Renewed Biswap Checklist! Outstanding Achievements & Motivating Goals!

The Biswap team has achieved some powerful goals this month! Our hardworking team at Biswap constantly aims higher and makes aspiring plans for the future. Therefore, our checklist needs to be updated frequently.

You can see our progress and our future goals in the updated checklist!

Check out the completed goals:

✅ Biswap Analytics
✅ NFT Earn
✅ NFT Marketplace
✅ Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap
✅ GameFi integration (Play to Earn)
✅ Holder Pool
✅ Swap Referral Program Activation

Biswap has reached spectacular growth! With the help of our wise community, we can achieve incredible goals.

Let’s take a look at the ongoing tasks:

🌀 Listing on the main crypto exchanges
Biswap aims to provide its users with possibilities that extend beyond the Biswap platform. Listing the platform on the biggest crypto exchanges takes a considerable amount of time and energy. The platform continues to partner with progressive projects and platforms.

🌀 Multi-chain (connecting Fantom network)
Biswap plans to support Fantom blockchain in the nearest future to expand its influence in DeFi. More networks are to come in the future. Biswap MultiChain will be the first step in the mission toward supporting multi-chain assets on the constantly expanding DeFi market.

🌀 Marketing promotion (media & bloggers)
Biswap identifies the importance of brand recognition to strengthen the platform. Our team works hard to analyze the best strategies to involve media and bloggers.

🌀 New Strategic Partnerships
Biswap constantly establishes exciting collaborations with potent and multifunctional projects.

🌀 Updates in Squid NFT World
To improve the Squid NFT World, the Biswap team is constantly developing new features! Upcoming upgrades and releases for Squid NFT World in the nearest future:

  • Staff Game release with up to 10 000% APR!

Stay tuned for more upgrades ahead!

🌀 Biswap marketplace V2.0
Our dedicated team works hard to improve the NFT Marketplace to achieve top results. Biswap continues to provide market-relevant updates throughout the development process, so every exclusive collection can easily be traded and searched on the platform.

🌀 Charts on Exchange page
In order to make the Biswap exchange page more convenient for our users, charts will be added soon. We hope to improve the user experience of our platform as part of its evolution. We are committed to providing users with the best experience possible.

Have you prepared yourself for new exciting opportunities in the future?

Check Future Plans of Biswap:

As you know, our team does not stand still and breaks ahead to new achievements in the DeFi world. Review the following features that will come live:

🔲 Multi — reward pool for BSW holders
🔲 New innovative Launchpad system
🔲 NFT Staking V2.0
🔲 Personal user’s dashboard
🔲 Daily tasks for users
🔲 Limit orders
🔲 Lending & Borrowing

Wow! As you can see, Biswap is always progressing. Let’s continue to work together and reach new targets!

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Feel free to share your ideas and ask any questions!

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