Safety First | Keep Your Assets Protected!

How to Spot Fakes & Scammers in the Crypto World?

1. Fake crypto giveaways

2. Trading bot scams

  • Offers for extremely high returns.
  • No documentation or additional information on the platform and its processes.
  • Multiple spelling mistakes on the website.

3. Phishing emails

  • Be sure to check the outgoing email address.
  • Never open a link from an unfamiliar sender.
  • Do not share your passwords, seed phrases or any personal information with others.

Private Key vs Seed Phrase: What is the Difference?

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Never make a digital copy of your personal crypto details
  • Always enable 2-factor authentication when possible
  • Use a different password for every crypto platform you use
  • Do your research and homework
  • Use secure networks and avoid public Wi-Fi
  • Conduct software updates routinely
  • Conduct smaller transactions
  • Maintain Multiple Wallets
  • Change Your Password Regularly
  • Check the domain address and connect your wallet to official sources only.
  • Approve smart contracts and connect wallet only if you are sure it is trustworthy.


Closing Thoughts



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