Renewed Biswap Checklist! Immense Achievements & Inspiring Plans!

Updated: 25 December, 2021

This month Biswap completed new powerful objectives! The Biswap hardworking team keeps aiming higher and making ambitious plans for the future. As a result, we constantly need to update our checklist.

In the updated checklist, you can examine our progress and look over future goals!

Check out our achieved targets:

✅ Lottery

✅ Biswap Analytics

✅ NFT Earn

✅ NFT Marketplace

✅ Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap

✅ Listing as exchange on CoinGecko

✅ GameFi integration (Play to Earn)

What a fruitful month. Biswap has achieved magnificent growth! Interacting with our wise community gives us the strength and power to achieve incredible goals.

Let’s explore the ongoing assignments:

🌀 Listing on the main crypto exchanges
We always strive to give our users the best possibilities that extend beyond the platform. Much effort goes into the platform listing on the leading crypto exchanges.

The Biswap team continuously cooperates with innovative projects and platforms.

🌀 Improvements on Biswap Marketplace
Our dedicated team works hard to improve the NFT Marketplace to achieve top results. Because development is an ongoing process, Biswap continues to provide market-relevant upgrades so all the exclusive collections can be easily traded and found on the platform.

🌀 Limit orders
Our users have more prospects coming their way! Limit orders are another feature that will benefit the Biswap community greatly. You will never want to leave our platform because of its high quality and profitability!

🌀 Updates in Squid NFT World
Biswap released the Squid NFT World! We are excited to offer our users a great experience. The Biswap team keeps on thriving to improve our products! Explore the majestic Squid NFT World and stay tuned for more awesome updates!

Squid NFT World Upgrade Planning:

  • New opportunity to boost your Players’ Squid Energy will be added
  • Staff Game release with up to 10 000% APR!
  • Jackpot starting from $100 000+!

And that’s not all. More upgrades are ahead!

🌀 Charts on Exchange page
The charts will be added soon to make the Biswap exchange page more convenient for our users. As part of our platform’s evolution, we hope to make it even more user-friendly. User satisfaction is essential to us!

🌀 Exclusive opportunities for BSW holders
Becoming a Metaverse has opened new doors for Biswap! To provide our users with more lucrative opportunities, we are committed to the perfection of our platform. As part of our plan, we intend to expand Biswap and implement new utilities for BSW tokens.

🌀 New innovative Launchpad system
Biswap is constantly developing new ideas and working on implementing them on the platform. The Launchpad system will be developed to bring easier usage and profitable experience. Stay tuned for future discoveries!

There are many possibilities in the Biswap Metaverse, and they are growing rapidly! Are you ready for new exciting opportunities in the future?

Check Future Plans of Biswap:

🔲 Marketing promotion (media & bloggers)

🔲 Personal user’s dashboard

🔲 Daily tasks for users

🔲 Multi-chain (connecting new networks)

🔲 Swap referral program activation

🔲 Lending & Borrowing

🔲 Global expansion of Biswap ecosystem

Wow! As you see Biswap is always moving further. So let’s not stop here and continue to reach new targets together!

Join the Vigorous Biswap Community!

📢 Telegram Channel:

💬 Telegram Chat:

🕊 Twitter:

💻 YouTube:

📃 Medium:

Feel free to share your ideas and ask any questions!

🤖 Find the Community Drivers of Biswap here:

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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