‘Squid NFT World’ is Released! | 1st NFT Game on BSC with Multi-Crypto Rewards!


Biswap is delighted to announce the release of the mesmerizing Squid NFT World! Our refined GameFi project on BSC indicates phenomenal Biswap evolution and great development in the robust DeFi Ecosystem. ‘Squid NFT World’ vastly expands the horizons of the epic Biswap Metaverse!

As you know, GameFi is a fast-growing sphere of blockchain technology that delivers big profits to active users via multiple gaming strategies. Biswap DEX is always interested in providing our users with the best features and opportunities and reaching new DeFi milestones. That’s why we thoroughly developed this fantastic Play-to-Earn project. ‘Squid NFT World’ has an immensely positive impact on the whole Biswap Metaverse and increases the crypto of active Biswappers in profitable ways!

Each member of the Biswap team has put all the effort into making ‘Squid NFT World’ the best GameFi project on BSC! We want to make your Play-to-Earn experience as lucrative and comfortable as possible. A revolutionary new and unique reward system has been designed that distributes winnings in BSW, BNB, and other tokens!

In general, the Squid NFT World is an exquisite, important part of the dynamically evolving Biswap project. For our users, it is a set of new opportunities to earn crypto easily — just by participating in captivating games. Biswap team is eager to see each of you making big yields in multiple gaming activities and sharing your happy reviews with friends and the community!

Are you ready to experience the best GameFi on BSC? Let’s go & check out all the details!

Conducive Benefits of ‘Squid NFT World’

Biswap has sought to create the premium-level GameFi project. Squid NFT World features exquisite perks that will make every Biswapper be over the moon!

Squid NFT World is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is compatible with web3 wallets such as MetaMask. NFT Buses and NFT Players are vital components of the Game, which allow users to participate in various games. Buses, as well as Players, are user-owned NFTs minted using the ERC-721 standard. These NFTs can also be traded on Biswap NFT Marketplace or sent to another wallet just like a regular transfer.

Check out the Key Benefits of the Squid NFT World:

  • Innovative ways for Biswappers to earn crypto
  • Unique on BSC Multi-Reward Pool: users get prizes in multiple tokens: BSW, BNB, and other tokens
  • Referral Program: a referrer is eligible for a lifetime 3% reward from every win of a referral
  • Main games feature incredibly high Success Rates
  • Staff game: get a chance to play various missions with low entry barriers and up to 10 000% APR
  • Jackpot starting from $100 000! Shortly after the launch of the NFT game, we will disclose all the details regarding the Jackpot Pool
  • Users can easily and profitably trade Squid NFTs on the Biswap Marketplace

Biswap team will regularly supplement Squid NFT World with new features, games, and utilities that will significantly increase the user’s assets.

Creating the best Play-to-Earn project on BSC is the priority for the Biswap team!

Importance of BSW tokens in the Squid NFT World

BSW tokens are essential for participating in the Squid NFT World. GameFi provides new powerful utilities for BSW, each of them is beneficial both for the users and the Biswap ecosystem. Let’s check out how esteemed BSW tokens are used in the Squid NFT World games:

  • Users mint Buses, Players and purchase Contracts with BSW
  • Each of the Main games requires some amount of BSW staked in the Stake BSW — Earn BSW Launchpool
  • Winners get multi-token rewards: BSW, BNB & other valuable tokens
  • BSW will be used in the upcoming Staff Games, which will please you with the cosmic level of APR — up to 10 000%!
  • BSW tokens are used on the robust Biswap Marketplace, where you can trade your Buses and Players beneficially & easily

As you see, the BSW token is essential for all users to have — it is needed to participate in profitable games and positively affect the entire ecosystem.

Squid NFT World Games Essence

Biswap GameFi is an exquisite combination of different games that have various requirements and provide users with high yields & an impressive NFT gaming experience. Our in-house P2E project is based on NFTs that are essential for gameplay. These NFTs can be used for various purposes.

Squid NFT World Gameplay | 5 Simple Steps to Start!

