Squid NFT World V2.0 is Released! | Play & Win in Renewed Biswap GameFi!

Biswap is delighted to introduce the optimised Squid NFT World V2.0! As the DeFi market is dynamic and competitive, Biswap products cannot stay in place; they constantly develop and improve. And since our team has the primary mission to create products that will bring profit to users and make the Biswap project even stronger, we’ve refreshed our GameFi economy considering reality nowadays.

Squid NFT World V2.0 — Advantages for Community

The SNW V2.0 is already impacting the GameFi as a strong Biswap direction due to the following updates; some of them were frequently requested by Biswappers:

🔥Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE
🔥Sustained & forecasted APR in BSW
🔥Winning chance increase (99% — 93%)
🔥Stable BSW rewards
🔥Realisation of Optimised Economy
🔥Elimination of the SE reducing

What’s new in the Squid NFT World V2.0?

Let’s discover how and what V2.0 changes are implemented in the SNW.

🎮 Two sections V1.0 & V2.0 on the Squid NFT World Website

There will be two separate pages with games with no functional or structural changes. Everything will be clear, with the same interface.

Before the full transition to the V2.0 is completed, you can see two separate pages with games on squid-nft.io:

  • Games V1 for Old Version
  • Games V2 for SNW V2.0

🎮 New Contract Payment Mechanics: Fixed Game Contracts Price for V2.0

Optimised version of GameFi includes the most frequently requested by users change!
Meet Fixed Game Contract Price in V2.0. This innovation means that each user will pay for a Game Contract the cost equivalent to the number of Squid Energy his or her Squid NFT Player has.

The stable Game Contract price is 0.0025 BSW / Daily for 1 SE.

If it’s not that clear now, you may take a look at couple of examples:

📝 Example 1:
Let’s say you have a Squid NFT Player with 500 SE and want to purchase a Game Contract for 30 days.

If 1 SE costs 0.0025 BSW / Daily and you will pay 35.625 BSW for the 30-days contract:

(500 * 30 *0.0025)-5% = 35.625 BSW

📝 Example 2:
Let’s say you have a Squid NFT Player with 1500 SE and want to purchase a Game Contract for 30 days.

If 1 SE costs 0.0025 BSW / Daily and you will pay 106.875 BSW for the 30-days contract:

(1500 * 30 *0.0025)-5% = 106.875 BSW

📍Important aspect: The Contract Days’ metadata and Referral rewards from Games V2.0 won’t be displayed within 5 days after the SNW V2.0 release. Referral rewards from Games V2.0 will be credited to your balance within these 5 days.

🎮 Version Migration Specificity: Different Game Contracts for V1.0 & V2.0

After the previous change, you may have a question: what should I do with the NFT Players with already paid V1.0 Game Contracts?

We have foreseen this nuance. That is why the website is now divided into Games 1 and Games 2. So you can use until the end Game Contracts for V1.0 you have already bought. And after they are over, you can buy your NFT Player a New Game Contract V2.0 and enjoy the updated Games 2!

If you have NFT Players with no paid Game Contracts you can buy them V2.0 Contract right away!

To make a long story short:

  • NFT Players with Game Contracts V1.0 are available only for Games V1.0
  • NFT Players with paid Fixed Price Game Contracts (V2.0) will be available to play only in Games V2.

Also you can always review our examples to make your understanding even better.

📝 Example: If you have 10 NFT Players, 5 of which have V1.0 Contracts, they will only be available to play in Games V1.0. The remaining 5 players with V2.0 Contracts will only be available for Games V2.0. After the expiration of the V1.0 Contracts, you will be able to buy new V2.0 Contracts for your NFT Players and play in the Squid NFT World V2.0. It means your NFT Players will be available for the SNW V2.0.

📍 Important aspect: You will clearly see how many SE is available for the Games V1.0 and the Games V2.0.

📍 Reminder: the purchase of Game Contracts V1.0 is no longer available.

🎮 Squid Energy doesn’t decrease after playing Games in the SNW 2.0

Another frequently requested change. There is no decrease of SE after each Game played. Now you can play Game by Game in SNW V2.0 and NFT Players’ SE won’t decrease in any way. Enjoy!

🎮 Stable BSW Rewards in Games

📍The Squid NFT World V2.0 includes stable BSW rewards.
This change implies setting stable BSW rewards, making them more predictable in the way of binding rewards in games to BSW.

▪️ Optimised GameFi BSW pool allocation

▪️ Sustained & predictable APR in BSW

▪️ Stable BSW rewards

📍So now: 1 BSW is now pegged to $0.72 in SNW V1.0 by taking into account the possible 10% volatility in favour of the user.

📍It allows them to be predictable in the way of binding rewards in games to BSW without Oracle.

🎮 20 000 000 BFG Reward Pool in Squid NFT World V1.0 & V2.0

In honour of the BSW listing on Binance, our strategic partner BetFury made us a gorgeous gift! It is 20 000 000 BFG token special for Biswap GameFi Reward Pool. So now, gamers will gain additional rewards in BFG by winning each Game: either in Games V1.0 or in Games V2.0.

📍By playing Games 1, you will have +5% BFG Rewards in case of winning.
📍By playing Games 2, you will have +10% BFG Rewards in case of winning.

That is to say, play any Game in any SNW Version and win extra BFG!

Take a look at BFG Reward Pool distributing:

As you can see, Squid NFT World is the unique multi-reward GameFi, where you can win BSW and BFG tokens at once!

🎮 Increased Winning Chance in Games V2.0

We increase winning chances to create an environment that will bring significant profit to our community.

📍The winning chances are lifted up to 99% in the Squid NFT World V2.0.

Here is the refreshed winning chance!

🎮 New Game Tactics

Game tactics didn’t stay the same in numbers due to all implemented changes. But remain the same predictable and profitable.

Here is the detailed calculations you can review:

Look closely to the table:

Closing Thoughts

The Biswap GameFi now has optimised functioning to help it progress furiously and keep introducing gamers to updated paths of crypto income.

Squid NFT World V2.0 is an exquisite, important part of the dynamically evolving Biswap project. It is a set of opportunities for our users to earn crypto easily — just by participating in captivating games. Biswap team is eager to see each of you making big yields in multiple gaming activities and sharing your happy reviews with friends and the community!

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