Share $1.5K in BSW & RACA & 200 .bab Domains! | Raca x Biswap World Cup Events 2022

Put on your spacesuits and get ready to visit the Raca USM Metaverse with Biswap for World Cup Events 2022! Two campaigns, double rewards and more cosmic football fun are waiting for you.

💸Total Prize Pool: $1 500 ($1 000 in BSW & $500 in RACA) & 200 .bab domains

🏆 Total Winners: 220
📆Duration: December 1–10

❗️Winners will be announced on December 13
❗️Rewards will be shared within 7 days after the winners’ announcement
❗️Biswap will distribute the BSW rewards to the winners
❗️The Raca team will distribute the RACA and .bab domain rewards

Why is it mysterious? Because only those users who visit the USM Metaverse and click on the special banner will have a chance to move on with trading BSW and RACA on Biswap to win a reward.

Let’s look at the details!

💰Pool: $1 500 ($1 000 BSW + $500 RACA)
⚽️Winners: 20

🥇1st place — $200 in BSW & $100 in RACA
🥈2nd place — $130 in BSW & $70 in RACA
🥉3d place — $100 in BSW & $50 in RACA
🏅4th place — $70 in BSW & $35 in RACA
🏅5th place — $50 in BSW & $20 in RACA
🏅6th to 20th places — $30 in BSW & $15 in RACA

Follow the conditions:

1️⃣Go to (Nhar State)
2️⃣Connect your wallet
3️⃣Click on the “Biswap x Raca World Cup Event” banner
4️⃣Fill out the Form that you’ll be redirected to
5️⃣Trade RACA or BSW on Biswap DEX during the event, using the wallet you input in the form

❗️Minimum token trade volume eligible for participation: $50
❗️The top 20 RACA/BSW traders will share the rewards

Now it’s time to take a selfie! Prepare to walk around the USM Metaverse to take a picture near the exceptional Biswap x Raca World Cup statue. Moreover, it’s a unique opportunity to win a .bab domain from Jaz DID.

💰Pool: 200 .bab domains
⚽️Winners: 200

Follow the conditions:

1️⃣Follow Raca & Biswap on Twitter
2️⃣Go to (Nhar State)
3️⃣Make a screenshot of your character standing near the Biswap x Raca World Cup statue
4️⃣QT RT with the screenshot, BEP-20 & #Biswap&RacaWorldCup
5️⃣Fill in the form

❗️In the form input the wallet, that you used to connect to the USM Metaverse.

Have the best time of your life with the World Cup 2022 and diversify your days with Biswap x Raca events. Good luck to you and your favorite football teams!

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