The gameplay is pretty simple and requires some easy actions. To take part in any of the Squid NFT World games, you need to fulfill these five conditions:

  1. Mint NFT Bus
  2. Mint NFT Player
  3. Activate a contract for the Player
  4. Have BSW staked in the BSW Launchpools on Biswap
  5. Start playing the games

Minting Squid NFT Bus


NFT Buses are one of the significant gaming elements. Your Buses transport your Players to various games. The first step on the path to the unique and lucrative Squid NFT World adventure is minting a Bus.

The mint price of one Bus is $30 in BSW. The Price oracle is constantly monitoring the price of the BSW token to make sure the mint price in the BSW token is equal to 30 USD.

Buses are generated randomly, differing in levels from 1 to 5. Each Bus level features a bunch of design elements and a different capacity — the number of Players that the Bus can carry to each game. It is impossible to predict the level of your minted Bus as it is generated on a random basis.

You can mint only up to 2 Buses per 1 wallet from the very beginning. Once every seven days, you will be given an opportunity to mint an additional Bus. The maximum number of Buses minted per one wallet is 5.

On the NFT Card of the Bus, the user can find important information and valuable buttons:

  • Detailed information about the NFT
  • “Send the NFT to another wallet” button
  • “Trade the NFT on the Biswap Marketplace” button

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.

Minting Squid NFT Player


The Players are primary NFT gaming elements. The user sends his Players to the games, and in the case of winning, the user gets rewards in multiple tokens!

To mint a Player, you need to mint a Bus first. If this condition is not met, the “Mint a Player” button will not be active.

The mint price of one Player is $30 in BSW tokens.

Players are of 5 different levels, each having its design elements and power — Squid Energy. The higher is the Player level, the more powerful it is. All Players are generated on a random basis.

Squid NFT World provides users with an excellent opportunity to boost their Players with Squid Energy.

Users get Robi Boosts by trading crypto on the Biswap Exchange and/or trading Biswap NFTs on the NFT Marketplace. You can use your Robi Boosts either to upgrade your Robi NFTs or to use them as Squid Energies and boost your Players.

⚡️ SE (Squid Energy) mechanism will be activated shortly after the game’s launch!

You can have as many Players as your Buses can fit. One wallet can mint a maximum of 25 Players if this wallet has 5 Buses of the 5th level (giving a total capacity of 25 Players).

As each of the Main games spends the Squid Energy of a Player, this Player can be sent to the games once every 48 hours. Squid Energy will be restored after 48 hours. During the restoration process, a Player cannot participate in any of the games, but the Player NFT can be sent to another user or placed on a Marketplace for sale.

❗️Note: If you have more Buses on your account than allowed at the specific time, you cannot mint a Player (for example, if you bought another Bus on the Biswap NFT Marketplace). You cannot also mint a Player if you do not have at least one spare seat left in the Bus for this Player.

On the NFT Card of the Bus, the user can find important information and valuable buttons:

  • Detailed information about the NFT
  • “Send the NFT to another wallet” button
  • “Trade the NFT on the Biswap Marketplace” button

❗️To increase the value and save the demand for the Players, we have implemented some specific mechanics. Squid NFT World has a specific limit of Player minting:

  • Squid NFT World users can mint together only up to 8 000 Squid NFT Players in 24 hours
  • These 12 000 NFTs are divided into groups: every 6 hours 2 000 Players can be minted

This rule creates profitable and equitable opportunities for every user to mint the Players.

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.

Game Contract for the Player

To send a Player to the Game, the user needs to purchase a Contract for the Player. The Contract allows the Squid NFT Player to take part in the games. Different Contract durations are available: 15, 30, 60 days. Select the one that meets your needs and preferences!

