Roadmap Checkpoints | Be Aware of Present & Future

3 min readMar 29, 2023

Dear Biswappers, we highly appreciate your interest in our progress and dedicated support. Therefore, we want to inform you about essential checkpoints of our Roadmap in detail.

Biswap’s priority is the quality and efficiency of its products. For these reasons, we are constantly enhancing our vision of future releases. We are moving forward according to our plans and strategy to create favorable user conditions on our platform.

Quarter 1 Releases | Preparation for the Further Steps

During the first quarter, the Biswap team actively worked on Q1 and Q2 releases and developed forthcoming features. We have made a great effort to provide users with a comfortable experience and new earning opportunities. Here is a short description of the latest releases.

Multilingual Website

The Biswap team released a multilingual website to ensure convenient usage for our international community. It’s a beta version, so we are still working on the optimization and are open to your feedback and translation suggestions. Currently, four languages of the 1st iteration are available: Chinese (CN, TW), Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Spanish. The 2nd iteration will be implemented within April and provide six other languages: Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, German, and Russian.

Try a multilingual Biswap website:

Perpetual Trading

Biswap integrated the ApolloX Finance solution. Now Biswappers can select future contracts and different types of orders to trade directly on Biswap DEX. It is a great chance to level up your trading and build profitable strategies without registration and KYC verification.

Implement the best trading positions and benefit from them.

Despite a few successfully completed points of the Roadmap, many things still need to be done. Biswap is actively working on a range of upcoming products, such as AMM V3, a custom Blog, and making special efforts to develop high-quality lock and burn instruments for BSW.

New Lock & Burn Instruments Update | Focus on Quality in Q2

The Roadmap goals set by Biswap have retained their relevance. However, the Biswap team saw how improving upcoming features, such as new lock & burn instruments, is possible.

Biswap finds it extremely important to implement efficient tools to reduce the pressure on the Biswap native token price and provide opportunities for greater earnings to the long-term BSW token holders. As we mentioned early, the research during the development process shows a few aspects we can make better than it was invented primarily. The Biswap team decided to make the new lock & burn instruments for BSW a supporting power of the AMM V3 and consequently launch them after the new protocol to implement these tools with high quality.

New lock & burn instruments and other products we plan to release in Q2 are already underway. The Biswap team conducts deep research and development, tests products at each stage, and does its best to introduce excellent and competitive tools with enhanced mechanics to our beloved community.

Closing Words

Biswap is constantly moving forward, being inspired by your feedback and support. We are proud of our current products and can’t wait to announce new ones. Stay with us to experience the best crypto offers.

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