Providing Liquidity on Biswap | Benefits & Short Guide!

What is Liquidity?

What are the Benefits of Providing Liquidity on Biswap?

  • Get a 50% Fee Reward
  • Earn robust BSW tokens
  • Enjoy high APRs on Farms

Impact of Greater Liquidity on Biswap

How to Provide Liquidity on Biswap?

Earn with Biswap Liquidity on Partners’ Platforms!

💎Hot Cross

  • Cross Yields automatically invest your yields
  • Rewarding high APY%
  • Assured safety of your funds


  • Vaults automatically invest your yields
  • Guaranteed safety of your funds
  • Remunerative high APY%

💎SafaPal Wallet

  • Max stake — 1000 SFP
  • Earn BSW tokens in return
  • Limited offer — 30 days

💎Unus DAO

  • Stake sUDO & Unus DAO NFT
  • Get BSW rewards
  • Exchange sUDO on UDO in one-click action


  • Multi-chain Support
  • Tier Determination and Exclusive Benefits
  • Organized process and 24/7 Support by Admins


  • No need to Stake
  • Biswap Liquidity Increase
  • Gain prominent LAC tokens
  • Higher APRs on Biswap Farms


💎EpiK Protocol

  • Provide Liquidity on Biswap Dex
  • Visit EpiK Protocol and stake your EPK-BNB-LPs
  • Get precious EPK tokens


  • Choose Biswap as Liquidity Router
  • Create tokens with no code

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