During the first week of playing, one day of the Contract will cost $1. Each new week the price of one day of the Contract will gradually increase to a price of $1.6/day eventually:

  • Week 1: Price is $1 per one day of Contract from launch to January 31
  • Week 2: Price is $1.2 per one day of Contract from February 1
  • Week 3: Price is $1.4 per one day of Contract from February 8
  • Week 4: Price is $1.6 per one day of Contract from February 15

The distribution of the Contract funds is as follows:

  • 88% goes to the Rewards Pool
  • 10% goes to Burning
  • 2% is allocated to a Jackpot Pool

More extended period Contracts offer some benefits regarding the prices. For example, when purchasing a Contract for:

30 days — you get a 5% discount
60 days — you get a 15% discount

❗️Please note that you can extend the Contract for your Player only when the existing Contract ends.

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.

Main & Staff Games | Lucrative Crypto Options


Squid NFT World offers exceptionally profitable games that provide users with two major types of activities: Main and Staff games. Each type has its great benefits and features unique hallmarks.

Main Games


Let’s talk about the Main games. From the very beginning, there are 7 Main games in total.

Each game indicates:

  • The required amount of your Players’ SE
  • The required number of staked BSW in the BSW Launchpool
  • Potential win in multiple tokens
  • Success Rate

For instance, to participate in game #1, you need to have a minimum of 900 SE (Squid Energies) and 20 BSW tokens staked in the BSW Launchpools (Manual and/or Autocompound).

Entry requirements for each game:

In general, the higher is the entry-level (meaning the higher amount of SE and staked BSW required by the game), the more significant is the potential prize, and the lower is the likelihood of winning. And vice versa.

Staff Game

The Staff game requires fewer resources compared to the Main games. Staff game will feature these and other benefits:

  • Entry cost will be significantly lower compared to that of the Main games
  • A huge up to 10 000% APR will boost your crypto profits

Something epic and very profitable is coming! We will reveal all the details about the Staff game after the official Squid NFT World launch. Prepare to earn immense crypto profits!

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.

Squid Energy (SE) | Add Power to your NFTs

In every newly minted Player, there is a certain amount of Squid Energy that can be further increased. SE depends on your Player’s level: the higher is the level — the more SE it contains. So the power of your Player is defined by the level and number of Squid Energy.

You can boost the SE of your Player by making trading volume on Biswap Exchange and/or Biswap NFT Marketplace. Whenever you make a swap on Exchange or trade Biswap NFTs on the Marketplace, you are rewarded with Robi Boosts, which can be used as Squid Energy to boost your Players.

⚡️ SE (Squid Energy) mechanism will be activated shortly after the game’s launch!

In 45 days after minting the Player, your Player’s SE will gradually reduce by 1% every time he enters the Game.

For example, it has already been 45 days since you minted a Player. Every new game will reduce your Player’s SE by 1% from that moment onwards. Your player’s SE will not be decreased during the first 45 days as you play the game!

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.

Squid NFT Referral Program | Gain 3% from Invited Friend’s Win


One of the significant Biswap DEX benefits is a powerful & unique 5-type Referral system. The Biswap team decided to upgrade it to the next level and added one more type — Squid NFT World also has a Referral program. Every time your referral wins in the game, you receive 3% from his earnings.

All the referral rewards get deposited into your referral balance as soon as they get deposited into your friend’s winnings balance.

Squid NFT World Referral program will increase the number of active users because it’s always more fun to play and earn together with friends!


The Jackpot will be released soon after the Squid NFT World launch. A portion of the fee will be dedicated to the Jackpot pool whenever a Bus or a Player is minted, or a game contract is bought for a Player. More details on the distribution of winnings from the Jackpot pool will be announced shortly.

Funds Distribution

BSW tokens are used to mint the Buses and the Players and purchase the Player’s Contracts. The distribution of funds from every purchase is as follows:

  • 88% is allocated to the reward pool
  • 10% is allocated for burning
  • 2% is allocated to the Jackpot pool

The use of BSW tokens positively influences the whole Squid NFT World and increases the user’s rewards!

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.


Squid NFT World is the first Play-2-Earn game on BSC featuring rewards distributed in multiple tokens!

🔥Only Squid NFT World provides users with this profitable feature! 🔥

No other BSC GameFi project rewards its active users with multiple tokens!

