Solid Biswap x UnusDAO Collaboration!

3 min readDec 24, 2021


Biswap DEX makes better and better collaborations. Due to that, we introduce to our users a bizarre collaboration with Unus DAO!

Why Unus DAO?

Unus DAO is a new DeFi 2.0 + GameFi platform built upon Decentralized Reserve Currency protocol. Each UDO token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g., BUSD) in the Unus treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below.

Here are some key features:

✨UDO Staking
✨Upcoming NFT GameFi

Don’t forget to take a look at the project:

Discover all the opportunities of this profitable collaboration!

Glorious UDO is Officially Listed on Biswap!

UDO is now listed on Biswap DEX!

Trade and stake UDO to gain maximum profit from this wonderful collab. It is a truly unique chance to trade this token with the lowest transaction fee on BSC of only 0.1%:


Don’t waste your time and trade the tokens via Biswap DEX!

Gain more Crypto with 0.1X Multiplier on UDO-BUSD Farm!

Biswap x Unus DAO collaboration brings new fantastic opportunities for an income boost. Make an astonishing yield by staking UDO-BUSD-LP on Biswap Farms. Also, a gorgeous 0.1X Multiplier is waiting for you!

Now, you have an exclusive opportunity to earn via UDO-BUSD-LP:

  1. Stake UDO on Biswap and gain BSW tokens with high APR
  2. Get new UDO with a great discount via Bonding on Unus DAO

Such simple steps result in further development of two projects which provide mightier offers for their holders:

By selling UDO-BUSD-LP via Unus DAO Bonding, the liquidity is being added to Biswap liquidity, which activates a new mint of UDO tokens.

Check great UDP discounts on Unus DAO:

Do not hesitate to enjoy precious benefits of UDO-BUSD Farm on Biswap:

  • Stake UDO-BUSD-LP
  • Get valuable BSW tokens
  • Claim 50% of the trading fee
  • High APR


Staking LP tokens is an excellent source of a passive income!

New Lucrative UDO Launchpool on Biswap DEX!

Our collaboration once again brings its result.

As a significant part of the Biswap x Unus DAO collaboration, we launch an UDO Launchpool:

  • Stake prominent BSW
  • Earn vigorous UDO
  • Unlimited max stake
  • High APRs


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