Resolute Biswap x TEN Collaboration | Boost of Crypto Benefits for Users!

The DeFi space continues strengthening its position on the global market. Biswap aims to provide you with first-class utilities, so you can also expand your crypto capabilities and influence.

Welcome, Biswap x TEN collaboration that will surprise you with a powerful and easy way of enriching.

Why TEN Finance?

TEN — a yield optimizer that simplifies staking and yield farming with Binance Smart Chain Liquidity Pools. Moreover, it provides a robust yield earning environment on the market while adhering to security, sustainability, longevity, and simplicity.

You can make your crypto work with:

☑️ TEN Stake
☑️ TEN Yield (coming soon)
☑️ TEN Labs

TEN is the Token Enrichment Network, decentralized finance, simplified!

Earn Mighty with TENFI-BNB pair on Biswap Farms!

Provide liquidity TENFI-BNB Farming Pair in several clicks by adding an equal amount of TENFI & BNB tokens. Get TENFI-BNB-LP for staking and increasing your BSW assets on Biswap Farms!

Bountiful Advantages for TENFI Holders:

💸 Exchange TENFI with the lowest fee of 0.1% and up to 100% Fee Return

💸 Start staking TENFI-BNB-LP on Biswap to get free BSW as a reward

💸 Earn quickly with potent APR

Time to harvest your big yields on Biswap Farms!

Jump in TENFI Launchpools on Biswap | Hold Actively!

Get ready for the high-profitable season!

Along with Biswap & TEN collaboration, Biswap has launched fantastic TENFI Launchpools:

💎Stake flourishing BSW
💎Get enriching TENFI

Diverse max stake options of 500 BSW and 10 BSW per user on Biswap will bring your higher APRs and the additional way of earning crypto for free.

Swim in crypto with Biswap Launchpools!🌊

Meet New Vaults on TEN with Biswap Liquidity!

Have you ever tried Auto-Compounding on Farms?

TEN has launched Vaults with Biswap Liquidity, so you may earn quickly and easily, without additional actions!

Enrich with several steps:

Deposit LP tokens > Add them to Vaults > Get more LP tokens that will be auto-compounded to boost earning and increase TENFI assets rewards as well.

Increase the rate of your passive income with this vast amount of Vaults:


🔐The safety is number one for Biswap & its Partners!

Due to the TEN timelock, the powerful TENFI will start accumulating in ~12 hours after the Vaults Launch on TEN! Your Vaults will continue to auto-compound while waiting for TENFI rewards.

Earn quickly, mighty & simply with resolute Biswap x TEN Collaboration!😎

Join the AMA Session in the Biswap Community Featuring Mr TEN!

Set your alarm and join the incredible LIVE AMA Session with Shen — PR Biswap and Mr TEN — Co-founder TEN Finance!

Time: September 16th, 2 PM (UTC)

10 most interesting questions altogether, will be chosen for the AMA:

🎙5 questions will be picked out before the Live AMA Session from Biswap Twitter.
🎙5 questions will be selected during the Live AMA Session from Biswap Telegram Chat.

The $250 in TENFI will be shared among lucky users, whose questions would be answered by speakers. Challenge your luck and get $25 in TENFI to your BEP-20 wallet.

📍If your question gets chosen during the Live AMA on Biswap Telegram Chat, please DM the Biswap admin in order to receive your $25 in TENFI reward.

Ask your question about TEN & get the chance to win TENFI during the LIVE AMA Session with simple actions:

💎 Follow Biswap & TEN on Twitter
💎 Like and retweet the Biswap tweet
💎 Comment with a question about TEN & your BEP-20 wallet below the Biswap Tweet


Let the curiosity top up your wallet with crypto!

Join the TEN social media:

💬 Telegram Chat:

🕊 Twitter:

📃 Medium:

Join the Biswap social media:

📢 Telegram Channel:

💬 Telegram Chat:

🕊 Twitter:

💻 YouTube:

📃 Medium:

You are always welcome to ask any questions and share your wishes!

24/7 ⏱ The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:






The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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