on Bybit!

More exciting news for our dear community! Bybit is one of the leading CEX platforms.

💵BSW token is listed on Bybit CEX!

Check out the official announcement:

📍BSW/USDT pair is listed as a Perpetual Contract

Trade with BSW/USDT pair and boost your assets:

Find more information here:

Impactful BSW Integrations in DeFi | Move Forward with Biswap!

Biswap is glad to provide users with crypto gaining offers. Take a look at the vivid Biswap integrations:

LaCucina Ovens with Biswap Liquidity!

Biswap x LaCucina collab is progressing. Become a Liquidity Provider on Biswap and claim rewards on LaCucina.

More information:

SafePal Earn with Biswap Liquidity!

Biswap x SafePal strategic collaboration presents you with new lucrative prospects. 🛡SafePal Earn is a yield aggregator built in the SafePal App for users to earn additional yield from their crypto holdings.

Learn more here:

Earn with Biswap Pools on the SafePal App

Biswap Mission on Faraland!

Biswap x Faraland collaboration opens new possibilities for you via Biswap Mission in the Faraland Game! ⚔️ Biswap Mission is an exciting in-game quest full of mysteries. Those who dare to complete the fantastic mission will be richly rewarded.

Find more details here:

New NFT Collections | Trade on Biswap NFT Marketplace!

Biswap x Pirates World collaboration brings new opportunities!
​​Meet new distinctive NFT collections:

🏴‍☠️The Pirates
The Ships
🐙NFT Arts
🏝Sandbox NFTs

More information:

Stay tuned for more new promising collaborations and strong development of the ongoing ones!

Pirates World NFT Launchpad on Biswap | 5 000 Treasure Chests Sold out!

Biswap x Pirates World collaboration introduced the grand NFT Launchpad on the Biswap platform. 5 000 Treasure Chests were sold for 625 000 BSW! 31 250 BSW has been allocated to the BSW Token Burn!

Each chest contained:

🏴‍☠️Ship + NFT Art (2 500 chests)
🏴‍☠️Pirate + NFT Art (2 500 chests)

☠️2% drop chance to get the Sandbox NFT randomly

In total, the Pirates World team offered:

🔱 2 500 Pirates NFTs | 10% with Biswap Skins
🔱 2 500 Ships NFTs | 10% with Biswap Skins
🔱 5 000 NFT Arts | 1% with Biswap Skins
🔱 100 Sandbox NFTs on BNB Chain | 2% drop chance


We are thankful to our partner and users that took part in this event!

More Extra-Gainful Launchpools on Biswap | Stake & Earn Top Tokens!

​​Royal BTCB Launchpool — Stake BSW and earn BTCB with 500 BSW max stake per user.


​​Glorious WBNB Launchpool — With a max stake of 500 BSW per user, stake BSW and earn WBNB.


Luxury ETH Launchpool — Earn ETH by staking BSW with a maximum stake of 500 BSW per user.


Profit from your BSW by staking in lucrative Launchpools!

Biswap x Huobi LP Competition is Over | $5 500 BSW & 20 Robbies NFTs will be Shared!

Biswap x Huobi have conducted a great Liquidity Providers Competition. The event was completed on March 22.

50 Best Liquidity Providers are to share $5 500 in BSW + 20 Robbies NFTs:

🥇TOP 1–10: 1 Robi NFT + $100 BSW
🥈TOP 11–20: 1 Robi NFT + $80 BSW
🥉TOP 21–30: $100 BSW
🏅TOP 31–40: $70 BSW
🏅TOP 41–50: $50 BSW

📍Winners will be announced within 7 days.

More crypto adventures are coming your way!

Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund | Biswap Opens the Direction of Charity!

Biswap supports peace and wants all humans to live in harmony. We understand that the crypto world is aside from politics, but we can’t stand by watching as innocent people suffer.

The first case of Biswap charity is dedicated to Ukraine:

🇺🇦 Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

We aim to minimize human suffering by offering humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine. If you want to help the people of Ukraine, please join the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund.