Every time the user wins in the game, he is rewarded with BSW and BNB. From the start, the rewards are distributed in BSW and BNB tokens.

The proportion of BSW and BNB rewards will be changed once a week.

  • 1 week after launch: 70% BSW / 30% BNB
  • 2 week after launch: 80% BSW / 20% BNB
  • 3 week after launch: 85% BSW / 15% BNB
  • 4 week after launch: 90% BSW / 10% BNB
  • 5 week after launch: 95% BSW / 5% BNB + New Token Bonus Pool

As a part of business development, Biswap is planning to add tokens of our partners to the reward pool along with BSW and BNB.


In total, there are two balances you can withdraw your funds from:

  • Earnings balance
  • Referral balance

Once you win the game and get rewarded with tokens, you are provided with multiple withdrawal options.

If you decide to withdraw your rewards the same day you receive them, a fee of 27% will be deducted. Every other day the withdrawal fee is decreased by 1.5%. That means that you will be able to withdraw your earnings without any fee in 18 days.

❗️Please note that if you decide to withdraw your earnings six days after you have received them, you will pay a fee of 18%, but the subsequent withdrawal will bring you back to the initial commission of 27%.

In case of an early withdrawal (if it happens earlier than 18 days since you received the winnings):

  • 10% of the fee charged will be allocated for burning
  • 90% will be sent directly to the games reward pool

📍Biswap reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or change the conditions above at any time.

Benefits for Biswap DEX and BSW Token

Large Influx of New Active Users

Biswap’s user base will soar due to the popularity of GameFi, which already attracts thousands of new active users daily. This will expand the horizons of popularity and increase the number of worldwide Biswap Community members.

Huge GameFi partnerships

As we are becoming a new, powerful player in the gaming industry, a lot of top-notch GameFi and NFT projects will be eager to collaborate with us. Together we will establish new unique opportunities for Biswappers to earn crypto.

Powerful Utilities for BSW token

Considering BSW is the primary token in the Squid NFT World, this, therefore, stimulates the demand for the Biswap token, potentially increasing its value and trading volume.

New levels and records in DeFi

The field of GameFi is new, but it is developing very rapidly. Therefore, Biswap strives to be the best in this vigorous industry.

Boost in the Trading Volume

There are only two ways to boost a player with SE. The first way is to establish trading volume on Biswap Exchange — this has a positive impact on the trading volume and the platform as a whole. And the second option is trading Biswap NFTs on Biswap NFT Marketplace.

Increase in the Number of BSW Holders

To take part in the game, a user must have a certain amount of BSW tokens staked in the Stake BSW — Earn BSW Launchpools. This stimulates more users to hold BSW tokens and make a profit with them in the Biswap Launchpools.

New Burning Mechanisms

In addition to the existing burning mechanisms for BSW tokens, a certain percentage of every purchase in the Squid NFT World will go to burning. On top of that, each sale of Squid NFTs on Biswap Marketplace will be accompanied by an additional 1% royalty fee. This commission will be also allocated for burning.

Increased Traffic & Trading Volume on Biswap NFT Marketplace

Squid NFT World users can profitably trade both Players and Buses on the popular Biswap NFT Marketplace. The user’s activity will potentially increase the trading volume of the NFT Marketplace.

Closing Thoughts

Squid NFT World release is a vital part of the robust Biswap Ecosystem! A large number of fabulous gaming activities will delight the constantly increasing number of active Biswap DEX users.

Squid NFT World has an immensely positive effect on the BSW token value and popularity, the number of active users, and the expansion of the Biswap Ecosystem on the BSC!

The Biswap team worked hard and applied all the energy to make our Play-to-Earn project the most profitable and captivating NFT Game on the DeFi market. Squid NFT World will be regularly augmented by the Biswap team with new features, games, and utilities that will significantly increase the users’ assets.

Thank you for experiencing the wide variety of Biswap Ecosystem features. Together we are constantly expanding the DeFi horizons and are ready to break new records!

Are you with us? Let’s together conquer new crypto heights on the powerful Buses and side-by-side with heroic Players!

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