Recall the 22nd Month of Biswap | March Report!

5 min readMar 24, 2023

It’s getting warm outside, and Biswap is already hot with March’s achievements!
Check out the flaming updates, events, and coveted releases!

Take a Look at the Stats | Biswap Results for March!

Biswap DEX Statistics:

$53 156 771 696 Total Trading Volume
$250 961 504 Total Value Locked
$127 590 000 Trading Fee Saved
$26 580 000 LP Earned
2 132 908 Total Users
567 270 Active Users
616 689 Biswap Community

BSW Token Statistics:

42 114 754 BSW Total Burn
148 465 BSW Holders
24 681 556 BSW Transfers
14 363 914 BSW staked in BSW Holder Pool

📍The data as of March 24, 2023.

Announcements & Releases | Meet the Updates!

Go over the new informative resources, usability upgrades, and collaborations!

Biswap Multilingual Website | Choose the Language!

The beta version of the 1st iteration has been launched on Biswap! 4 languages are available now:

🇨🇳 Chinese (CN, TW)
🇻🇳 Vietnamese
🇮🇩 Indonesian
🇪🇸 Spanish

The other ones will be added in April via 2nd iteration. Find out the details about the release via the article:

Enjoy profit & comfort on Biswap!

Biswap on Quora | New Informative Portal!

Find out the answers to any questions about Biswap and crypto on Quora. Explore the new format, participate in hot discussions, and get exclusive info firsthand!​​

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Track BSW Stats on Cryptorank Platform!

BSW is officially listed on Cryptorank! The platform is one of the TOP dashboards with more than 1M audience that provides expert market analysis, essential news, accurate information, current exchange rate & more! Track BSW stats from live charts to historical data:

Hold & trade BSW with its valuable utilities!

Double Profit on Biswap | Stake for Crypto!

Enhance your earnings passively via the profitable features on the progressive DEX!

New Double Launchpools | Take a Special Offer!

Hurry up to join a 30-day lucrative proposal!


📌You know the rules: stake BSW — earn BSW + extra crypto!
Earn with no limits!

Raised APY on Farms | Grab a TOP Pair!

Go to earn via extremely high APY for DAI — USDT — 12.27%!

Stay tuned for more gainful opportunities!

Lucrative March Activities | Join to Win!

March has an important date — BSW listing anniversary on Binance! That’s why Biswap has been full of creative and profitable activities this month!

$1 000 in BSW Art Contest | Participate on Instagram!

Show your talents and celebrate the BSW listing anniversary by drawing BSW in the crypto world! Check out the details and create:

📅 Dates: Mar 20–27
📌 Where: Biswap Instagram
🤩 Winners: 4 best creators

Let your imagination run wild to share the pool prize!

$5 000 Trading Competition in Honor of BSW Listing Anniversary!

BSW has been officially listed on Binance for a year now! Hang out with Biswap and trade:

🏆 Prize Pool: $5 000 in BSW
🤩 Winners: first 100 users in the rank
📆 Duration: Mar 21–30 (1:30 PM UTC)
🪙 Eligible tokens: BSW, WBNB, ETH, BTCB, BFG, GHNY, AOG

Go over the rules and conditions:

Show your activity to the moon!

$2 000 in BSW & Unique OATs Biswap x Venus Event | Join to Enrich Yourself!

Biswap x Venus collaboration launches joint event dedicated to BSW Listing Anniversary! Go over the details and participate:

📆Duration: March 22–30, 3:00 PM UTC
🏆Winners: 20 randomly selected users
💰Prize Pool: $2 000 in BSW & Galxe OATs with BSW logo

Connect your wallet to start!

Report Updates | Cheers to the Winners!

The champions of the last events were on TOP!

TikTok Meme Competition Report | Thanks for Participating!

The 5 best meme creators shared $500 in BSW! Check out the most amusing TikTok videos about Biswap:

Follow Biswap on TikTok for quality content!

Math Wallet x Biswap Meme Contest Report | Congratulations to the Lucky Guys!

The funniest contest is over, and here are the results!

$1 000 in BSW & 9 NFT Lands shared the 20 best creators:

Cheer up the mood by joining future events!

February Space Agents | Meet the Creative Ones!

The best content makers of the month shared $2 250 in BSW!

Spread your crypto passion all over DeFi!

Summing Up

The Biswap team is so proud to have such a persistent crypto community and develop the ecosystem with your support and activity. Keep it up for the following month!

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