Help Ukraine HERE:

More details here:

No more war! Choose Peace!

Impressive Biswap Growth | Epic Progress in Numbers!

Take a look at these stats:

  • 10 000 000+ BSW staked in BSW Holder Pool
  • $39 000 000 000+ Total Trading Volume
  • 371 000+ Unique Traders
  • 111 000+ BSW Holders
  • 17 000 000+ Transfers
  • 18 000+ Daily Active Users

BSW Token Statistics:

  • $14.54M — BSW Liquidity
  • $64.96M — BSW Volume 24H
  • $277.94M — BSW Volume 7D
  • 30.31K — BSW Transactions in 24H
  • $554M+ — BSW Volume in 24H on CMC
  • $336M +— BSW Trading pairs Volume on Binance

Find a brief guide to tack BSW progress:

Let’s work together for even more growth!

Biswap is in TOP Charts | Prominent Growth of the Global Project!

Biswap is one of the most popular projects on BNB Chain! It keeps taking leading positions in the DeFi space.

Take a look at some of the accomplishments:

Biswap is TOP 1 Gainer on BNB Chain in 24 Hours

Biswap GameFi is TOP 2 by Volume in the Last 24 Hours

Biswap is TOP 4 on BNB Chain by Volume in the Last 7 Days

Biswap is TOP 4 DEX on CoinMarketCap

Biswap is TOP 6 Gainer on CoinMarketCap

Stay tuned for more achievements! Let’s take Biswap forward together!

Biswap offers many events that allow users to obtain epic rewards. A new weekly event was launched to boost users’ activity on Telegram Chat.

500 BSW Weekly Share | Be Active on TG Chat to Claim a Prize!

Your activity on Biswap will bring you mighty rewards!

10 active users will be chosen weekly to share 500 BSW

To be considered as active Biswapper, you need to:

💬Send at least 1 message in the chat during the day.
📍Biswap will choose active users each Sunday.

The BSW pool will be shared with the assistance of CCTip. CCTip is the platform with Integrated Bot tools.

View 500 Weeky BSW Distribution by Rank:

Rank — BSW — Reward Breakdown:
1️⃣ Rank — 125 BSW — 25.00%
2️⃣ Rank — 75 BSW — 15.00%
3️⃣ Rank — 50 BSW — 10.00%
4️⃣ Rank — 45 BSW — 9.00%
5️⃣ Rank — 42.5 BSW — 8.50%
6️⃣ Rank — 37.5 BSW — 7.50%
7️⃣ Rank — 35 BSW — 7.00%
8️⃣ Rank — 32.5 BSW — 6.50%
9️⃣ Rank — 30 BSW — 6.00%
🔟 Rank — 27.5 BSW — 5.50%


Show your activity and earn BSW!

Biswap Sharing Seasons Held this Month!

More than 91 000 Biswappers shared their Biswap experience via Twitter using #biswap_earn and #biswap_exchange hashtags.

Splendid 91 684 tweets were sent during the 9th month of the platform!

📨 45 776 tweets — #biswap_earn
📨 45 908 tweets — #biswap_exchange

👥 91 000+ participants

Use this opportunity to earn BSW via Biswap Sharing Season!

Closing thoughts

In summary, we can be proud of our accomplishments during the past 10 months. With your help, we have come this far and keep moving forward. Biswap became more popular and took leading positions in the DeFi world. Our team works tirelessly to improve our products, add new features, and establish strong collaborations.

We thank you deeply for this incredible journey! Stay with Biswap and explore exciting crypto possibilities!

Follow the Biswap Social Media:

💻 YouTube:
📃 Medium:
📢 TG Channel:
💬 TG Chat:
🎮 Squid NFT World Chat:

Join Local Biswap Communities:

🌐 Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Vietnamese Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Russian-Speaking TG Chat
🌐 French-Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Portuguese-Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 German-Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Chinese-Speaking TG Chat:




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